Without Prejudice I Am Victim Of The Values, Beliefs I Was Brought Up With For My Advocacy 14/9/20

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ON THIS DAY 3 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard September 14, 2017· Shared with Public
Despite being a graduate of https://www.lambethcollege.ac.uk and the www.open.ac.uk, I am kept at the bottom of the career ladder by DISCRIMINATION. 2 times the #EmploymentTribunals affirm the Discrimination with miscarriages of justice https://www.gov.uk. I don’t mind so much about the first time because #KINGSCOLLEGEHOSPITALNHSFOUNDATIONTRUST exonerate themselves with the counselling at the Maudsley Hospital www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk. But with www.lefy.org.uk this was a deliberately planned act of TERRORISM to destroy #MERVELEEMYERS. … See More

Nelson Mandela
“To our generation, education became a key to unlock the gates of oppression, a tool against the warped logic of the slave-master. Institutions of learning beca… See More
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling strong in London, United Kingdom.
I am using this to share with the world my #Passion4Childcare_Education. But each time I was view as a threat to those who refuse to accept my dreams of promoting #INCLUSION. So LEYF I will use my #CPPDP and #IntellectualProperties couple my https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site campaign at http://www.Merveleeconsultancy.uk to show the world how the wool was pull over the eyes of the #3Judges from the #EmploymentTribunals that affirm the Discrimination.

The Jamaica Star
Chrissane Clarke, who claims to be the person who captured the now viral video of Tremayne Brown clutching on to Renaldo Reynolds as they were being swept away … See More

Taurus www.express.co.uk: A person who continually steps over your boundaries needs to be confronted. You’re tired of feeling violated. If you’re dealing with a stalker, notify the authorities immediately. Having a paper trail is critical to putting an end to this abuse https://www.39essex.com/barrister/samantha-jones.

All I’m saying on the matter is check out how I’m taking back control of my life at Fight4justice www.Merveleeconsultancy.uk & https://mervelee.wordpress.com & http://www.youtube.com/channel/ & https://www.google.com. I am just learning my way so please bear with me. I will show those #3Judges from the #EmploymentTribunals about #CREDIBLE_WITNESS and #PRESTIGIOUS_HOC.

I am advocating for an end to Modern Day SLAVERY. Discrimination on any Grounds ruin Employees and their families life. Hear_My Story and make a difference.

Have 2 share due 2 #GRENFELL Inquiry. AG Cat tap my door 2 b let out. #LEYF don’t know z #EYFS Prime Areas, much less Specific!
Mi a guh tidy kitchen & guh a bed. Mi know sum a 1nda wat mi a do up, but dese days mi sleep a day & wuck a nite. IVY C wey U deh?

Serena Dyett is with Serena D-Sweet and
79 others.
September 14, 2016·
Ladies and Gents🙋🏽🙆👱🏾👨🏻
👀👀Looking for 2 Diamonds! 💎💎
If you think you could be 1 read on 🤔
Who is sick… See More
I don’t have time to READ, but for starters do the Research to find out why 3 Staff from one of the Flagship New Acquisition with an

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