Inefficient Or Dishonest Administration Is Norm At CLCC

The County Court at Central London

Central London

Royal Courts of Justice

Thomas More Building


London WC2A 2LL

Claim Number: F03CL937

Mrs Mervelee Myers – Claimant

Barrister Samantha Jones – Defendant


I would like to bring to the attention of The County Court at Central London that owing to the Institutional Discrimination by the Judiciary of England and Wales and Legal Entity, I have come to the following conclusions.

LISTING POLICY: Why in 2020 the CLCC narrative is not reflective of inclusion? The impression I am getting is only males can be Senior Judges. Can this be clarified please before the Hearing listed for 2 September 2020. This is one of the reasons Barrister Jones is using as her Defence Arguments.

I am confused by what is meant “Every effort will be made to ensure that your case is heard at this or another convenient court”.

After the shambles of the ET/EAT why am I told that if it is not possible to provide a judge to hear my case, the court and Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Service will not be responsible for any costs incurred in the absence of any departure from listing policy due to maladministration.

Collins Pocket Dictionary Meaning/Definition of Maladministration: N – inefficient or dishonest administration. Let me bring to the attention of the CLCC that this the second miscarriage of justice. Refer to The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds by Dr Maria Hudson. Recently Judgement was passed, and I have not received my money. But I am expected to pay to abort the claims and told by the Court Enforcement Service Ltd that Barrister Ryan Clement is a Career Criminal. It makes no sense me contacting a solicitor. I should not be doing anything but collecting my money. Just be aware that the Claim is one of those sent to the CLCC. I am holding the CLCC responsible for all the CLAIMS coming before them. The CLCC is already telling me that it is inefficient or dishonest in dealing with me as a VULNERABLE person before the date.

I have no problems with the over running of cases. However, I want it taken into consideration that I have disabilities. Refer to Subject Access Request. I am also a Carer. I have Reasonable Adjustment from if needed.

Adjournment: This matter is dragging on and taking a toll on my health. Therefore, am not interested in any adjournment. I want this matter over and done with. Samantha Jones acted unprofessionally to get an adjournment which was referred to as unfortunate illness. But my Medical Reports were Hidden by Judge Freer and Judge Shanks said I made up DISABILITIES. Is this Special Enough Reasons?

ACCESSABILITY: I find it ironic that this question is asked and am expected to provide an answer about PHYSICAL DISABILITY. However, let me comply before I am accused of all manner of DISCRIMINATION and threatened with CRIMINAL RECORD to exacerbate my PHYSICAL and MENTAL disabilities. Refer to Considering the above about what the ET/EAT done to me. I am appalled that I must be subjected to this. What evidence will I have to provide when/if I call Customer Service Team on 0300-123-5577?

FILING OF SKELETON ARGUMENTS AND TRIAL BUNDLES: Can CLCC make clear about CIRCUIT JUDGE as I do not have a clue what this is about. I am even more confused than when I started.

Email and Fax: If my treatment by the EAT is anything to go by, I am dreading how much my DISABILITIES will be triggered by the 2 September 2020. What with the above about dishonesty the accepted NORMS.

Just so the CLCC know I have done GDPR training. I have applied for Subject Access Request. Because claimed not to have any data for me. I am waiting on for a response to my COMPLAINT. Because the DEFENDANT is using correspondence from BSB as part of the DEFENCE.

Please Note: Can I ask the CLCC to stop confusing me as this can trigger my traumas.  

Yours truly Mervelee Myers

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