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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is thinking about my future with Valdin Legister in London, United Kingdom. June 13, 2017 · 

Carer’s Week: 12th June 2017

Making my Implicit Knowledge Explicit In Honour of My Mother

Just realise from watching the news on ITV that we are celebrating Carer’s Week and after my ordeals in the early hours of this morning from which I am only now just recovering from, I know this is the topic I should be focusing on. Yes I am amongst the statistics in my role as a Carer getting paid to care for my husband from the Department for Work and Pensions – DWP under the Universal Credit.

I am no stranger to caring as I have carried out the roles of informal and formal carer from the time of my youth.
I can say without a doubt that I have been an informal carer from the time my youngest sibling Ervin Nembhard was born on the 11th November 1966. This continue into the time when my Father was struck down with Parkinson’s disease before he was 50 years old. I became a Mother during my teenage years, until the time my Father and Grandma died a month of each other in February to March 1980. I worked as a Teaching Assistant as part of the National Youth Service. Then I worked as a Basic School Teacher preparing children for transitions to Primary School.

Arriving in the United Kingdom June 1992, I worked with Cleaning Contractors before doing a Care Assistant Course. But because when I’d done the practical for obtaining the qualification certificates at a Local Care Setting, it brought back memories of my experiences, I went back to doing cleaning. That was until I was drawn to my calling when I worked at the #BBC in Shepherd’s Bush. I was cleaning the children’s toilets when I realise that the Workplace Nursery was offering the same kind of service like what I’d done as a Basic School Teacher.

During a loll when the Contract was in the process of been changed, I made the decision that was to change my life forever. I decided to enrol for College to gain qualifications to change my job prospects. I was never privileged to be a Graduate before and that’s what I became after two years studying at Lambeth College. Since my stories are already documented on Google, let me get on with my reflections on the role of being a Carer.
I am reflecting on the life of my Mother because she was an Informal Carer for most of her life from she was a Young Lady. She cared for her Father who had Stomach Cancer Awareness. During the time when she was caring for her Father, she lost her other Daughter to Epilepsy -Fits. She had a baby who was poorly and at the same time she was pregnant with her fifth child. Years later her husband was struck down with Parkinson before the age of fifty years old and was sick for the next ten (10+) years.

Shock horrors of horrors mum’s brother was brutally murdered because of his work and her mother take her son’s death to heart and did not come out of her house after the funeral of her son. She succumbed to another Stroke leaving her dependent on her daughter to care for her. So mum was left caring for her husband and her mother until they died a month of each other. I am forced to examine my own life circumstances because of my experiences in two workplaces after experiencing Bereavement. The first time was when I lost my breda to Colon Cancer during the time I was finishing my studies with the The The Open University.

I was tagged, labelled, stereotyped, marginalised and left feeling that I had changed into a monster. The trouble is, I could not recognise that person they were saying I had become. So I self-referred to Occupational Health working in the NHS. I was passed fit to go back to work, but by this time I had set myself up as a target for challenging social injustices and inequalities – Discrimination. When no one take heed of my concerns I decided to stand up for what I believed in and take my case to the Employment Tribunal. But I ended up the loser and the impacts that triggered the Chronic Anxiety into full blown Mental Health Issues worsen later.

Because I was punished by the #establishments and the #systems for taking a stance. I could not get a job despite applying for and attending interviews. I was eventually interviewed by Dr Maria Hudson – University of Essex The Research Paper: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds for the Policy Studies Institute, University of Westminster was done on behalf of: Acas Research & Evaluation Programme – Publications:

Although I remembered the interview with Dr Maria Hudson, I am not aware that this evidence of my ordeals was out in the Public Domain until I decided to do research for my first book about MQ: Transforming mental health and I am gobsmacked. I must credit Jtfoxx for empowering me to become aware about the Intellectual Properties I have out in Cyberspace because I signed up for a free training. I have since attended Gerry Robert and meet Pa Joof at a Tony Robbins free training. Most of all I was privileged to meet my coach Winsome Duncan at one of these free training workshops.

My Fight4justice campaign was born out of my experiences in yet another workplace – LEYF Nurseries. This happened after I got back from burying my MOTHER and transferred to a new sight on the 23rd July 2014. The rest of my story is history. I have since realised that in sharing my experiences through my writing, my stories are featured on

In summary I would like to say the more I am empowering myself with knowledge, the more I will be able to help others to avoid the pitfalls that cause me to end up in the situation I now find myself. Coping with Mental Health Issues despite having them under control from the time of my childhood when I develop them resulting from TRAUMA.

Discrimination triggered and exacerbated the conditions to the point where I have to get counselling at the Maudsley Hospital. I have benefitted from the counselling on the advice of the Occupational Health Doctor that the former employers sent me to when they sent me on #MedicalSuspension to get me out of my job. Please be aware of how employers write the #Fineprint in their Contract to use the contingent Policies Procedures and Criterion of #Disciplinary, #Grievances and #Breach of Policies againgst Employees. The Doctor advised me to get Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT to find out why I behave and react to some situations the way I do.
Counselling helped me to answer some of the questions that caused the TRAUMA from I reached Puberty.

I am convinced without a shadow of a doubt that my MOTHER experienced a number of Mental Health Conditions from the time she lost a part of her thumb doing chores to help her parents. On doing my Research and looking at the types of Disease or Mental Health Conditions, I can say that my Mother suffered from a few. But I am positive she was unable to put a name to any of them.

Anyway she wasn’t much of a talker and keep pretty much everything to herself excepting when she talked to her Best Friend. Everyone Needs a Best Friend with whom they can talk about matters that may impact on their lives. It is a forgone conclusion that “Stigma is attached to Mental Health…”. “Black Caribbean women were/are labelled as aggressive…” according to (Dr M, Hudson, 2012) in the research she carried on for ACAS on behalf of the Policy Studies Institute. Claimant interviews: A #NurseryNurse in Public Sector. Claimant’s interviews were conducted face-to-face and lasted up to 90 minutes (in one case 2 hours – Page 9).

That’s why I refuse to jump on bandwagons when it comes to the bureaucratic red tape and rhetoric attached to certain Mental Health campaigns like the Daily Express, or any other platforms. Reasons these are run by friends in high places and the cliques with which they surround themselves – celebrities with the knowledge and money to benefit from the systems. I am no longer working despite telling my former employers that work keeps me going.

I am now a Carer for my husband and I know with time I would have to give up the job to take on this role. But the way they have gone about destroying my Mental Health in order that they can ruin my life to say I am a caricature of the person they would like me to be as they tagged me is akin to a Crime against the #RulesofLaw.

I can honestly say although I am just reading (Dr Maria Hudson, 2012) Research Paper for Claimants between 2007 and 2010 at the Employment Tribunals. I have everything charted in my Case Documents #MYERS_V_LEYF at the Employment Tribunals February 28 to 3rd March 2017. But you know what my biggest bug bear is, nothing was done to implement any of the recommendations coming out of the Research Paper. So I was left to defend myself from predators like UNISONLondon Borough of Southwark SEND Section, the #LSB, and Capsticks, Wimbledon. This have resulted in my RACISM Claim being strike out after it was sent back for reviews, because the powers that be refuse to act when concerns are raised.

Now my next project is to go do my research about some of these professionals who think they are above the Rules of Law and taking one lay person like me for an idiot.

Conclusion: Anyone no matter who can be affected by Disease or Mental Health Conditions. Like me some of these conditions start in Childhood. If not treated with #earlyinterventionstrategies that I used to manage and control my conditions, they can lead to serious implications.
The Department for EducationOfsted, the Nursery World Magazine and every other organisation is jumping on the bandwagons with some of them procrastinating and having photos with Politicians, but I am my own brand. Thats why the psychopaths at LEYF was trying to provoke me to commit Criminal Acts to get me out of my job.

They were even willing to put their organisation into disrepute by sending me to #HOC when they claim they have concerns about my MENTAL HEALTH – Mental Health Act 1983.

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