All Disabilities Can’t Be Seen By Naked Eyes I Dealt With Mine Until 2 Miscarriages Of Justice 28

Here we go again as I have come to realise to my own tragedy how much I have become a statistic from the time I asked the South London Press to publish my story in May 2004 when I was defrauded by the Banking Institutions. That was then and this is now, because the media will not give you the time of day unless you are a celebrity. Let me make reference to the “PENSIONS ALERT £30millon stolen by scammers”. Then I must say how l have been using my to share information about how I have been targeted the past six years. But no one is paying attention as I have giving access to my account from 18/9/2015. I have since had refuses me access to my account on behalf of Now I must add to the list of INTERNET CYBER BULLIES that targeted me.

Here we go again so I was here today when the person from called to chat. As I had already worked out this was only tokenism. I told the young lady after getting cross that I would be writing to Housing For Women to help in breaking down the barriers that is leaving someone who wants to make a difference tied to contingent Policies and Procedures that making it impossible to help those needing support. That’s another reason why I have given up participating in the groups. I am only a number for those using me to get ahead. For example after participating in I am sure the exclusions and rejections are not a figment of my imagination.

Here we go again so after what’s been happening with the trolling on and removing my posts from Facebook Memories. I will share where am coming from with with in 2012. There were websites sharing my publications. One such publications I know more about Parkinson’s disease than most… 3/4/2015 when I was sent on Medical Suspension in breach of the Equality Act 2010. This was updated “My Personal Experiences of Parkinson’s disease – Updated 17/8/2017 I will wrap up saying and will want to use my SERVICE!

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