Without Prejudice HMCTS Judges Are Career Criminals Preying On Employees Made Vulnerable By Rules Of Law In Place To Trap Us

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ON THIS DAY 4 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is celebrating life.
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I have an #Albumof61Fotos in honour of myn #2Son Mr https://worldreferee.com/referee/valdin-legister/bio. I am the person who supplied the data when my son was an unknown. Until we challenge discrimination http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/westernnews/Costly-decision-for-Ledgister-_11151735?profile=&template=PrinterVersion then https://www.linkedin.com and https://www.twitter.com will continue cyberbullying me on behalf of trolls and refuse me access to my account? I am choosing this one photo to share because I don’t even have the time to go look thru the album. This is so #Sentimental to me because my #LittleBoy gave it to me all those years ago. I am a #ConfirmedHoarder like my #OldFolks & it still has #PrideofPlace on my TV stand. I was advised by Dr Laura Crawford of www.healthmanltd.com to seek CBT to find out why I react the way I do to certain situations. Imagine if LEYF www.leyf.org.uk have their ways I would have been deported like a #Criminal with my #2ScandalBags & don’t have time to pack my #Treasured_Mmomentoes? MM Updates: Reason I told Sergeant Patel at Walworth Police Station www.met.police.uk on 30/11/2020 when I arrested unlawfully and he asked if I have a British Passport. “It is for me to know and him to find out”.
Well I have been in contact with #2UKPM David Cameron & Theresa May https://www.gov.uk about my plights. So I won’t be leaving my #DutyofCare behind – Mass Tom. In the meantime, let me get busy with this campaign called https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site. Not long now for one of the biggest #22ndDecemberCelebrations www.ancestrydna.co.uk?

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
Valdin gave me this Flower for Valentines Day on my first visit back to JA 1995. I have treasured it since SON http://www.myvision.org.uk!!
ON THIS DAY 4 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
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Ervin Nembhard
The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality. Refer to JA 53 https://youtu.be/NwdExddlilw Lovena Brown who take me off Frome School Page claiming she is the PRESS.
Dante Alighieri
There is no greater sorrow – Refer to https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 for why the HMCTS Career Criminals must be charged.
Than to recall a happy time – Refer to www.jamaicalabourparty.com and what they done to my family.
When miserable. Refer to www.policeconduct.gov.uk too
Dante Alighieri
My course is set for an uncharted sea. Refer to www.cardboardcitizens.org.uk and I don’t know why am viewed as threat when I asked for support.
Dante Alighieri

ON THIS DAY 5 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
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Was watching C/5 Psychopaths. MM Updates: Refer to www.collins.co.uk Person afflicted with a personality disorder causing him or her to commit antisocial or violent acts. When I realised the extent of LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan depravity and that she sanctioned the discrimination before I was transferred to BIB, I guess that made my Hidden Disabilities worse. Here are some of the clues about my experiences with JO. 1. Visited BIB after the New Year Staff Party when she got her MBE and lied to me about telling BIB off for not attending the NYSP. 2. JO tried stitch me up to breach the Social Media Policy and that’s when I realise she is a Psychopath. 3. But JO was/is so stupid she committed it to writing and gave me Copyright with my name as my Intellectual Property. 4. I had seen her a few times at CO and noticed the changes. 5. At New Cross BBQ she acted like an idiot and I joined the Steel Band to sing and dance about it in my own style. 6. At Middlesex University on 19/9/2015 she ignored me and when I challenged her, she said she did not recognize me. 7. I was told by Alev Sagnak aka Hussein https://www.jobs.nhs.uk that she was asking what’s wrong with me. 8. She played her hands at www.nurseryworld.co.uk SHOW 2018 when I attended the Seminar to see which of my IP/CPPDP she was using. 9. Listening to her Podcasts & Webinars revealed the rest. JO was a NHS Mental Health Nurse…

Bloody hell I identified those LowLifeEvilYobbishFailures. MM Updates: Let me start with https://www.39essex.com/barrister/samantha-jones who must have whored her way around the Judiciary of England & Wales. According to her bragging to www.barstandardsboard.org.uk about her status. Institutional Psychopaths where there is Culture of B/H/I. MM Updates: All involved from www.bwbllp.com and www.personnelconsultancy.com and www.7br.co.uk and www.sra.org.uk and https://www.linked.com and https://www.twitter.com and https://www.google.com to www.womblebonddickinson.com/legal can look out. No1 can question Authority. Now I know why the Egos caused them to have their heads up each other backsides. MM Updates: Refer to www.ofsted.gov.uk and https://www.eecera.org and https://mineconkbayir.co.uk and www.crec.co.uk and https://eysmart.pacey,org.uk for more.

My O/F always taught me to pretend to K/A b4 U can kick it. Despite their Superficial Charms pulling the wool over eyes of others. I have a POP to prove those Lacking Conscience that they can Fool some of the people. ..? The R/M, J/S, F/G, M/G & A/H & King Kong take note. MM Updates: Refer to www.hctgroup.org and www.resourcesforautism.org.uk and www.morellomarketing.com and http://communityplaything.co.uk and www.voicetheunion.org.uk and https://www.capsticks.com and http://unison.co.uk for more.
I’ve been thinking about the www.aoug.org.uk AOUG lecture Neuroscience & the Law & how it relates to me. Frustration & Provocations to say I am who they would like me to be as their Ruthlessness show up they are Psychopaths.
Mervelee Myers is Diss-Miss-Sieve of their Authority as they failed to be Responsible & be Accountable for how they Traumatized & drive some of Us to the edge of Despair. MM Updates: Refer to Counter-terrorism as a crime prevention: a holistic approach http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/19434472.2015.1108352 printed 01/03/2016.
They have taken BOOMM & think God is going to let them get away all the time. I got a reply from PM office & a message on my H/P from E/A. I don’t gi a toss bout di odda 3 O/L that didn’t respond. Have enough. ..

ON THIS DAY 5 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
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Finished cleaning my Palace. My F/F/A are Welcome now & U don’t have to worry about accepting a drink of water in a P/C not a glass. I tell Tom this is what I do the 1st couple days I hit JA. With my Counselling www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk/ I realised how I am always affected by my C/A. Have to find time to acknowledge the Therapist L/T & the NHS.
Chat to my Friend S/S from 20+ years ago. Blinking heck couldn’t recall Surname to save in phone. Now Stephenson just come to me. OA ketching up wid mi.
The amount of things in my house, unbelievable. Going to make them help me tell the Stories. If only those Psychopaths know the favour they done me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taA14IVIm9g!

ON THIS DAY 6 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
No time to tarry, no time to delay? Dead-Lines to Meet!
ON THIS DAY 7 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
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God’s willing I’ll b in JA on my WB, BS 34th BD! & I’ll have the time of my Life spending SQT with the MIP who is MDM Perline Louise Saunders/Chambers-NEMBHARD! Counting down as I type… These are 2 of the MIP in my Life, Mama & my Little Boy VAL!
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
Valdin Legister, Mama, Me – 3rd Church visit

ON THIS DAY 7 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling excited.
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Had 1 hell of a week http://skynews.co.uk I was on 5/9/2011. Came home from work wid di flu a threaten, so me nuh duh nutn more dan wuk pon eh www.diabetes.org.uk! So since Friday evening til now me almost dun di flask a RUM as me nuh mek fun fi lace di lemsip www.desmond-project.org.uk! I am still wukking as I don’t have long to go now www.heal-d.co.uk? Boy if only sum kina wuk coulda get dun by demselves, it woulda spare me di headaches?

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