Without Prejudice 2 Miscarriages Of Justice 7 Years Dealing With The Corrupt From Judiciary Of England Wales, Criminal Justice System Leaves No Doubt Google Is Another Cyberbully Preying…

Dear Ms Myers.

Thank you for discussing matters with me again just now.

I have read through your emails to us arising from our initial attendance on you when you were interviewed under caution by the Police. In particular I have reminded myself of your email of 17/12/20 were you ask to be referred to “other law firms” and “experts”. MM Updates: If there is any such emails they were misconstrued like how I was not given any clear guidelines about the interview. It was the Solicitor who told me over the phone that I should consider suing the http://www.met.police.uk and he could recommend Solicitors. I remember my brother telling me not to listen as he was just looking jobs for colleagues.   

On talking to you again since, I don’t take it that you are looking to impugn our firm. MM Updates: The www.collins.co.uk  Definition of Impugn: Challenge the Truth or Validity of.  I have no understanding of what this is about and am too stressed to get involved except put my side of the story from my perspectives on the table.

It does appear to be the case however that your case will involve not only questions of possible criminal liability but also as to your clear intent to pursue civil remedies against the Police. MM Updates: Since it is evident that the intention is to hand me a CRIMINAL RECORD from the time I was threatened with same by Universal Credit, I am in no doubt where this is leading. At Walworth Police Station on 30/11/2020 Sergeant Patel asked if I have a British Passport. When I reported an incident on 8/2/2020 and 2 Police Officers visited my home, the first question I was asked “Have you committed any Criminal Acts in the past 12 months?” I told them I was recording them as a result. If you want to know more read “Our Decision to Your Complaint”. I am entitled to a Review but MOPAC is taking 6 months, However, the CRIMINAL DAMAGE ACT 1971 used to charge me is on 16/4/2021. Once again I am made a sitting duck as to saying my clear intent to pursue civil remedies against the Police. I clearly recall when I was seeking reassurance and Mr Armstrong spoke to me, he stated he understand I have someone else representing me. I experience Mental Health Conditions but functioned until the 2 miscarriages of justice. I represented myself at 2 Employment Tribunals. I was scammed of my husbands money by https://www.ryanclement.com so where does Mr Armstrong think I will get money from? The last conversation he said I might not get Legal Aid.       

A potential difficulty arises in that our firm is not contracted to deal with Actions against the Police. MM Updates: Mr Armstrong is acting like all the Legal Entities I had the misfortune to deal with from my Claims at https://www.jobs.nhs.uk.  

Although your first hearing date is still some way off it may well be that you would want to contact a larger firm dealing in both Criminal and Police Action/related Civil law matters at this stage. MM Updates: What first hearing is this person on about? I have not received any form of support despite explaining about  my Chronic Anxiety and needing to prepare in advance. Each time I make contact through the female and Mr Armstrong contacts me it is evident that he washed his hands off the case.

In the hope of helping you, I can recommend the following firms as a starting point and on the basis of my knowledge of them as being reputable firms. MM Updates: From beginning it seems all they are interested in is to find out if I have money. I have not worked since I resigned with the 2nd nervous breakdown in a toxic work environment. I have been scammed of all my savings and in debt. 

1 Tuckers Solicitors-telephone 0207 3888 333. MM Updates: I called they say no one was available they would call me back. 

2 GT Stewart-telephone 0208 2996000 MM Updates: Someone ask for my email to send me documents. Still waiting.

3 Duncan Lewis-0207 9234020. MM Updates: Not taking incoming calls.

As I understand it from today’s brief conversation with you, you would prefer to deal with a large firm with the additional area of expertise above and so I do hope that this information may be helpful.

If you require any further information or help from mew at any stage, I will try to assist. For ease, please do feel free to contact me directly on 07505 978733.   MM Updates: My God another of those taking me for an idiot. I have my Defensive Practice.


John Armstrong


secure email: john.armstrong@armstrongsol.cjsm.net

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