Without Prejudice We Are Back To Biblical Days And Slavery When Social Media Can Steal Our Image Rights, Intellectual Property Put Locks On Expect Us To Pay Them For Our Copyrights 17/2/2021

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is celebrating life with http://worldreferee.com/referee/valdin-legister/bio and 3 others .
So I hear on the news this morning on BBC Radio 5 live about https://www.facebook.com Mark Zuckerberg plans. I know I have been on the right track since I joined #SocialMedia in using the resources available in educating the #FutureGenerationsofFamily. Now that I have got myself some followers with my Fight4justice campaign, I can only continue to do what I am good at and is only one of my passions in life – #WRITING.
At 9.36 this morning my #HouseTelephone rang – withheld, so I picked it up & listen. This distinct #ASIANVoice_Male comes on the line. He is calling about my #Computer. This time I did not get annoyed, I hang the phone up. Because you know what, this is my #Telephone and no one is going to use it to #STRESS me out like what was done to ruin my #Mental_Emotional_Psychological_Physical_HEALTH from #23rdJuly2014todate… MM Updates: Guess https://www.google.com won’t think nothing of giving our data to CRIMINALS.
I noticed the pattern which developed from I posted on Facebook about my intentions to attend the Nursery World Magazine www.nurseryworld.co.uk Show2017 at the Business Design Centre on the 4th February 2017.
What have been happening from the 4th is no sheer coincidence. My #ParanoidMind has been left to see Duppy and Shadows in every corner and crevices if I notice #2YoungWhiteMales stalking me and chatting in their phones. It is well known fact that I suffered from #ChildhoodTRAUMAS which caused the #HiddenDisabilities that were exacerbated and triggered into #MentalHealthlssues over a period of time after my return from Jamaica http://www.radar-cns.org.
Let me take a trek down memory lane about the #Paranoia that caused me to seek counselling at the Maudsley Hospital. It first started when I attended #RumiWeddingon_4thJanuary2015. Strangely enough Rumi was at the #NurseryWorldShow2017 where I was seeing her for the 1st time since that fateful date when the course of my life was to change. The 2 YWM coming outside doing their #Stalking was for me to #Challenge them. But by now they should know that those tactics don’t work. I am in control as I learnt from the mistakes of my #BredaASHTER who #DIEDinPRISON after deciding to take the laws into his own hands when no one would listen to his #Concerns https://www.policeconduct.gov.uk. That’s why when I was provoked with the invasions of my #PersonalSpace when there were #30Trainers, I turned my back and walked away. When it happened again I use my #FreedomofSpeech to get my arguments across.
I was barred and excluded from participating in the #NurseryWorldSocialNetworkingForum, not getting emails notifications. Then when I had access, my comments were deleted on LinkedIn by none other than #LizRoberts. The only conclusions which are valid that I can now come to is that Liz Roberts could be away from the #NurseryWorldStand20 when I was visiting. I have to wonder why, as in her Welcome, she asked everyone to come and see them. Next time I would like Liz Roberts to facilitate the #Networking she recommended as I was part of the #ConsultingTeam present at Dulwich at Mark Allen when I worked at #LutonStreet part of LEYF Nurseries.
I am on the ball because I intend tom prove the conspirators that collaborated and colluded with those that continue to practice #ModernDaySLAVERY that they can no longer get away with the #DISCRIMINATION that treat some employees less favourably than an animal for which the RSPCA London South East Branch would have been in hot pursuits and come to my rescue from #23rdJuly2014to27thSeptember2015. Is it any wonder that I am #PARANOID and see a shadow in every corner? So if anyone is trying to get through to my mixed up #MADHEAD, please be aware, I was not mad because of anything I’d done, but what was done to me. As the Daily Express Columnist states “TECH DON’T LIE”, if they check, they will see I have been #Bawling4Help from way back!

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