Without Prejudice Facebook Google LinkedIn Are Terrorcells For LEYF And Cohorts Targetting Mervelee Myers After Mum’s Died

ON THIS DAY 4 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard September 6, 2016 ·London·
Mass Tom is on the verge of Dead-Man-Ding a DIE-Force because of the upheavals www.leyf.org.uk caused in my life after I got back from burying Mama in Jamaica. Transfer to BIB 23.7.2014 & my life change forever. LEYF must be charged under the Equality Act 2010, British Values 2014, Counter Terrorism Act 2015 & Modern Slavery Act 2015. Just tell Tom the UURICALE me is doing the WORK of the INCOMPETENT Institutionalised Corporate Psychopaths www.judicialombudsman.gov.uk Nothing can give back TOM & I what we have lost. He is on the verge of throwing in the towel after supporting me thus far. So I am going to get some by the Ed-Balls & don’t let go till I am Satisfied?

Hopefully the time will come when I pack mi BUNDLES & go a mi YARD!
The SYSTEMS ensuring am out by DISCRIMINATION https://www.gov.uk. Now I refuse to ponder to the Exploiters that think I should be a Professional Student for their Benefits!
Nelson Mandela
“South Africans have made tremendous sacrifices, and many have given their lives, to ensure that you have access to the best education your country can afford. … See More
Go Question LEYF why I am not included?

Nelson Mandela
“You can help educate the nation by participating in the activities of schools and protecting them from vandals, by supporting them, by working with teachers an… See More

Wondering if I am BLOCKED? Wat hapn to mi FILE after 5+ years? Do you always destroy Career & Lives with the REFERENCE because you have Friends in High Places & can get away with breach of all Laws, Legislation, Codes of Practices & Conducts? Will think of more going through the STATEMENTS!
LEYF Nurseries
Good morning, Facebook! It’s our weekly Q&A – today we’ll be answering any questions you might have about working with LEYF. Whether you’ve just finished your L… See More

Urgently in need of an Editor. Just think of “Just a Minute – no hesitation or repetition. I am too close to the situation to act rational in providing the requirements. I don’t want anyone to believe that I am handing over my work for them to keep like the Employment Adviser at Advising London who couldn’t help me but thought I’d given her my Documents for keeping. Then there is the JA breda who will remain A-Nanny-Mouse? As Judge Robert Rinder www.itv.com would say “did you have a CONTRACT”? I had one with LEYF but they seem to have forgotten Section 1-33. My other Participant Observer Teacher/Learning source Daily www.express.co.uk make me realise TECH don’t LIE. So LB Ervin Nembhard www.ancestrydna.co.uk we have to earn whatever is ours or it can be a matter of LOD? LEYF Contract Section 30. Change of Circumstances: You are required to notify the Organisation of any changes to your circumstances, including but not limited to your name, address, telephone number, next of kin, emergency contacts, bank details and right to work in the UK. After 5+ years LEYF change my Address, Lynne Kelly used under hand tactics to access my email & then my email was used for online DBS application. But best of all breach of Data Protection. When I engage with the Print Media they report the News. Since no one is interested, I have my stories to share with the world.

Valdin Legister is with Naheel Julene Brown Legister and Mervelee Ratty Nembhard.
September 6, 2016 · Vancouver, BC, Canada ·
Good vibes…………

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