Without Prejudice Kate Middleton Is Party To LEYF Discrimination By Disregarding Reviews On Website During Mervelee Myers ET 7/9/20

ON THIS DAY 4 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard September 7, 2016·
Didn’t have http://SkyNews.co.uk so I make sure to get my Own Fotos. I am always getting in on the Acts? This was me promoting www.leyf.org.uk only for them to deny me the chance to advance in my Career months later when I was the only shortlisted Staff for post of Lead Early Years Practitioner www.ofsted.gov.uk. The RIH when I was Radicalised to be come the Lone Wolf who is exposing Corruptions via my ADVOCACY campaign FIGHT4JUSTICE!
My Trade mark Tie Head

TownheadBasicSchoolTeachers. I was one Basic School Teacher www.jbsf.org.uk. That’s why my FIGHT4JUSTICE is in full flow against LEYF & every corrupt Systems.

Navlette Dixon-Essor
My GodSister Ms Evelyn Blake-Frazier aka Ms U. We go way back to childhood & Ms Ida MacFarlane was our GodMother. This is where Ms Candy Goodin help me to get my foot on the Career Ladder in Early Childhood Education. TownheadWestmoreland to the World.
Navlette Dixon-Essor
Shout out to my cuz Ms Candy Goodin & God sister from the Townhead Basic School. Soon as I finish with the crosses dats LEYF I write a whole spread about them. Virtues must be extol.
Navlette Dixon-Essor

Taurus www.leyf.org.uk: Your star patterns are pointing to a major turning point leading to advancement in the next few months. If you want to switch jobs, go for promotion or take a leading role, now’s the time to apply. Call to hear when to avoid a falling out.
Here I am extolling the virtues of the Powers of the Medium that are Social Media. My Cousin Osbourne NEMBHARD made contact after I wrote on SM that my Grandpa was CHARLES NEMBHARD. If any1 else is interested in doing their Family Tree www.ancestrydna.co.uk & is interested these are the rest of names from my Grandpa Charles Siblings: William aka Bill – Old Hammer; Allan; Mrs Susan Fagan, Francis, Samuel & Henrietta aka Feddy (died 1942) aged abt 14 years.
Great grandpa was Thomas & Great grandma was Mary Hinton. Grandpa Charles outside children were: Vie, Seta, Greta & Austin.
1 of Samuel’s son was Joseph who lived in Portland. Selvin, Joseph’s breda is Myrna’s dad & if U can make contact with Myrna who lives in Kitson Town St Catherine. She is the Cousin with All the information about the NEMBHAD family. So get to her b4 all that info is gone. There was a Selwyn who emigrated to Cayman Island & there is a Kenneth & Joyce who are his children.
Myrna mentioned Goldings & Samuels so I believe they may be Grand auntie offspring.
Grandma Irene & Charles had 16 children & raised 13 to adulthood. Uncle Aretas was 1st, Papa 2nd & uncle Gredley last. I have names of 14 of the 16. I got most of this information from auntie Marty aka Evelyn Bailey who lives at St Dacre St Ann.
Anyone out there with information about my Granny Mrs Irene Mills-Nembhard I’d like them to make contact like my Cousin Osbourne did. I have a few names & places about Grandma to start with. It would be good to get that history documented for the future generations.
Now I am sorry I didn’t start taking notes when Papa was talking about his Family & doing his yearly Pilgrimage to Aberdeen St Elizabeth.
Ok have sum photos on my phone & can’t get them to my computer. I prefer to be in control. So have to go the hard way.

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