Without Prejudice Am Responding To The Metropolitan Police Racism That Hurriedly Charge Me Under Criminal Damage Act 1971 Despite Videos Re Discrimination By Legal Systems Now They Can Take Forever To Review My Claims So Will They Revoke Citizenship In The 6 Months They Plot With LEYF

Action Plan – Transparency, Accountability and Trust in Policing

Date published: 13 November 2020

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has published an Action Plan to improve trust and confidence in the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and to address community concerns about the disproportionality in the use of certain police powers affecting Black Londoners. MM updates: Is this why after the www.met.police.uk refused to act on my concerns about verbal threats by www.peachespublications.co.uk and https://www.ryanclement.com they showed up at my house on 30/10/2017 to section me from the malicious report of Winsome Duncan who was groomed by Ryan Clement. By the way both are black. But none of the Police Officers involved at this point are black.

 The Action Plan has been developed following a series of consultations with more than 400 individuals and groups that either work with or within Black communities. The work was undertaken in response to concerns raised about the disproportionate use of police powers, including stop and search, the use of force and Taser. Communities told the MPS and City Hall that they wanted to see increased transparency in police actions, decisions and communications; a police service that better reflects the city it serves; and improved community monitoring and involvement in reviewing the disproportionate use of police powers and complaints. MM Updates: Please refer to Directorate of Professional Standards. Your Reference: PC/7911/20. Our decision about your complaint. Then tell me why I have to be reading this crap when 4 Police Officers Holly Sweeney P255654, Nikki Wright P240060, Harry Stack P255641 and Ben Godfrey can come to my house on the 30/11/2020 to carry out such hate crimes against me. And PC Neil Solliss and Inspector Nikki Babb can expect to get away with sending me such a decision.   Now refer to https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 to prepare for how the https://www.gov.uk is negligent of the needs of BLACK PEOPLE. Because my Image Rights was used on page one of www.itv.com/london for Windrush 70. 
The Mayor recognises the progress made by the MPS since the Macpherson Inquiry more than 20 years ago. It is more transparent and more accountable than at any time in its history and is more representative of London with more than 5,000 Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic officers, up from just over 3,000 a decade ago. MM Updates: Let me point out that considering what I have said about Winsome Duncan and Ryan Clement being BLACK the same applies to those who join in to target me why I experienced two miscarriages of justice in toxic workplaces in the UK. Refer to www.ico.org.uk Subject Access Request – Data Protection Act -117119. As a result of what http://unison.org.uk did when I worked at https://careers.kch.nhs.uk I was a participant in www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination” will tell you why I have invested in my https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site after the second miscarriages of justice. The same reasons I take exceptions to Sergeant Patel Racial Profiling at Walworth Police Station on 30/11/2020 when I was arrested unlawfully. The pattern is our own BAME people will discriminate against US as happened to me two times. My former colleagues made allegations. My GP refusing to give me a Medical Report for my ET Case with https://www.jobs.nhs.uk in 2009.  
But it is clear more needs to be done. City Hall figures show Black Londoners have less confidence and less trust in the MPS than white Londoners and that there remains a persistent disproportionality in the way certain police powers affect Black Londoners. MM Updates: Let me start in chronological order backdating.

1. On 8/2/2021 after reporting an incident 2 Police Officers visited my home and am sure they were aware who I am that is why I informed them I am recording them when I was asked “Have you been involved in any CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES the past 12 months?” Like the way I have been treated from www.leyf.org.uk label me UURICA-LE to trigger my PTSD I am still waiting to hear from the MPS.

2. On 26/1/2021 PC Holly Sweeney turned up at my home with an envelope. This was a deliberate act by the MPS sending her to my home on my mother’s birthday. I was advised by www.healthmanltd.com Dr Laura Crawford to seek counselling to find out why I react the way I do to certain situations. 

3. On 8/1/2021 I attended WPS for a pre-booked Interview Appointment. Because of my OCD I was present ahead of the time http://www.radar-cns.org. But PC Sweeney claims to have an appointment an hour ahead of the time I was given. The threats in the Summons in the hand delivered letter can trigger my PTSD and that is why PC Sweeney lied again. ln light of the “Decisions to my Complaint” I could have been arrested like what happened on the 30/11/2020 after PC Sweeney called my mobile that was HACKED. Called me a CRIMINAL, threatened I would be arrested anywhere am seen and hung up. This is how my VULNERABILITY of having Mental and Physical Disabilities have been used against me after experiences bereavement and losses.

4. On 1/12/2020 2 Female Police Officers showed up at my house and before giving me time to open the door started banging on my door after first ringing my bell. This was actions to trigger my PTSD, for me to act irrationally she they can accuse me of not cooperating. Their purpose for coming was to capture evidence on their Body Cameras pretending it happened on the 30/11/2020. They only stopped acting like the THUGS they are from Racial Profiling going round the MPS when I told them I know their rights. They like the 4 Officers who came on the 30/11/2020 did not use PPE. Imagine my mortification when I could not use my bathroom without someone who could possibly be my grandchild sticking her foot in the door, in case I ESCAPED, where to? The Equality Act 2010 prohibits discrimination against people with a disability, whether this is physical or mental impairment. The impairment is expected to last 12 months or more and impacts substantially on a person’s day to day activities. The MPS is responsible for hate crimes against me from 30/10/2017. Refer to ACAS: http://www.acas.org.uk EASS: http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com Email: adviceline@equalityadvisoryservice.com. The 2 female showed no concerns for my elderly husband who was crying. But as soon as I informed PS LAWES who acted humanely so I could go back home, once he heard my husband was crying. They started acting concerned about me and why I cried when I was telling about my husband. There were no concerns about the fact I was beaten up by 3 Officers and taken out in handcuffs half naked, in the cold. 

5. There is one law for MERVELEE MYERS as the Solicitors says there is no Statutory Law for when the MPS will get back to me about my case. Where does that leave a person with Mental & Physical Disabilities? Refer to www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk/ for more. Because PC Lulu did send my data to the Maudsley Hospital for them to contact me after I told him I received CBT and showed him my CBT Report.  

The Mayor wants all communities across London to feel they are able to trust their police service and have confidence that the police use their powers to keep them safe. It’s crucial that the police are trusted to be able to use their powers to bear down on the scourge of violent crime in our city  – which has a devastating effect on families and communities, and which the Mayor and the Met police Commissioner, Cressida Dick, have made it their top priority to tackle. From City Hall, the Mayor commits, as part of the action plan, to invest £1.7 million to develop greater community involvement in police officer training and in the recruitment and progression of Black officers in the MPS.  MM Updates: How about the Mayor’s Office stop the TOKENISM of MERVELEE MYERS and have a look at the correspondences where I said I want to be part of Communities of Practices working with PS LAWES who acted to SAFEGUARD 2 VULNERABLE PERSONS when I was taken to Brixton Police on the 1/12/2020. Let me do reverse Chronology:

1. I have written to Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin and copied Met Police Commissioner and Mayor of London in.

2. I have sent in my Review to MOPAC and requested an answer, but like all involved in the DISCRIMINATION covering up LEYF ABUSE RINGS, they using the delaying tactics hoping they can get me with CRIMINAL DAMAGE ACT 1971 at the Court on 16/4/2021.

3. To be specific I will use Case Number: F21YM135 dated 24 October 2019 Andrew Truby Lawyer FOR THE DIRECTOR GENERAL as an example of how the IOPC is not fit for purpose. Is it any wonder am questioning the roles of how “Divide and Rule” is embedded in the Rules of Law when MPS used the Ratna Khanam to discriminate against ME. 

4. Case Number: F45YM082 dated 29 November 2019 is amongst a number of claims at Central London County Court for Designated Civil Judge to consider whether a Civil Restraint Order should be made. 

5. Knowing the triggers to my DISABILITIES I have done everything in my power to avoid the HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT the MPS created from the time they refused to act on my concerns, but come to section me from a MALICIOUS REPORT by a SCAMMER and her GROOMER.

6. Here are dates to note when I trust the POLICE A. 02/11/1998 Data Protection Access. B. Crime Reference: 1329892/0013 date 8/9/2000. C. Crime Reference: 30132321/04 when my money was defrauded and I begged South London Press to publish my story. The Walworth Police only acted because I have British Citizenship. So for Sergeant Patel to ask me that question in a Racially Motivated manner on 30/11/2020 is Institutional RACISM by an MPS Officer that is akin to Hate Crime. D. I visited Southwark Police  12/4/2004 Andrew 02072326633 when I was threatened by my ex-husband’s family. 

Conclusion: If am in any danger I would not consider going to the MPS for rescue in fear of how the DISCRIMINATION especially since the “Our Decision to Your Complaint” was written by 4 Police Officers whose only purpose to visit my home  was to claim I committed SUICIDE. 

Refer to: In her use of force notes, PC Wright has stated “female was actively resisting arrest and trying to leave the room. MM: So I was a captive in my home on the date before I was expected to be at WPS for interview. She was struggling with the Officer and tensing up, making her difficult to restrain. MM: Refer to GP Medical Report 18/7/2006 Chronic Anxiety.  Force was used to apply handcuffs to secure her, thus protecting Officers and assisting the arrest and preventing disappearance. MM: The fact I was assaulted by Inspector Owen Pyle who was in the http://www.express.co.uk boasting on https://www.twitter.com about incidents at Nottinghill Carnival can tell you the mindset of these Officers. Whilst struggling with the female, she took hold of the handle of my Taser so I used pain compliance techniques on her fingers to release her grip”. MM: Tammie Tebboth who made sure my stepson who I had asked to be in the Meeting with me at Southwark Police Station was not present. Then she verbally abused me, threatening to get the strait jacket if I did not calm down.  I have Kevin Webster on record talking to my stepson about getting back to me. Why have they not gotten back in touch? 

The list of those not gotten back in touch:

1. The http://judicialconduct.gov.uk since I was given a Caseworker 8/10/2020. Guess they waiting for the Police to come MURDER me because Designated Civil Judge HHJ Marc Dight has a MISCONDUCT so swapped with HHJ Parfitt a RACIST OBNORIOUS BIGOT.

2. The www.moneyclaim.gov.uk All my claims that they could not strike out sent to CLCC for Civil District Judge to impose Restraint Order. Who is the CRIMINA?

3. The www.barstandardsboard.org.uk failure to respond to the Review of my complaint about https://www.39essex.com/barrister/samantha-jones. Yet the CCMCC used her case at CLCC to get Restraint Order and HHJ Parfitt imposed fine for me to pay her £17,000.00. For what ABUSE in the Reviews online that the ET Panel rejected me submitting Additional Witness Statement. She was given reference by Judge Freer to be on Grenfell Tower Inquiry Panel. 

4. The www.sra.org.uk claim LEYF can use my DISABILITIES against me. Refused to act on my complaints about www.personnelconsultancy.com Mr John Fenton represented LEYF as a lawyer. 5. What is the role of http://www.bwbllp.com that got https://www.facebook.com and https://www.twitter.com Legal Team to contact me. 6. The role of www.courtenforcementservicesltd.co.uk that failed to collect my money from Ryan Clement and expected me to pay to abort the judgement. 

The Negligence of Judiciary of England & Wales and Criminal Justice Systems

  1. Open Letter to PM David Cameron resulted in training. However www.hctgroup.org refused me the training I was promised after Volunteering. I was in Impact Report 2016 and Statistic of 1 in 5 of all suicides associated with unemployment used to make me a victim.
  2. Open Letter to PM Theresa May. Yet my https://petition.parliament.uk/help#standards was rejected. 
  3. LEYF is operating out of HOC Nursery despite the Reviews online about ABUSE. Refer to https://www.southwarknews.co.uk/news/corona-virus-london-early-years-foundation-nurseries-unite/#.XpQfd4vU6lc.mailto for more cover up.
  4. I sent a Report to www.theguardian.com in 2018 “Is Modern Slavery Thriving in the UK?”

MERVELEE MYERS can be found on the internet championing causes. 1. Walworth Living Room https://www.facebook.com/PembrokeHouse/videos/302334554093821/? 2. Macmillan Cancer https://www.macmillan.org.uk. 3. Parkinson’s www.parkinsons.org.uk. Therefore, the Metropolitan Police and IOPC will not hear the last from me until they have righted the wrongs that helped to ruin my career and destroy my life since they refused to act on my concerns but come to SECTION me on 30/10/2017. Then come back to MURDER me on the 30/11/2020 to say I committed SUICIDE.

I was endorsed on LinkedIn by Dr Chris Pascal OBE www.crec.co.uk and Professor Tony Bertram EECERA https://www.eecera.org the date I was called to LEYF CO for Neil King to harass, bully and intimidate me to RESIGN. Why did he resign before the ET? Now LinkedIn and Twitter refused me access to my accounts. And Facebook targeted me from 18/92015. Even Google is at it removing my POSTS on My Business Website to make me a VOICELESS VULNERABLE VICTIM. 

Prepared by: Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate

Date: 21 February 2021.               

Taking action

The Action Plan – which the MPS has welcomed and has committed to take forward actions specific to the police service – focuses on:
An overhaul of community monitoring structures to ensure that London’s diverse communities are better represented – Black communities will have an even greater role in monitoring a wider range of police powers, including stop and search, the use of Tasers and complaints. There will be greater community involvement in scrutiny of the MPS – particularly including the Territorial Support Group and Violent Crime Taskforce. The Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) will produce a quarterly race equality audit of the Met’s use of its powers and launch a three-month project with communities to co-design and launch this new scrutiny process.  MM Updates: Mervelee Myers is DEMANDING a place here. 
Stricter oversight and scrutiny of the ‘smell of cannabis’ used as sole grounds for stop and search –Stop and searches with grounds solely based on the smell of cannabis will be subjected to London-wide scrutiny panels and body worn video footage is being made available to communities for further scrutiny to ensure officers are not relying on the smell of cannabis alone when deciding to stop and search, and use grounds based on multiple objective factors.2
Research into stop and search using Body Worn Video (BWV) footage – Academic research to be undertaken of a sample of body worn video footage to understand better the nature of stop and search interactions and the behaviour factors of officers or individuals that lead to escalation in the use of force. MM Updates: The 4 Officers did not seem to have turned theirs on because their aim was to MURDER me. Next day they sent 2 Female Officers to capture evidence on theirs to use for the 4 who visited on 30/11.2020. They are LIARS.
Public scrutiny – The Mayor and Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, together with a panel of community members, will scrutinise the work of the MPS. Londoners could also submit questions to be answered by the MPS Commissioner and senior officers. MM Updates: I meet Luke Williams at Southwark Area Meeting. Unfortunately Goodwin Perrot and Owen Pyle turned out to be RACIST BIGOTS. Others I can name off the top of my head are Tammie Tebboth and Jill Horsfill.  
Pilot project to review vehicle stops and call for mandatory data collection – The Mayor has asked the MPS to launch a new year-long pilot project to review samples of vehicle stops to identify any disproportionality relating to ethnicity. The Mayor has also written to the Prime Minister to request it be made statutory for the police to collect and publish data on ethnicity for all road traffic stops as part of the Home Office Annual Data Requirement. The letters also asks that the Codes of Practice supporting the Police And Criminal Evidence (PACE) Act – under which street searches are carried out – be extended to cover road traffic stops to more clearly define the limits of the powers. 
Improvements to training and diversity in the MPS include: MM Updates: Those I have been dealing with from 2017 need to go back to the EYFS Prime & Specific Areas of the Curriculum.  
Developing community-led training for police officers – The MPS has committed to increase community input by default into specific aspects of the training given to new recruits. This will be made possible by City Hall investment of £1m per year.  MM Updates: MPS must settle my Claims from 2019. Not to mention most recent. Since MPS have the audacity to charge me under CRIMINAL DAMAGE ACT 1971 when I developed Childhood Traumas. I managed and controlled my Disabilities until HATE CRIMES after bereavement and losses 2 times.   
Challenging aims for Black police officer recruitment – The MPS want to see as many as 40 per cent of new recruits from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds from 2022. The Commissioner has also decided the MPS will immediately re-introduce the London residency criteria for most new recruits and will be supported by £300,000 of City Hall investment to encourage young Black Londoners to consider a career in policing.
Delivery of the Action Plan starts immediately and City Hall will involve communities in regular meetings to review the progress made towards the Action Plan’s objectives, the first of which will be in February 2021. MM Updates: Where is my invitation?

Read the Action Plan

You can read the Action Plan as a .pdf publication or as an online publication

Read the news release and quotes about the Action Plan.

MOPAC has also produced an Equality Impact Assessment for the Action Plan. 

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