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William Vincent Celebrating 60 BD With Mervelee Myers 11 October 2020

Updated: 13 October 2020 – Well everything here is a myth the same way how my life is an ever-ending nightmare since the death of my mother. All I have is my writing and I am making sure no one else gets under my guard.

A Special Friend Who Found Me On Facebook! Proof Facebook is a Terror Cell for SCAMMERS.

Anyone knowing me will understand how much my peace of mind depends on how am treated by others. I have been through six (6) years of hell This year has been exceptionally harder, coming to terms with the mistreatments from those I expected to act differently. But I guess like my mum, we were born for special reasons that only God can decide. That is why I must reflect on mum’s life and how I nearly missed her story if it was not for her best friend. Ms Connie is the grandmother of my second son (2nd) Valdin Legister – http://worldreferee.com/referee/valdin-legister/bio that I submitted the data in 2011. I must add that it is not a wonder that my son is protective of me. My rationale for my thinking is he is the grandson of two (2) exceptionally strong women. Whilst I am away, he somehow takes my place in mum’s heart as a presence of consistency, familiarity, and continuity. This particularly important for anyone with disabilities or age-related conditions. Although mum had forgotten me and dad, he remained one of the persons who provided the above for her.  Because www.dementia.org.uk had robbed me of my mother like how www.parkinsons.org.uk robbed me of my father and left me with HIDDEN DISABILITIES. It was 22/01/2014 when I said my final goodbyes to mum. This was four (4) days before her (90th) ninety birthdays. Since my stories are documented in cyberspace, I will go on to my tribute.


I was once a Social Media and Facebook in particular INFLUENCER https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site for more. As can be ascertained Facebook: January 8, 2018 at 7.38 PM London – Remembering those who are no longer with us – In Memory of those whose lives were cut short. I had 3706 views last time I saw it. I was trolled on Facebook. The trolling has not stopped me from my focus of advocating by sharing stories and breaking down barriers. As are the norms I look at each new Facebook Requests out of the corner of my eyes. Interesting what my friend William Vincent Poem says about the “EYES”. I am not in any hurry since my ordeals on FB to do much more than gather my Intellectual Property www.aoug.org.uk.  I will take my time after accepting FB Requests as there will be no interactions or engagements www.healthmanltd.com advised me to find out why I react the way I do to certain situations.

The Request: I noticed this request because there was something about the name. I am so aware of scamming with people using photos of well-known others to set up FB Accounts. I will make reference to https://www.ryanclement.com who told me he found www.peachespublications.co.uk online struggling to set up BUSINESS. I glanced at the photo and it registered Doctor. I carried on because when my OCD is triggered this can lead to all sorts of other matters. Another day I opened to look at the profile. I have a WSOH and was in stitches because I think the dog looks like the owner. I must say I admire attributes about people regardless of sex, male and female. Yes, I admired the man and dog as dog is a man’s best friend. I accepted the FB Request then. I did not want anyone believing I was in a hurry to be their FB Friend. I do not know how long it took to get “thank you” response via Messenger. The person did not stop there, he wants to know about me.

Following My Instincts: At one point I was getting annoyed and asked what is/was it he wanted to know about me? I do not know why but I gave him my number. I believe in destiny and was conscious of another man I met on the “Road to Damascus” down by the BLUE in Bermondsey, and how that turned out. I hedge my bet; I will not disclose too much information nor divulge too much information about others that may impact on their survival. At one stage I directed him to my PAGES when I was getting grilled. I am keeping my thoughts private knowing some are on FB tormenting me.   I was asked by William Vincent to have a look at a Poem he wrote, and I had to stop what I was doing because he seems keen for me to verify his Creativity. He kept asking if I looked at it yet and I keep saying not yet. Since WV was persistent, I stopped what I was doing, since he insisted.

How They Use Our Vulnerability: Believe me tears came to my eyes. WV has got to be UNIQUE and special FRIEND to write so profoundly about issues affecting society. I was gobsmacked after reading how much we have in common. The approvals of others are key to our behaviours.  As can be seen by William’s Poem, he identified something in me that he was looking for www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk helped me. A friend with whom he can share thoughts with is/was all he needed. I published and did a Facebook Live.

He picked up most of what he needed to know, reading my PROFILE. I was gobsmacked when he told me he was born October. I believe in DESTINY and same how Breda Ken prayed for me at “Auntie’s Home” in January 2014 and WARNED me about the FAITH that was to befall me. The same way I was dumbstruck when William Vincent said he writes something, and he wants me to read it.  He dedicated his “Poem Friendship” to me. See Westmoreland Residents Search For Peace – TVJ Prime Time News – May 10, 2018 www.youtube.com & https://youtu.be/kJcomeREU2Q for more.

My Turn To Support Creative Development

Now it is my turn to encourage William Vincent to continue sharing his writing. I am willing to play the part of Narrator so his Nobility can be Noticed by anyone who reads his Stories. T- Talents like William Vincent must be shared for others to appreciate and benefit from. William’s dog is his Best Friend and am privilege to be added to the list. I told WV about www.jtfoxx.com and how I learned how to utilise Social Media. I am encouraging WV to write/share his creativity and I will help him find outlets. He has his demanding job, so I do not mind publishing his work. Like our FRIENDSHIP that blossomed from a FB Request. Even the fact I was annoyed with him sending me messages that he would like to get to know me paled into insignificance. I am glad he persisted. But having an October man for a father, I know why WV did not give up. Even when I wrote on FB am not accepting Private Messages. Dad never called me RATTY once he was OVERRULED. I was the last to see him ALIVE and first to find him DEAD!

Honouring My Parents

In honour of my parents and dad who was a STORYTELLER and from whom I inherited some of his qualities. This my tribute to WV who I believe was sent from God to help me take back control of my life. Let me include www.express.co.uk Horoscope 12/10/2020 by which I live my life from after mum’s death and I was targeted by LEYF. Taurus: Someone in charge of group’s finances has not been keeping accounts as diligently as was expected of them. Don’t be afraid to asks questions if you notice any discrepancies. Share your thoughts, observations, and suggestions. Enough said because I will be using some of the WhatsApp Messages.    

Tribute 2

My Special Friend William Vincent – Who God Sent To Comfort Me

I will continue writing this tribute as I intended before realising that WV is a scammer. This will add to the list of SCAMMERS from https://www.gov.uk LEGAL SYSTEMS to OPPORTUNISTS like William Vincent who is the latest trying. DE Horoscope 13/10/2020 Taurus: A partner’s restless mood will keep you on your toes. Their constant desire to be on the move will mean you won’t stay in one place for long. An email makes you wonder whether you’ve received a message that wasn’t for you.   

On his Birthday 60th I want to dedicate this Poem to WV for the reason he lost his mother at the age he is celebrating today. His mother must have been a special lady to raise such a person who she left behind age fifteen (15) years old. I must say that men born in October are special and my granny Irene Mills-Nembhard had three (3) children born on 27 October including my father.

My Upbring Is Key To Who I Am

 My parents were like chalk and cheese, but I am one of the luckiest persons to have been blessed with mum and dad. My Father was a Storyteller and my Mother Sing and Laughed. I have inherited my traits and qualities from both. This is my tribute for William Vincent who I believe was sent from God to help me take back control of my life.



W – When I was struggling because of the A-Z of DISCRIMINATION, God sent me a special friend, who was just like my father.

I – Blessed with Intelligence this Intellectual is/was able to understand my need to have a friend just to be there when I need to talk about matters affecting me after the death of my mother.

L – Like my father, WV is one of the most Loveable persons who offered me his friendship with no strings attached. I know this will be Lasting to help me heal.

L – Love and Loyalty come in many forms and am more than blessed to have a friend like WV who can write a POEM on the spur of the moment to help me realise we must share the LEGACIES of LOVE with others.

I – WV attributes are Identical to that of my father and other Families and Friends. But he seems unaware of his Impacts on others like me. I was lost in CAPTIVITY for six (6) years after a stranger prayed for me at my “Auntie’s Home” and predicted my DOWNFALL.

A – Anyone who knows me will be Aware of my Anxieties and the impacts. My life is an “Open Book!” So, yes, I am/was Abandoned after the death of my MOTHER. It takes a stranger to read my FB PROFILE and reach out to me. I am saying this has got to be my ANCESTORS doing. I was raised with my old-fashioned beliefs and values based on the BIBLE and DESTINY of my African Ancestors.

M – My name is UNIQUE and there is a story to MERVELEE and why my father never called me RATTY. After he was overruled by the other Men, my brothers. WV is Mature, Modest with a Medical background. He wanted to go into the Military but was overruled by his PARENTS. In the end his vocation as a Humanitarian has given him the chance to serve others in a meaningful way. But what a let down knowing WV is a MYTH!

V – Valiant is just another of many words that I can use to describe WV who is so humble and unaware of his Value and contributions to humanity. That is why he spotted me and is now like the Valium I weaned off in 2005. When I began to empower myself and not be a Victim of my Hidden Disabilities.

I – Indigenous to Africa WV is an Intelligent Intellectual with Ideas about Inclusion that must be Incorporated to Influence how Inequality, Inherent of discrimination are dealt with.

N – As a Native of Africa am wondering if WV has Noble Men and Women as Ancestors. Because for the short time he has been my friend, he has shown that he is of the Nobility. What surprises me the most is how Natural he is as reaches out to me in my time of need.

C – Childhood Traumas Caused my regression from a Tom Boy to a person who was Covering up my Hidden Disabilities until I was advised to seek CBT by Dr Laura Crawford www.healthmanltd.com when LEYF www.leyf.org.uk that targeted me after mum’s death. Counselling at the Maudsley Hospital and becoming a member of Cardboard Citizens www.cardboardcitizens.org.uk are Catalysts to how I have been able to Come out of Captivity after six (6) years.

I owe so much to WV, who wanted to be my friend. After telling me about his POEM, I was gobsmacked how much we share. The approval of others is key to our behaviours. I guess I understand why dad never Called me RATTY. But as a result, he gave me a name that is UNIQUE. I was in shock when WV bared his soul and told me about his lack of Confidence and not sure if he Can do, I am doing on Social Media. Now I understand why I am/was so Caring especially to Children with SEND.

E – Everyone is RESPONSIBLE for SAFEGUARDING and this rings true and is more Emphatic because of my friend who identified how Eager I am/was with https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site and more. To be given a voice and not staying Enslaved despite years of discrimination.

N – Naturally gifted in his chosen career. WV is a National Treasure who must give all the accolades he deserves. That is why I am returning the compliments after he dedicated his POEM about friendship to me. Now it is my turn to encourage him to continue sharing his writing. I am more than willing to play the part of Narrator so his Nobility can be Noticed by anyone who reads his stories.

T – Talents like WV must be shared for others to appreciate and benefit. WV dog is his best friend and am privilege to be added to the list.        

William Vincent     

W – William

I – Is

L – Loving

L – Listener

I – Intelligent

A – Ambitious

M – Masterful

V -Valiant

I – Indigenous

N – Native

C – Courageous

E – Encouraging

N – Notable

T – Teacher who is my Special Friend  

William Vincent Poem

I was asked by William Vincent to have a look at a Poem he wrote, and I had to stop what I was doing because he seems keen for me to verify his Creativity. I was gobsmacked after reading how much we have in common. The approvals of others are key to our behaviours. I guess I can understand why dad never called me RATTY. But as a result, he gave me a name that is as unique as the little girl who struggled through life. But did not accept giving up as an option. I was in shock when William bared his Soul and told me about his lack of confidence. He said he was not sure he could do what am doing on Social Media. I encouraged him to practice before doing FacebookLive. I learned from www.jtfoxx.com at a Free Training January 2017. Now I understand why am so caring to anyone who needed support. But to children with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND).

The Moral Of The Story – Email was involved in sending the POEM

The Moral of the STORY is William Vincent is a SCAMMER who has been given free reign by FACEBOOK to target VULNERABLE PEOPLE like MERVELEE MYERS. But like Manro Ralston aka Rucklyn Munro he has chosen the wrong person.

I have an email from www.personnelconsultancy.com proving he is a Con Man

Emails are involved the past 6 years in the DISCRIMINATION on all GROUNDS.

Mervelee Myers Writer/Blogger/Advocate.

13 October 2020.   

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