Creating Mervelee Myers Legacies For Future Generations Of My Family 14/6/2020

4 years ago

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Valdin Legister. June 14, 2016 at 11:37 PM · 

Another Social Media SM break before Bed! Now it’s the turn of my Sister YOUVONNEY only Papa used to say You-Vonnie. Updates: Find her on What did I know about my Sister? Absolutely nothing except Papa talking about You-Vonnie which was not of much interests to me at the time. But then YOUVONNEY became of much interests when I was clearing GanGan House & came across all these Birth Certificates including my Sister’s. The others of interests were for Saunders Roy & Joyce. My grandma’s nieces and nephew.
Everything was pushed at the back of my mind for the next 30+ years until I came across more Papers when I a clearing out Mama’s House. Wow I came across a Treasure Throve, that practically told me most of my History. Any how I must thank big breda Mass Balis & Ms Connie for filling most of the blanks in 2014. I already heard most of Papa’s History, but not much of Mama’s.
I only realised how certain things were important to my Mama when she told me about the Banny/Claudie Boys Spanish- Panyah Jar story. Yes it was true or Mama would not have told me. Mama did not talk much about her History except some of the people she was related to. She was a stickler for me not to get involved with any of my family in case of Cross Breeding and the Pickney dem turn IDIOTS. But Papa did tell us about his FAMILY, he was a STORYTELLER.
So back to my Sister Youvonney who was born November 1948 & lived to age 5 or 6 according to breda Balis. She died in the arms of her Cancer stricken Grandfather Mass Claudius of an Epileptic Fit or Seizures as some called it & I am sure there might have been talk bout Duppy too?
Mass Balis said they called her White Woman or Pinky & I know for obvious reasons. She was one of the High Coloured ones in our Family. So if she had lived we would be chalk & cheese & probably beautiful & petite like Papa? Well she never survived & I did miss having my Big Sister YOUVONNEY to share those Girlie Growing Up Moments with. I loved every moments growing up as Little & Big Sister anyway.
Gosh I wished I knew more about my Sister, but I will have to be satisfied with what Big Breda Mass Balis told me. Know some will or some won’t understand why I have to come write Gibberish, but this is my outlet… All the BOOKS I have in me I am not sure any will get written. So when U get supn fi Free, mi aguh mek use a it?

When U start wondering yes they are my 2 Sons. We have Multiply Identities like the JA Motto Out of many one People – Legister/Murray/NEMBHARD. Family are a Blessing. Hope my LB – Little Brother is taking Lessons in FH – Family History from BS – Big Sister? Love all my FAMILY/Friends with Genuine LOVE 101%. Please don’t ask me how to work it out or I might have to be biased?45Valdin Legister, Pauline Brown and 43 others9 Comments4 SharesShare

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