Without Prejudices See Reviews On LEYF Website Samantha Jones Got Paid To Cover In Cohorts With HM Court Tribunals Service 7/9

ON THIS DAY 6 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard September 7, 2014·
To sister Janet & all the Mercy Clan I share ur grief at this sad time. RIP Mass Glen

PLEASE DON’T CLUTTER UP MY SIN TING WID UNUH CUSSID GAMES REQUESTS! ME NUH HAB TIME NOR SKELLION FI PLAY DEM DEH GAMES ARIGHT! I have bigger fish fi guh arta> I can cut me eyes pass dem 1’s who nuh know me, & I doan know dem… But unuh requests cuming dung me Stream & me getting Annoyed & Irritated now! Suh Mark Hoes don’t badda mek me Mad Head haffi guh tek Moi?

My Hubby AET is still proud of the fact that he can still do much by God’s precious grace & favours! Although he has admitted that he is no longer SUPERMAN…? He produced these Pears at his home in Wilson Rd Camberwell & the Runner Beans are in my Back Garden – Bermondsey! Wat di hell would I be doing wid sum LA GYM who wanted nutn betta dan fi cum nyam out me lickle MSA fi me Twilight Years?

Oh I got here & nearly forgot! Happy 22nd Birthday 2 my Nephew Jevon! Know what he was destined to be in the Footsteps of his GGP Cladius & GGU Terah CHAMBERS in the Height Department…? Love U loads my Nephew & I see soon I hope? XXX auntie Ratty!

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard was with Ervin Nembhard at Kendal Hanover Jamaica —
Shared with Friends of Album Contributors
LOVE is putting Ur Needs on the back Burner whilst U tend to the Needs of Others who are Important in Ur Life! I got my Mantra from my Beloved Parents & breda ASHTER who would give away their AH & try STHR

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with http://worldreferee.com/referee/valdin-legister/bio and 3 others
at Home UK.
Here’s the proof of all my hard wok & perseverance at conquoring any obstacles in my PATHS…
Trying to keep busy & focused to deal with the Strain & Pain of Waiting 4 NEWS?

Was telling the Man Alverie Michael Legister only this week dat I cleaned up my ACT – stop cussing, minding PB & generally keeping I self 2 I self…!!! He turned around & asked if me cuming 2 JA anytime soon…? & I asked wat kina r**s question dat U a asks me…? Him tun round & say but U just tell me dat U tap Cuss…? Well fi di Records U can tek Ratty outa JA, but U cyan tek JA outa Ratty! Was jus using me JA speak cauz the EX-Man took me by Surprise!!! But I have cum a long way since my Papa dreamt Balis about the BWC a Yard?

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