Without Prejudice All I Was Asking BT To Do Is Allow Calls To My House Phone Via Mobile This Stupid Person Thinks I Wanted Free Calls Dumbing Down 2/3/21

hank you for contacting BT Repair Chat. You are connected to Ramandeep, how can I help you today? MM Updates: I have an Account Number: WW39117776 from 2012 at www.bt.com/terms. 

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 7:53, Mar 2:  Ref VOL 053-423715707730

Ramandeep  at 7:54, Mar 2: Hello Mervelee, hope you’re doing well. May I know the problem you’re facing as I believe it’s a fault reference number ? MM Updates: Fixing a fault www.bt.com/bill/help.

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 7:55, Mar 2: I have no service over a week now. That’s the Ref I was given. 

Ramandeep  at 7:56, Mar 2: I am very sorry Mervelee, that you’re not having services for over a week now, BT does understand your problem and we apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. MM Updates: Not my understanding as a person with disabilities and a www.southwarkcarers.org.uk am concerned as is my husband. 
Before we proceed we need to pull up your account so may I know your full address along with postcode?

Ramandeep  at 7:59, Mar 2: I haven’t heard from you for a while, are you still there? MM Updates:  I have concerns about the way am treated as a person with disabilities. Even though https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 made me a victim.

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 8:00, Mar 2: 16 Alma Grove Bermondsey London SE1 5PY. Imagine if I need to make an Emergency call? I am carer to my husband coming up 98 & this is all I can get, sorry & BT understands. What does BT Understand? MM Updates: Refer to http://judicialconduct.judiciary.gov.uk the latest in the list of discriminators to target me.

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 8:00, Mar 2: I am a person with disability too https://www.policeconduct.gov.uk can continue the discrimination and condone 4 Officers coming to my house to murder me.

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 8:02, Mar 2: I have been with BT since I moved here after being homeless from Domestic Abuse. MM Updates: Refer to www.bt.com/bill/productsandservices for when I joined BT.

Ramandeep  at 8:01, Mar 2: BT understand your problem your situation which you’re going through I know that you’re vulnerable customer and I am very sorry that you’ve been waiting for over a week to get the services but don’t worry I will surely get you the resolution from our end. MM Updates: Refer to www.moneyclaim.gov.uk that conspiring with www.leyf.org.uk to discriminate against me.
Also shall I go ahead and raise a complaint on your account since you’re unhappy with the services? MM Updates: Refer to www.barstandardsboard.org.uk about my complaint https://www.39essex.com/barrister/samantha-jones and waiting for review from September 2019.

Ramandeep  at 8:02, Mar 2: I am really sorry to hear that and I know it’s a difficult time and I will give my best, I can guarantee you on this. MM Updates: Refer to www.leyf.org.uk and www.voicetheunion.org.uk what they done to me.  

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 8:04, Mar 2: Yes! Because I believe all this is linked to the discrimination am facing https://www.facebook.com for more.

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 8:06, Mar 2: My husband is concerned. What if I need to call the Ambulance if he is having HYPO and I can’t manage? BT adding to my stress www.ombudsman-service.org/complain-now.

Ramandeep  at 8:05, Mar 2: Mervelee I’ve raised a complaint and here is the Complaint reference VOL013-569229467823. MM Updates: Just another in the complaints to STRESS me out www.ico.org.uk then they use their Policy & Procedures and Community Standards to confuse US.

Ramandeep  at 8:05, Mar 2: I know this is why I am dealing your case with utmost priority,

Ramandeep  at 8:06, Mar 2: You can also use our link :- www.bt.com/includingyou

Ramandeep  at 8:10, Mar 2: Mervelee I have send the fault to engineering team and they’re confirming that this will be resolved by the end of Friday 5th March. We will send you a confirmed estimated date in the next 24 hours. 
Allow me some more time as I am raising this case to extra care team for further support and highlighting this case as priority, since you informed that you’re vulnerable customer. MM Updates: https://www.gov.uk is a joke. Will there be delays in the Prices that are changing www.bt.com/pricechange2021

Ramandeep  at 8:14, Mar 2: As you’ve advised me that this is a vulnerable customer, I am going to send a request to the engineers to ask them to attend to the fault as soon as possible. The engineers will aim to respond to the fault within the next 30 hours. Our Extra Care Team will monitor the progress of the fault and contact you as soon as they have an update. But at the outside, you should be updated within the next 24 hours. 

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 8:15, Mar 2: How about BT setting up a system so I can use my mobile at no extra cost until the matter is resolved? MM Updates: BT reminds me of www.moneyclaim.gov.uk and www.courtenforcementservice.co.uk failing to collect my money from https://www.ryanclement.com but Claim sent back to Central London County Court.   

Ramandeep  at 8:15, Mar 2: Mervelee I am sorry but that feature isn’t there however you can divert the calls to your mobile so that you don’t miss any call. MM Updates: BT is like www.voicetheunion.org.uk taking my money saying I work full time at Miscellaneous.

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 8:19, Mar 2: How about you setting it up. I am not a Techy Person. It was done before. If there is an Emergency I will hold BT is responsible

Ramandeep  at 8:20, Mar 2: I am sorry but it’s not possible that you’ll make call and you won’t get charged for it, MM Updates: Stupid I did not expect to make free calls. Just divert the calls via my mobile. Need to go back to www.ofsted.gov.uk EYFS.
This is not allowed otherwise I would have provided it to you, Mervelee I have escalated the case to extra care team and they will be in touch within next 24 hours, so that if any help is required they’ll be help you,

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 8:23, Mar 2: I am with BT Mobile. If BT going to stop take payment for the time I have no access to my phone?

Ramandeep  at 8:23, Mar 2: Mervelee once the issue will be fixed you’ll be provided refund for the landline services,

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 8:24, Mar 2: So you are telling me that if anything happens in terms of Emergency in the next 24 hours am to stress myself? MM Updates: http://www.radar-cns.org.

Ramandeep  at 8:24, Mar 2: I am not saying that as I have said with in next 24 hours extra care team will be there to help you,

Ramandeep  at 8:26, Mar 2: Allow me some time and let me check what the best could be done with BT mobile,

Mervelee Ionie Myers at 8:26, Mar 2: What if there is an Emergency & my husband goes into HYPO www.diabetes.org.uk and die? Will I be refunded for 97+ years of his life when BT is negiligent. I reported the matter over a week. Why wasn’t it escalated?

Ramandeep  at 8:26, Mar 2: Allow me some time and let me check what the best could be done with BT mobile,

Ramandeep  at 8:31, Mar 2: Mervelee, there is a fault on the line and we do not have any control over it the best we can do is get it sorted for you, ideally as per fault priority we are not supposed to raise this fault as priority if you have other means of communication however considering your case we still have raised this fault to fix on a priority basis so would request you to wait till that time, regarding refund as of now we cannot check for it however as goodwill gesture can apply £20 on your account. Is that fine for you?

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 8:33, Mar 2: Am waiting

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 8:35, Mar 2: What can £20 do for me at this time? When I use up my credit dealing with what is BT’s responsibility, what am I to do to protect myself?

Ramandeep  at 8:35, Mar 2: Mervelee may I know your mobile number once?

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 8:36, Mar 2: 07950618083

Ramandeep  at 8:37, Mar 2: Perfect so now you can call if there is any emergency also extra care team will be there to help you, Also we can only check for the eligible refund once the fault is fixed and then can apply for the number of days you were facing issues with the services, I am afraid the mobile services cannot be made free for this time

Also would you like to speak to my manager /

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 8:39, Mar 2: Yes, I would like to speak to the manager

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 8:39, Mar 2: As far as am concerned BT is exacerbating my disabilities

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 8:40, Mar 2: I am not concerned about refund, this is not priority. I want a service in case of an emergency.

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 8:41, Mar 2: BT seems to have lost its moral compass of duty of care to Me a Customer from 2000

Ramandeep  at 8:41, Mar 2: Mervelee we’re trying to help and right now for your help only we went through the extra care team basically the case couldn’t be raised if you’re having a mobile phone as you can call in any emergency still we’ve raised the case. Also the fault would get fixed till 05/03/2021 however by raising it to extra care team the engineers are looking into your case in next 30 hours and will get the issue fixed.

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 8:42, Mar 2: What is this CULTURE of I don’t CARE? Money over life!!

Info  at 8:42, Mar 2: Please wait while your chat is transferred to Garima.

Info  at 8:42, Mar 2: You are now chatting with Garima.

Garima  at 8:43, Mar 2: Hi Marvelee, allow me few minutes please while I check for the issue for you

Garima  at 8:49, Mar 2: The fault is reported and should be fixed by 05/03/2021 18:00:00 that is the maximum time which it would take however we would try to get this fixed to the earliest possible, as I can see you are concerned about the mobile expenses so not to set any false expectations I am afraid as the services are active so charges would be applied however once the fault is fixed we can check for the rental rebate for the number of days you were facing issues with the services

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 8:52, Mar 2: As a Manager, what difference did you make in addressing my concerns?

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 8:53, Mar 2: Why did BT not get back to me about my concerns and when the matter would be resolved. Its over a week. Is this how BT treats its Customer?

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 8:55, Mar 2: BT is taking the PISS because they can like my former employers at LEYF the Abusers. Because Judiciary of England & Wales will cover up Abuse. & Police will come to murder me on LEYF behalf.

Garima  at 8:55, Mar 2: I am sorry you feel this way, we have shared the best possible resolution available now, also a complaint is raised and will escalate it to next level the offline complaints team will get back in touch within few days to discuss further

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 8:58, Mar 2: Just so BT knows am using Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 to make this public

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 8:58, Mar 2: This is NEGLIGENCE

Garima  at 8:59, Mar 2:
The fault is raised and escalated to the engineering team to get this fixed to the earliest possible

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 9:00, Mar 2: So U know its LIVE! Good day!

Garima  at 9:00, Mar 2: Thanks for contacting BT bye take care

Mervelee Ionie Myers  at 9:01, Mar 2: BT will be Public about their NEGLIGENCE

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