Without Prejudice When LEYF Decided To Discriminate Against Me They Should Have Done The Research Now HMCTS Will Wish Career Criminals Learned Lessons From Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper Recommended To ACAS

In light of data on Twitter about Barrister Samantha Jones Legal Representative Solicitors Womble Bond Dickinson I must make further claim against the conduct of HHJ Parfitt at CLCC with regards to the handling of the Claims at CLCC on 2/9/2020. Now I am beginning to understand what the muttering and whispering was about. It’s known fact that because of my DISABILITIES (Not Made Up according to HHJ Shanks) I don’t function well during such situations. Reason www.healthmanltd.com Dr Laura Crawford advised me to seek CBT to find out why I react the way I do to certain situations. Since HHJ Parfitt claims he understands my Childhood Traumas. He can explain why I had to get http://www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk Counselling after the death of my mother with (dementia) www.dementia.org.uk? Without Prejudice it seems HHJ Parfitt was in CLCC well briefed by the way he was so insensitive after reading the documents I showed him.

At the start of the Proceedings HHJ Parfitt apologise to Mr Bradley about him sitting for the Designated Civil Judge. I can only assume “Without Prejudice” that the Respondent Solicitor was aware of the change, I was not informed. Am also assuming this was because I posted about HHJ Marc Dight misconduct. Considering that this was not my 1st complaint to JCIO, I will have to say this was an orchestrated plot by HMCTS to continue the DISCRIMINATION that led to the 2 miscarriages of justice against me. Refer to Dr Maria Hudson The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers recommended to ACAS. See also www.ico.org.uk SAR and REVIEWS on www.leyf.org.uk website.

Barrister Samantha Jones was advocating on behalf of John Fenton of Personnel Consultancy Ltd who represented LEYF as a Solicitor. He owned up on the day of the Adjournment after getting me released from OATH to get me to sign away my RIGHTS, he was not. He took no other part in the ET/EAT. However all documents were sent to him. I have an email sent to me by mistake proving Mr Fenton Business needs to be scrutinise. So to have a Solicitor from the Firm representing her charged means the JCIO must investigate the Business Arrangement between the Judicial Ombudsman Paul Kernaghan. Judge Brian Doyle President of the ET. The Role of Adam Jones and Justice Ingrid Simler President of the EAT.

The CCMCC is responsible for striking out my Claims and when I reapplied sent them to County Court at Clerkenwell and Shoreditch. The Court Enforcement Services Ltd failed to collect my money from Barrister Ryan Clement and expected me to pay to abort the Claim. But not only that a Judge Bell sent it back along with others to CLCC.
How long am I expected to wait for these to be dealt with? It is clear from the recent revelations that CORRUPTION is rife in the Judiciary of England & Wales. Please see https://www.youtube.co/watch?v=taA14IVIm9g for more of how HMCTS and cohorts will be exposed.

Without Prejudice Am Prepared For Another Kick In The Teeth By Those Who Think They Must View Me As An Empty Vessel To Be Discriminated Against Like HMCTS That Presided Over 2 Miscarriages Of Justice In 28 Years In The UK

See https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site for when am coming for Fight4justice and more Thanks UVI. I am going to have a look as once more I have been given a kick in the teeth. So need to focus on something.
Can you please send me the Video on a Disk or USB so I can do my own work, separate from your Professional Work that you have done. I would be so grateful.
Talk soon.