Without Prejudice I Have Chronic Anxiety Because No Medical Parkinson’s Diagnosis Imagine My Life Since Mum’s Death 6/9/2020?

4 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard September 6, 2016· Shared with Public
Urgently in need of an Editor. Just think of “Just a Minute – no hesitation or repetition. I am too close to the situation to act rational in providing the requirements. I don’t want anyone to believe that I am handing over my work for them to keep like the Employment Adviser at Advising London who couldn’t help me but thought I’d given her my Documents for keeping. Then there is the JA breda who will remain A-Nanny-Mouse? As Judge Robert Rinder would say “did you have a CONTRACT”? I had one with www.leyf.org.uk but they seem to have forgotten Section 1-33. My other Participant Observer Teacher/Learning source Daily www.express.co.uk make me realise TECH don’t LIE. So LB Ervin Nembhard we have to earn whatever is ours or it can be a matter of LOD? LEYF Contract Section 30. Change of Circumstances: You are required to notify the Organisation of any changes to your circumstances, including but not limited to your name, address, telephone number, next of kin, emergency contacts, bank details and right to work in the UK. After 5+ years LEYF change my Address, Lynne Kelly used under hand tactics to access my email & then my email was used for online DBS application. But best of all breach of Data Protection http://www.ico.org.uk. When I engage with the Print Media they report the News. Since no one is interested, I have my stories to share with the world.

Valdin Legister is with Naheel Julene Brown Legister and Mervelee Ratty Nembhard.
September 6, 2016 · Vancouver, BC, Canada ·
Good vibes…………

Taurus April 21 – May 21: Although a work or legal matter hits a sticking point midweek, property affairs could be a cause for celebrations. Romantically, things haven’t felt this good in a very long time.
I have to focus on this in light with what’s being happening in the background of my LIFE. Once more I am getting Stressed because of some unscrupulous persons with an axe to grind & their egos to boost. But I will be fighting the good fight with the 3 in 1 at my beck & calling. With Jesus in the vessel any1 can smile at the storms. I intend to get out of the Lion’s Den without so much as a scratch, much more being torn from limb to limb as is their AGENDA.
I am made of sterner stuff than they realised & Mama used fi sey “U haffi larn fi kiss Arse b4 U can kick it…” But I already done my fair share of allowing others to tek mi 2 Hands & 10 Fingers show God as fi dem & dere comes a time when enough is enough. Mi a guh put mi foot dung & any1 tink dem bad to watsitnot… Cum stan up pon mi foot fi purpose & nuh move & see wat mi a guh duh…!
Mi “Granny used fi say mi kotch up pon eyelash & if dem blink mi drop off”. Well mi deyah a tun Yard Gal eina Backra Massa/Missis Big Yard cause mi cawn duh betta. & if U han eina lion/tiger mouth U haffi tek time draw it out & nuh use brute force or else U loose dat han. Fire deh a Mouse-Mouse tail eh tink a cool breeze.
I was taught not to bite di hands dat feed mi, but at di same time I won’t mek any1 tek mi tun idiot & a VICTIM. I have Basic Human Rights like every other person. If U never did born yah, U a Squatter like mi who did born a JA. But because dem stop others from progress so they can kep dem perch pon top of di ladder doan mean dat fi mi GOD nuh see & know everything dat dem a duh to others fi mash dem dung.
Until I can mek other arrangements dem better come good cause I will be using every fibre of my being to prove dem wrong & ram dose negative discourses & languages dat dem use fi tag mi in order to blacken my good name & destroy my character back dung dem ignorant charlatan throats. By dem deeds U shall know dem.
So 4 all di MISS GI ORDERS dat trying fi wind mi up, I know how dem wuck. I have the example of mi brethren Jeptha aka Devon Chekko McIntosh from GaGa Street fi mek mark. Every October the wicked JA Police would come ready wid dem gun fi send him guh a jail. I am lucky that mine seems to follow the 7 years Bad Luck ting since mi cum to dis Land of Opportunity. But hear mi now dem will get wey wid dem Agenda ova mi Dead Body.

My name is E. Mervelee Myers-Tomlinson aka Ratty Nembhard. I doan suffer Intellectual Imbeciles gladly. When I went to college & studied at university, I was taught to use my initiatives. Now if I do any such thing I am accused of being dismissive of authority which might end up in a SANCTION & the discourses & languages added for good measures. But frankly I don’t gi a toss cause nuff a dem a Big Head Buds wid sawdust pack up in dem brains. Now I got rid of some of the stress, supn else need attending to….

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