Mervelee Myers Been Writing As Therapy From Dad Was Stricken With Parkinson’s 13/6/2020

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is thinking about my future with Lucyanna Hiscock in London, United Kingdom. June 13, 2017 · 

I Am An AUTHOR about to Publish my 1st BOOK!

I am taking a stanch for my knowledge, values and beliefs with my Fight4justice campaign as an advocate. I faced discrimination in two workplaces over a period from 2003-2008 and 2009-2015.

I spent the next time from I was forced to resign from my job on the 27th September 2015 fighting the #establishments and the #systems to clear my name, and get back to my healthy lifestyle. Despite suffering with Mental Health Issues from childhood, I was in control and managed my Disabilities.
That’s until they were triggered and exacerbated in 2004 when I was defrauded of my money and the Banking Institutions coluded to brand me a FRAUDSTER. So I get published in the South London Press, when no other media wanted to help me tell my story. Then I take the bank to the Financial Ombudsman Service for compensation and stood up to the bullies.

In 2008 when I was finishing up my studies at the The Open University, I was hit with a number of experiences starting with the sudden death of my brother from Colon Cancer at the age of only 56 years old. I had previously had a Cancer Scare, so that pushed me over the edge. But then I was accused of all manner of evils in the workplace, that I began to question my Sanity, I have a history of Mental Health Issues in my family.

But I did not recovery from the grief of the tragedy that caused my breda to commit a Criminal Act and go sit in the Church waiting for the Police to take him. He died in Prison on his own without seeing his family. So before I went and do anything that I could regret, I self-referred to the Occupational Health at King’s College Hospital. The rest of my story is history. But doing my research I realised I have been exonerated, as I told Dr Maria Hudson from the Policy Studies Institute in 2010.

I have just discovered the Research Paper: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds Ref: 01/12. Acas Research & Evaluation Programme. Publications:, by #Dr_MariaHudson.

So yes I am discovering that investing in myself with Addwords have certainly paid dividends. My WRITING about my experiences through my talents and creativity are featured on Google at in cyberspace.
So the mantra I have taken from the Daily Express Columnist “Tech Don’t Lie” is indeed indicitive of what I have been saying all along. The former employers, the establishments and the systems have been using my #CPPDP and #IntellectualProperties to build their BRANDS and refusing to share the benefits.

Then when I pose threats to their incompetence, they make allegations to ruin my life. That’s why I have taken the two former employers to the Employment Tribunal even when I am a lay person. The first time they get away, but this time I am waiting on the outcome as I know I put in the hard work and empowered myself to show up Criminal Minded Psychopath.

Anyone can chose to treat me like an idiot at their perils. That’s why I keep the copyrights to all my work now. Therefore when LEYF Nurseries get Facebook to block me, I am getting everything on my USB over time. When LinkedIn decided to exclude me from the Nursery World Magazine Forum, and the editor #LizRoberts delete my comments without finding out my arguements for posting them, I will act.

When Voice: the union for education professionals can still be taking my money that I am working at BIB, I will be going after the thieves. When Advising London can tell me I don’t have a case, I will be even more determined. When Community Playthings UK can change to aid and abet LEYF with the discrimination, I am going after my intellectual properties.
When HCT learning centreResources for AutismLondon Borough of Southwark SEND Section can continue with the discrimination they colluded with to trigger my Mental Health in 2008, I will get them.
As for the Department for Work and Pensions – DWP that conspire to leave me homeless and causing my RACISM Claim not to be accepted, I am planning for them. As for the HMRC that claim they did not know about me, yet breached the Human Rights Act 1998 and Data Protection Act 1998 by doing what #LEYF done, I will decide my next moves.
As for the trolls and naysayers, don’t worry, I have them all covered under the blood of JESUS. Notice I hardly CUSS BAD WUDS again. Because of an ignorant idiot BBC_IG they are recorded for research purposes about Passive-aggressive behavior. Well Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper document about the “Stigma attached to Mental Health and how organisational stereotypes of Black Caribbean Women as #Aggressive…”.
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