Without Prejudice Moral Fabric Of Society Did Not Break Down Over Night When PM Heal The Family, Heal The Nation Comes With Bible Verse I Pass BK With Credit Re Dad’s Preaching And 1st Book 50+

Good morning Sir

As per usual I must address your email as it relates to the discrimination of the past 6+ years. Let me explain that this in no way applies to your handling of the investigation and as I said previously I admire your professional approach and the quick time you take getting back to me. However, the Police and IOPC in the name of Owen Pyle and Tammie Tebboth from www.met.police.uk and Ratna Kahnam from www.policeconduct.gov.uk are responsible for putting the Police into disrepute and allowing PC Holly Sweeney to get caught up in this matter by my former employees https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 aided and assisted by the Legal Systems. I have told you, you are the expert in deciding the titles, but at the same my vulnerability has been used against that am weary of the traps. My former employers asked me to condense an 8 page Reasonable Adjustment into 1 page and a 37 page Grievance into 1 page. The ET claimed I did not mention certain fact. You have my permission to use “Titles” that best reflect my complaint, but at the same time I must protect myself from the corruption using the loopholes of the Rules of Law to trick me.

The verbal account is with the GP and I have a copy that I requested for my record. This was the best option available. The GP suggested a video assessment but I didn’t think that would shed any more light on the matter than my verbal communication. Now we are talking about COVID-19 none of the Police Officers who entered my home was wearing masks and they were in contact with my 97 year old husband. When my step son visits, he wears mask around his dad. It was hours later when I was shivering in the van that PC Holly Sweeney said “By the way Mervelee, do you have any COVID-19 Systems?” My answer you have taken your time in asking. The Police did nothing to protect my husband and I who have disabilities and underlying symptoms. I can direct you to the GP to get any required Reports as I forwarded the images for him to attach to my Records. But I have video recordings and images as my Defensive Practice https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site.

I can confirm I agree with the “Titles” you are deciding based on my detailed account so as there are no misinterpretation of what happened to me during the unlawful arrest when I was beaten up or man/woman handled in my home. By 2 females and a male Police Officers. I was not seen by the Doctor, I had a “Telephone Consultation” as was deemed appropriate by the Surgery.


Mervelee Myers.

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From: ASMailbox.ProfessionalStandards@met.police.uk
Sent: 13 January 2021 08:43
To: rattynem@btinternet.com
Subject: RE: REMINDER! Your complaint – our reference PC 7911 20

Good Morning Mrs Myers,

Thank you again for sharing your detailed account.  I can confirm that upon your agreement of the titles, I can look at the details you have explained as I feel they are all relevant to the title.  I do need you to agree the title though.

Also, you mention a verbal account provided to your GP.  Can I assume this is COVID related, meaning you were unable to attend a practice where the GP could assess you, but where he took your description by phone and advised you based on this?

The reason I ask is that if you attended a practice or hospital, I would consider asking to see the record.  If the Dr has recorded your verbal description without seeing the described injuries, this would not be necessary for my investigation but do ask you forward me any images you may have.

If you can confirm you agree the 2 titles and confirm if you were seen by a Dr or provide any photo’s you may have, I will be happy to consider these as part of my investigation and thank you again for your time and help so far.

Kind regards,



Professional Standards Unit

Metropolitan Police Service

Brixton Police Station 367 Brixton Road SW9 7DD


From: Mervelee Myers <rattynem@btinternet.com>
Sent: 12 January 2021 22:57
To: AS Mailbox – Professional Standards <ASMailbox.ProfessionalStandards@met.police.uk>
Subject: RE: REMINDER! Your complaint – our reference PC 7911 20

Good Evening

Must say I appreciate the fact that you are working with me to get his matter resolved and am more than willing to do everything in my power to get back to that place when I have implicit trust in the Police. I am more than prepared to do my little bit to share the word as I said Police LAWES started that on 1/12/2020 at Brixton Police Station.

I have no argument about you doing your duty, but because I have been stitched up the past 6+ years and even in the interviews I realised am a sitting duck, I have to clarify every fact.

It was not just excessive use of force, I was wrestled to the floor, beaten black and blue, just because I wanted to go inform my husband the Police were here. My stepson and I agreed to keep certain matters from him. I have a GP record of my verbal description of the bruises on my arm. It was Sergeant Patel who mentioned the handcuff marks. These were from the rubbings when I get the shakes. I told the male PC they were hurting me when he was watching me in the van, whilst the 2 females were searching my home. They did not read me my Rights either.

Let me clarify again, I was called on the 29/11/2020 and the person called me a criminal said I’d be arrested when I was trying to arrange another time/date because I have my FLU JAB appointment. As I said to the Police if they had come to my home on 1/12/2020 and waited at my gate and 10:01 came and do what they did, I have no say. But they were in such a rush to comply with my former employer that they came to my house on the 30/12/2020. Like the investigation they failed to carry out, they have no right in my house on the date they came. I welcomed them in expecting it was to sort out the dates. I was not even allowed to call my step son. What happened is a scene out of some Wild West Movie. They had no right to arrest me because it was not 1/12/2020. But not only that they are LIARS saying I refused to come for the interview. I called the number on the morning and no one answered. I have been through this before when the CEO planned 2 attacks on me.

I was treated like a cage animal and a male PC asked me to bend over to release the handcuffs. I would not have minded if there were only the Officers who came to my home, but by this time a crowd had gathered behind the van because I was provoked. So I CUSS JAMAICAN BAD WORDS. Passive Aggressive Behaviours, the Counsellor said it was okay for therapy as I do not want what happened to my brother to happen to me. Why did Sergeant Patel comment how FIT I am before asking if I have a British Passport. The rest of mistreatment I take in my stride and use as a learning curse. Because when PC Sweeney asked me how I was feeling I told like PUNCHING someone, but I don’t do physical, I write. They will star in their own show. I have no problems with anyone doing their jobs, but don’t go out of your way to make me look bad or worse than I am. No one is aware of the hell I have been through that led me down this road. The Police had the chance to sort this, but no they behaved like the Gestapo.

You are the expert, I provide the fact and you do the rest. As long as I don’t end up with a long drain out matter like my previous complaint that will exacerbate my mental and physical disabilities am happy to work with the Police to resolve the matter.

Kindest regards.

Mervelee Myers.     

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From: ASMailbox.ProfessionalStandards@met.police.uk
Sent: 12 January 2021 08:56
To: rattynem@btinternet.com
Subject: RE: REMINDER! Your complaint – our reference PC 7911 20

Good Morning Mrs Myers,

Thank you for your detailed reply.

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