Without Prejudice Am In Jail Whilst June O’Sullivan And Cohorts Making Brands With My IP/CPPDP My Brother Chose 22/9

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ON THIS DAY 3 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling thankful with http://worldreferee.com/referee/valdin-legister/bio.
September 22, 2017 · London ·
Last week I wrote about my Young Man who offered me 10P. Well today he offers me 2p, so I stop to chat. He don’t even understand when I ask “What’s your name”, in English. But he takes out tablets showing me, I presume he needs to buy more? If he was speaking Es Espanol or Portuguese, I’d probably pick up a few words. Suffice it to say he was so happy that I recognise him, he was hugging and kissing me. Remember my horoscope this morning www.express.co.uk this is another Open Secret for Mr TD.
My bus 344 arrive, so I give him a brand new shiny £1 and on my way to Storm Family Centre.
Give me a MAN any time… They will only ask for what they WANT!
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard added 18 new photos to the album: #Borough #Bankside, #Walworth Community Council Meeting — feeling energized at Southwark https://www.gov.uk/
September 22, 2017 · London ·

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling accomplished in London, United Kingdom.
September 22, 2017·
Taurus: People understand how accomplished you are and admire you. Several individuals in your social circle have developed crushes on you. If you’re single, think about embarking on a romance with a friend who hangs on your every word.
Ah, I need to decipher this. My accomplishments cause me to end up at the https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 with 2 former employers, the last LEYF http://www.leyf.org.uk. They feel threatened by my accomplishments and the admiration from Professionals https://www.eecera.org and www.crec.co.uk. Check https://www.linkedIn.com for the endorsement by Professors #ChrisPascaland #TonyBertram.
I know about some of the crushes, but that’s all they will be… Maybe that’s why #DonaldGordon and his types won’t leave my https://www.facebook.com alone?
I am not single, but when I want to amuse myself I go look what others upload to their Page. When 2 Ginnals Meet All Head Work Stops..?
Unfortunately there’s a Language barrier.

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling emotional.
September 22, 2016 ·
Since today 22.9.2016 is 1 year since LEYF decided to strip me of every shed of my Dignity & take away their WORK, think I should reflect on my life on Social Media today of all days. I have got my WS pretty much how I want it & will get down to the editing once I am more settled & relaxed. I need to do more Research to define the Comparators. I got only part of the ITV Tonight Programme & will have to go to http://www.itv.com/tonight to find out more. If my memory serves me right, some people are prone to get the wrong end of the story when it comes to MM. So there was a time when I made mention of #ASHTERDaughter mother Rose & someone without reading & understanding decided to accuse me of spreading gossip & rumour on Facebook. By now U might be aware how that one ended. Then there was the case of my own who thinks I should not put my own on SM? That didn’t end too good either. Then there was the case of the IMF bloke & the Maid & that didn’t end any better either. Again there was the case of my own – But I don’t have nothing to hide & has always been open & honest about my Mental Health Issues even b4 I have the knowledge to understand www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk. Well that didn’t end that good either www.healthmanltd.com? The good thing about me is that I am exactly like my MOTHER & GRANNY b4 me http://www.radar-cns.org/. There is nothing I can do about it, except to try curb the Kiss Teeth, Cut Eyes, Body Language, Sing when the Spirit take me www.parkinsons.org.uk. Throw/Drop my Words, CUSS, throw/fling anything within me hand reach & if I did have www.moneyclaim.gov.uk like CAL, kick them & go Pay for it? So the last person to BLOCK me pon z Book Face is the FC dat never did mean mi any good from the time we met… U know di ones dem call USERS – but I give them enough rope fi heng DRS everytime! I am at the stage in my life, where if they can do without me, I can do without them moreso. Don’t come tell me about NEGATIVITY, because U don’t stop to find out why I have to be negative? The same way our Young People are carrying around Chips on their Shoulders & not realising that our own Fore Parents were Responsible for Selling out their Sisters & Brothers for MONEY. That’s why I refuse to take any Blood/Sweat/Tears Money www.jamaicalabourparty.com. Allow anyone to tell me that Money counts more than my Principles https://www.voicetheunion.org.uk. So yes on the day I reflect on what LEYF has done to me & the Persons who are too Scared to speak out, I will now try & move on with my Life. I #Forgive, but don’t #Forget!

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling relaxed with Valdin Legister and Lloyd Walters.
September 22, 2016 ·
Taurus: With the sun moving into your work skies your productivity goes through the roof. An unexpected job opportunity could mean an income boost. Let your imagination run but keep those costs down. Call to hear why it’s time to reformulate your goals.

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling incomplete.
September 22, 2016 ·
Here I found the Perfect MESSAGE? As of now I am going Back to: ME/MYSELF&EYE in case I am intruding on anyone’s Space? As of today I will only #Tag my #2Sons Kevin Murray & Valdin Legister, if they don’t want me to #Tag them they are free to #Untag themselves? I am only their #MOTHER?

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