Without Prejudice 6+ Years Taken By Discrimination Sanctions By LEYF CEO Who Get Legal Systems To Defame Me Under Cover Of Margaret Horn Lecture Send Police To Finish Job They Bundled No PPE I Was Not To Be Here To…

Good morning Sir

Here are a few headlines trending www.express.co.uk from DPSMailbox.CTS@met.police.uk Your reference: PC/7911/20 that I would like you to consider in line with the “Decision to my Complaint” sent recently.

The Daily Express Page 1 Covid: Relax at our peril. Just let me address this in line with the decision Conclusions: Officer Wt. No. P255654, P240060, P255641, P255842. Allegations Decision Service provided not acceptable. Action Informal action by line manager. 

Rationale: The Officers have attended your home with the understanding they were there to carry out an arrest, meaning close contact would be likely or unavoidable. No Officer has made any conscious effort to adhere to police policy which is to wear PPE in such cases and to offer this to you too. The line manager knows of no other incidences regarding this and will take action as their line manager to prevent repeat occurrences. MM Updates: In line with my Qualifications and Trainings from https://www.lambethcollege.ac.uk 1997-1999 when I graduated with a Student of the Year Award. If the line manager is anything life those at LEYF this is a lost cause. As for your decision I can draw my conclusions you need EYFS curriculum too. See the Reviews online about LEYF abuses and https://www.southwarknews.co.uk/news/coronavirus-london-early-years-nurseries-unite/#.XpQfd4vU6lc.mailto has been given victim status over Mervelee Myers who was radicalise by sanctions of discrimination.   

Page 2 £150m war on drug gangs will “cut the head off the snake’ Let me address this with my complaints to the IOPC www.policeconduct.gov.uk handled by Ratna Khanam ratna.khanam@policeconduct.gov.uk as the head of the snake that I know about from letter dated 26 June 2019. Then we come to Andrew Truby Lawyer For The Director General Independent Office for Police Conduct. The Metropolitan Police is the Gestapo with those mention a clique of BOSSES over the tails of the snake. Are you beginning to understand my https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site or must I go on?   

Pages 4-5 Stay locked down plea after deadliest yet, Let me state that Your right to a review MOPAC If you think you have a reason for this decision to be reviewed, the Relevant Review body is the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC). You have 29 days from the date of this letter to make your appeal. The 29th day is the 15th February 2021. Appeals received after the 29 days may not be considered unless there are exceptional circumstances. The ComplaintReviews@mapoc.london.gov.uk will be getting this way in advance. Am still waiting on www.barstandardsboard.org.uk Michael Carter about the review re my complaints https://www.39essex.com/barrister/samantha-jones… So can you understand the impact on my mental health and physical disabilities the forced lock down with COVID-19? Hence my actions at BIB was my calling for help after LEYF radicalisation with the support of https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisons/ms-m-myers-v-l0ndon-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 and the continuing discrimination by the Legal Systems.     

Hancock self-isolating after ‘ping’. Please find https://www.facebook.com/PembrokeHouse/videos/302334554093821/? for my last collaborations before lock down. So you have the nerves to collude to MURDER me so did not think about PPE. Because DEAD man tells no tales. 

I lost both ‘super cautious’ parents within 9 days. My husband is 97+ years and from all indications it seems as if the TERRORISTS ASSASSINS on pay from LEYF was not aware he is here. He will be going to have his Diabetes Eye Check. Here is what I did when Police had to enter his home because there were concerns and his Surgery contacted them. They were professionals who left a note, unlike the THUGS who came to MURDER me and had no PPE. 4th February 2020 DMC Healthcare Chadwick Road. Making Written Requests For Mr Tomlinson’s Wife Data To Be Added To His File. Signed by both of US. Sections of Paragraph: You explained you could not attend at this given time, owing to a pre-arranged Drs Appointment where you were booked to get a “flu jab”. During the conversation of trying to get the officer to compromise, she called you a criminal and hung up. As an organisation, we are fully aware that we police by consent and are victim focused but not victim led. Can I refer you to Section 60 of the Equality Act 2010. During recruitment exercises Section 60 will prohibit employers (Police) from asking about the health of applicants (suspects). EASS: http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com and Email: adviceline@equalityadvisoryservice.com for more. 

Shots for vaccine workers. My husband has been sent offer to get vaccinated yet Police think they can come to my home to treat US less favourable than BIB where I was working under Modern Slavery Thriving In The UK. I sent the report to www.theguardian.com that failed to act. I asked to submit Additional Witness Statements when www.peachespublications.co.uk sent me 3 Reviews about the ABUSES at LEYF. A Mr John Fenton of www.personnelconsultancy.com who represented the Respondent pretending to be a lawyer was given preference and my AWS were rejected. Who is the victim of the Legal Systems that presided over the 2 miscarriages of justice? I contacted Southwark News maybe they complained why https://www.twitter.com suspended my account forgetting their Legal Team contacted me on behalf of www.bwbllp.com in August 2017. 

Pages 6-7 Police Chief: I’m baffled why officers don’t have priority on vaccine list.  Let me say if the www.met.police.uk Officers who visited my Home is anything to go by, is it any wonder they are not given priority. They have no regards for the vulnerable and the impacts of their unprofessional conducts. Because they have PC Neil Solliss and Inspector Nikki Babb to pat them on the back and sent them to go put more BLACK People in danger. The http://judicialconduct.judiciary.gov.uk dragging its feet hoping the ASSASSINATION attempt will succeed or I will die of COVID-19.  

Page 11 Alert over gunman at Arena. Please visit my websites and YouTube for my alerts about LEYF. But https://petition.parliament.uk/help#standards was just another rejection to wear me down.

Page 13 Ann Widdecombe I’m in Patel camp over travellers. Let me put on record that after reading the Decision to my Complaint am left to conclude that everything in the Report was PREMEDIATED and PLANNED with the POLICE and LEYF. Why did Sergeant Patel keep referring to how “FIT” I was before asking me if I have a British Passport? All revealed because Immigration Law of 6 months instead of 12 for Deportation ties in with this recent plot to criminalise me after the RADICALISATION by LEYF and cohorts. Refer to http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/19434472.2015.1108352 for more.

Wake up call for the woke. Haven’t a clue but I will just put those involved in the Decision and the THUGS in this category https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taA14IVIm9g for more.

Page 23 Cost of care should be set nationally but is a post code lottery. Read the Decision to my Complaint to understand more about taking my F4J to https://myaccount.google.com/b/107858638420456774272/email and http://www.youtube.com/Channel/UCBcqloBmT16XFBLAOPdvtFw Custom URL https://www.youtube.com/c/RattyNembhardGaGaStreetRebel for more.

Page 24 Kate’s story of power and hope in husband’s battle against Covid-19. All am going to say I have not grieved for my mother whose http://www.dementia.org.uk I diagnosed and said my final goodbyes to on 22 January 2014. I was at the end of the phone when she drew her last breathe. I was the last to see my father alive as I had to deal with the Childhood Traumas linked to www.parkinsons.org.uk only to be told I made up disabilities despite using www.ico.org.uk SAR.

Page 25 Outrage as sex assault doctor keeps job again. What about the REVIEWS at https://www.google.com about LEYF abuses? So https://www.linkedin.com refused me access to my account to cover up those colluding with LEYF.

Man, 20, is held over stab death All am going to say those covering for LEYF will be exposed using www.express.co.uk Headlines.

Page 28 How eye test spot dementia. My stories am an expert authority on subjects from cradle first published http://www.myvision.org.uk in 2012.

Pages The Making of a Modern Monarchy Part 3 I was at the Hospital when the Couple’s first child was leaving. Now am a prisoner in my home because of discrimination http://www.radar-cns.org.

Page 33 Vanessa Feltz. Another celebrity I meet like I did https://www.gov.uk MP and written Open Letters to 2 Prime Ministers.

LBC News 9 Police Officers charged for breaking Covid Rules. The only reasons the 4 Officers did not come prepared with PPE is they come to Murder me to say I committed SUICIDE. They did not turn on Body Cam because they did not expect me to be alive to ask questions. Whatever information from Body Cam used is from the 2 Female Officers who came on the 1/12/2020. I challenge you to provide Body Cam footages from 30/11/2020 and recordings of the Interview. The www.open.ac.uk/ceremonies 2004 – 2010.

Please read my Horoscope carefully and get someone to help you understand as it seems you have not accomplish the www.ofsted.gov.uk EYFS Prime much more Specific areas of the curriculum. I would advise you not to enrol at LEYF Nurseries even if located at the prestigious HOC Nursery. Taurus An aura of excitement develops. Ideas which began as tiny bulbs will flower very quickly. When some people still seem uncertain about what to expect this year, it looks like you already have a good idea of the new starts you are about to make.


Mervelee.   1    

Sent from Mail for Windows 10

From: Mervelee Myers
Sent: 19 January 2021 18:46
To: Mervelee Myers
Subject: RE: Your complaint – Our reference: PC 7911 20


Sent from Mail for Windows 10

From: Mervelee Myers
Sent: 18 January 2021 12:28
To: amelia.gentleman@theguardian.com
Subject: FW: Your complaint – Our reference: PC 7911 20

Sent from Mail for Windows 10

From: ASMailbox.ProfessionalStandards@met.police.uk
Sent: 18 January 2021 08:41
To: rattynem@btinternet.com
Subject: Your complaint – Our reference: PC 7911 20

Dear Mrs Myers,

Our investigation in to the complaint that you made (reference: PC/7911/20) has now concluded and I attach a copy of the outcome report for your records.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Kind regards


Professional Standards Unit

Metropolitan Police Service

Brixton Police Station 367 Brixton Road SW9 7DD


NOTICE – This email and any attachments are solely for the intended recipient and may be confidential. If you have received this email in error, please notify the sender and delete it from your system. Do not use, copy or disclose the information contained in this email or in any attachment without the permission of the sender. Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) communication systems are monitored to the extent permitted by law and any email and/or attachments may be read by monitoring staff. Only specified personnel are authorised to conclude binding agreements on behalf of the MPS by email and no responsibility is accepted for unauthorised agreements reached with other personnel. While reasonable precautions have been taken to ensure no viruses are present in this email, its security and that of any attachments cannot be guaranteed.

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