Without Prejudice The Guardian Fail To Act About ‘Is Modern Slavery Thriving In UK’ 9/9/20?

ON THIS DAY 4 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard September 9, 2016·
Time for me to get out my Contributions as Multigenerational Zhar at Luton Street April 2010 -. Ah ha Competition time to see who is the PROFESSIONAL who developed a CPPDP & allow http://www.leyf.org.uk to take credit for my WORK in order to have a job to earn my PENSION! TECH don’t LIE?
LEYF Nurseries
September 8, 2016·

ThrowbackThursday to 2012 when staff and children from the Furze Children’s Centre Nursery visited the Chadwell House Care Home. We performed Christmas songs f… See More

Oh yes because LEYF have proven how INCOMPETENT they are feeling threatened by Knowledge Employees. So they set about destroying us with ALLEGATIONS aided & abetted by the corrupted SYSTEMS
Nelson Mandela
“Until we reduce the wide gaps between the educated and the illiterate, the sheltered and the homeless, and very rich and the poor, we will continue to be deepl… See More
I was stopped in my Pathways by LEYF. Wonder what they have to say?
Nelson Mandela
“Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.” ~ Nelson Mandela from a letter to … See More
Can someone please bring to attention of LEYF please. They want to become the Biggest Early Years Providers. But at what cost?
Nelson Mandela
“Educating all of our children must be one of our most urgent priorities. We all know that education, more than anything else, improves our chances of building … See More
Know I was RIGHT all along. My Bad Words Cussing is Beneficial to me especially with my Hidden Disabilities. Strangely enough most of my Cussing is done in my Head, until I have to let it out Verbally or Written. Now I get back to my Writing. In light of the facts when one Jobsworths told me that he didn’t appreciate my Language, forgive the PM, because he didn’t know me & got a Pitcha of me from di Liyad Thieving Criminal Minded Law Breaker TEALEAVES.
Where the start of my Captivity began soon after coming back from burying Mama in July 2014. Then I was sent to HOC despite them saying they have concerns about my Mental Health. The rest of times I was at New Cross where the 1/2 wit Deputy Manager allows the Psychopath Hilda Miller to let me TRAP her in a room without any escape? The Stupid Gal don’t realise she was playing with her life if I was anything they wrote in those Statements!
So am waiting 4 the lifts when a couple who was in the surgery approached & asked me where in JA I am from? During our conversation it transpired they have been to Lucea Hanover & spent time in Negril! They rushed out of the revolving doors just in time 4 the lady to vomit at the side of a building… Recalled my Times +2 & couldn’t help but felt plzed 4 them!!! If I’d been any closer I may have offered my heartiest CONGRATULATIONS? A new generation is on the way & am sure every1 must be plzed as Punch!!!

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