I Could Easily Say I Know God Take Me On This Journey To Find My Purpose But I Will Be Gracious 28

Testimony from the Launch of King Arthur’s New Album, OVER COMER. By Mervelee Myers

July 29, 2013 at 9:14 AM

 God is indeed the OVERCOMER by Mervelee Myers

God works Magic in my Life: God is indeed the OVERCOMER! This time I did not have dreams as a marker, but from the moment I was invited to an event I can chart some wonderful changes in my life. As I flit in and out of FB the last month or so and this advert keeps cropping up I was still undecided although I’d mentioned it to my friend Joyce. Therefore when another event was advertised for the same date our intentions were to attend that one since it was part of our annual outing for Courtney Melody’s Birthday salute.

However, the crux of the matter is I believe we were not destined to miss this event as we could not get hold of tickets for CM BD bash after several attempts. So, finally on Saturday morning we were sure we would be attending King Arthur as the decision was conclusive. Joyce and I decided to leave out a bit earlier than usual since we did not pre-booked and have no clue where we were going. Meeting up as planned I was at the designated spot with a minute to spare, because I am a stickler for time and do not keep Jamaica time in the UK. Joyce came a little later and we got the bus and were on the way to New Cross.

But since I am a dumb-dumb when it comes to mathematics, directions and a few more matters that I do not wish to go into at this time. We got off the bus and turned the wrong way even though Joyce had her gadget with her Google map. We went this way and that way to no avail, until a nice young man pointed us in the right directions. One of the adages I learnt from home is never to rely on any one to give you directions as you are more likely to run into a total stranger at the most crucial time when you needed the information most urgently. But because Joyce said she’d checked her Google map on her phone I never bother to get my A-Z out to make sure of the route?

Luckily the umbrella was in the handbag, another of the item one should not leave home without no matter the weather. Whilst we are walking around asking directions the rains came, but we continued on the journey as we must have indeed being soldiers for God? Take it from me never leave home with the intentions of relying on strangers for directions, because you will never be on your way rejoicing? Luckily for us we heeded Stitchy’s advice to wear our size, so had comfy flats on. We had asked so many people for directions and Joyce had her Google map, but we were not getting anywhere fast? As we were about to throw in the towel and called it a day, I crossed the road and popped into a little corner shop.

Bingo and God please bless the little Asian bloke as he was as good as gold and kindly got his phone to give us the directions we needed. He sent us on our way rejoicing that we had overcome the obstacle of not being able to find our way. Well I am beginning to think that these two warriors of God who refused to give in had defeated satan’s plans to keep us away from hearing his wondrous words. Crossing the park Joyce recalled seeing Woodpecker Rd on her Google map and turned back to enter there in. We saw a bloke who directed us or else no doubt we may have missed the church again?

Things were going well indeed when satan decided to launch another attack, but the congregation led by Dr Lona Copeland-Blake did not make fun to banish him/her from whence he/she had cometh? Di devil waan cum mash up Massah JESUS plans for us Sinners. Although I have not listened to the album yet, I know there is tract on it called Over-Comer and King Arthur did give us a taste. Well the entire congregation did exactly what it said on the album and sent the devil/satan scuttling back to his/her hiding place with his#her mighty fire extinguished and his#his tail between his/her legs.

We were left to give praises to JESUS/GOD/JEHOVAH/JAH in true style!!! Well I have being truly blessed and in my heart am still singing. My Papa would be so proud of my performance to Jehovah Jesus. Now time to seek out that calling that I hear coming my way? The Mighty name of God will forever be praised comes what may!!!4411 Comments2 SharesLikeCommentShare

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

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