Without Prejudice I Was Not A Statistic Like My Brother Who Died In Jail Mervelee Myers Will Create His Foundation Legacies 37

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ON THIS DAY 3 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard September 16, 2017 Shared with Public
Working for a better JAMAICA. But education is key to all we do!
Pan-Caribbean Sugar Co. Ltd.
September 14, 2017·
Pan-Caribbean Sugar Company continue to support and give assistance to the community and its environs, here we are at Smithfield in the parish cleaning the river… See More
Taurus http://www.express.co.uk: You have thorny decisions to make regarding friends or money. An eclispsed full moon demands rapid reactions. Despite the furore, your creativity is recognised. Your finances will improve soon. Call to hear when to keep the past in the past. This is indeed a VBO.
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with http://worldreferee.com/referee/valdin-legister/bio and Michael Legister.

It would be rather be AMISS of me if I didn’t take time out of my Busy Schedules to acknowledge the fact that I was informed about the passing of another of the Stalwarts from TOWNHEAD now Truro. Mass Aidrey (forgive wrong spellings) Lawrence. The fact that Bunny Lawrence was one of my Boys back in the days when WE didn’t have a care in the world to worry about is enough. Let me see if I can recall the others? In order of Seniority: Wilbert aka Bunny, Cordellia aka Puncy, Sun… See More

Hear HP rings, see International # & glad am being contacted at last re @JanetBeeput. Low & behold one of di Asian Accent wid di English Name… Him calling from CON-Neck-Tick-Cut. Him hab a few questions & him nah call again. By di time mi tun up di Volume fi Axe him eina mi Jah-Mek-I-Can Accent wat dis call bout…? Him ketch di rakes & heng up. If not when mi dun wid him! I don’t gi 3 Ducks who want get Offended like the BIB LEYF Team when I told them to do their Research about Multi generational Working the CEO advocacy. Stupid Hilda Miller come tell me not to bring any of my ideas from other http://www.leyf.org.uk to her Baby BIB. Di same Baby dat she ABUSE & NEGLECTED https://www.google.com. I am going to make sure she gets charge for Play-JAH-Racism, et al presenting my WORK as her own in the 2 year old Pilot Project for https://www.gov.uk the Government. I was involved in www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers & http://www.radar-cns.org/ that is now Published online. Now I get back to WORK. Remembering my cousin Janet & savourying the time when they have to come CLEAN?

Later on my Lunch Break, because I have to take one because of my DISABILITIES & not deny myself like Maria Freeman done & Stacey-Jane Whitfield have to comment about on the 19th January 2016 https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016… I have DIABETES! However LEYF Contract Section 6. Hours of Work says it all. Now I understand what Voice: the union for education professionals Solicitor Arwen Makin meant when she told me not to Appeal the Trumped up ALLEGATIONS that breach the Human Rights & Data Protection Acts 1998…? Because it’s written in their Contract. My #FIGHT4JUSTICE is to ensure why these Contracts are not reviewed & updated. Don’t worry I have Goat Mouth & I wrote that all my Fellow JAMAICANS that dem buy out fi DISCRIMINATE Against me time would come. Well Crisella Rattary-Brown time has certainly come! More about she & Audrey later & what they are going through at the hands of that Nicola at CON-Serve-A- Tart in Blackheath. I don’t have a job so my Talents & Creativity towards my CPPDP must not go to waste. So when they continue to use my Intellectual Property in the form of My Ugly Mug to promote their Organisations, do they think I am going to let them get away with the Negative Narratives that can push me back into DEPRESSION if I am not Vigilant? Ok so all those expecting me to write Reports for them to Benefit & sending me to go do Trainings for another Piece of Tokenistic Paper not worth the Ink in which it is Written, can go stick it. I have enough to decorate my Living Room & Social Media! Mi gone until mi cum back come write the ongoing Saga of why 3 Staff from the same Nursery Resign. Memba mi tell dem say “a nuh Bush hab EARS, is Wo/Man stand up eina Bush a Listen? So for those at BIB that were offended when I told them to do their Research about Multigenerational Working, is the same way I make it my Own Business Agenda to know the lastest. I am always Learning from the Masters/Mistresses of Good/Evil.

I started out with the Daily Express from I met my Husband TOM in 2001!
Another of the LEYF that I covered in from 1.9.2009 to 27.9.2015. If in doubt go Read the 6 lines of Reference Senior HR Dilys Epton wrote for me for Connex Education in October 2015. Since then all I get from them is Automated Emails, but I am biding my time, because they will not get away with either Direct nor Indirect DISCRIMINATION that are Unlawful. Now go check my history with LEYF & U can identify my Contributions… So why the hell do they think they going to get away with saying I am Uncoorporative, Unprofessional, Rude, Intimidating, Confrontational, Agressive & Lack EMPATHY. I am going to make sure LEYF Nurseries & their cohorts whether they are Stella Louis presenting at the Nursery World Jobs #NurseryWorldShow2017 or not that they take back every Negative Discourses & Languages they have presented in Black & White. I am going to get a Copy of Judge Rinder Book that I hear him talking about on ITV to make sure I get the finer Legal Knowledge? Then I am going after Voice: the union for education professionals for Fraud & misrepresentations & DISCRIMINATION! Not to mention making a Delegation to Ten Dowing Street to follow up my Open Letter & subsequent correspondences! LEYF Nurseries sent me to HOC 17-27th March 2015 in the hopes I would commit Criminal Offences to put their Plans into Actions. Now the Government have a Duty to Protect the Public from the PSYCHOPATHS at LEYF Nurseries.

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