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Let me show you what my coach Winsome Duncan: Author & Public Speaker is getting up to. Where are the following: Metropolitan Police ServiceDepartment for Work and Pensions – DWPHMRCEmployment Tribunal ServiceChelsea Ladies Football ClubLondon Borough of SouthwarkSafeguarding ChildrenLocal Educational AuthorityMental Health FoundationMQ: Transforming mental health, et al…? By not acting about concerns that’s why we have the level of discrimination taking place.

This was taken from an email sent to me by Winsome Duncan, my former coach. She set up her Employment Barrister #RyanClement to scam me and the rest is history. Because of the judgement that the Employment Tribunal placed online after they colluded with LEYF Nurseries to discriminate against me and ruin my life.

Why do books never get written?

Did you know that 7 out of 10 people would like to write a book? Unfortunately, only 20% of those people will ever complete a manuscript for publication. Why is this? It is such a shame that many stories in the hearts of mankind will go unread. The main culprit is TIME STEALERS! Would be authors create the grand illusion of there not being enough time and stay on sidelines, content with their excuses and never move out of their comfort zone.

The first problem new writers are facing today is learning the discipline of sitting down to write their books. The second most challenging thing is not having a clue on how to start the process of structuring a book. If you are finding it hard to focus and commit pen to paper, then we have the solution for you wrapped inside our EXCLUSIVE 24-hour book writing formula workshop.

Decide now to be a part of the 20% of authors who actually make it onto a bookshelf. Learn our EXCLUSIVE 24-hour book writing formula, to help you beat procrastination and write the quality, informative book that you have always dreamed of.

Remember all entries will be assessed by our expert writers, after a review of short questions a confirmation email of acceptance will be emailed. If we think that this workshop is not a right fit for your book, a full refund will be issued. As always, we experience a high demand for this service and spaces are limited, do BOOK EARLY to avoid disappointment. Let’s see if you fit the criteria and eligibility for our ‘Just Write It’ workshop.


Who should attend this workshop?
1. Busy entrepreneurs
2. Time poor individuals
3. First-time authors
4. Focused and committed candidates
5. Authors who have chosen a theme for their book
6. Businessmen and women
7. Those who want to write a precise informative book
8. Authors with a small collection of short stories are welcomed

This workshop is not for…
1. Those who want to write a lengthy autobiography
2. Authors who are uncertain of what they want to write
3. Slow writers who like to take their time to write
4. Candidates who cannot make the time to write for a total of 24 hours (in bite-sized chunks)
5. No novels
6. No research books

We Publish Books –

1. You can create and earn an extra income.
2. In your business, you can upsell your products and services.
3. Achieve and accomplish your lifelong goal of writing a book.
4. Imagine completing your book and be on route to publishing it in 30 days or less.
5. Writing a book gives you instant Expert recognition and appeal.
6. Your book is a calling card for your business services.
7. Expand your marketing opportunities.
8. You will gain credibility among your peers and network.
9. Increase your speaking engagements at conferences and seminars.
10. Leave a legacy in the British Library legal deposit for generations to come.

We Publish Books –

Winsome Duncan – Book Confidence Coach and ‘Just Write It’ Project Manager

Meet entrepreneur and the Founder of Peaches Publications Winsome Duncan, she is passionate about books and is a bestselling author with eight books in her repertoire. Winsome is an awarding entrepreneur and a sitcom writer for ‘Keeping Up With The Brokers’. Her work has featured on BBC iPlayer, SKY &BBC LONDON. As a motivational speaker, Winsome was trained by multi-millionaire renowned speaker Mr Les Brown and the UK top speaker Mr Andy Harrington – Jet Set Speaker. Her books are highly acclaimed, they have received national press and media coverage and has been endorsed by former Minister of Justice Sir Simon Hughes.

Teju Chosen – Book Mentor and ‘Just Write It’ Assistant Project Manager

Career Coach, Teju Chosen Da Poet is a Master’s educated Writer who is Author of the forthcoming book, “HOW TO GET PAID MORE THAN YOUR BOSS” and CEO of Exceptional Coaching Ltd. She is also a Poet, Playwright and Book Mentor who has held Writing workshops in Prisons (including running a magazine in HMP Wandsworth), Schools, Universities and Mental Health Institutes. Teju can inspire and encourage anyone to accomplish their writing goals with the tips, feedback and techniques she has acquired over 20 years.

Literally PR
Securing press coverage for your book is paramount when you first published. It can feel quite overwhelming when you do not know where to start. We are sure you will agree once you publish your book, you need the means to get it in front of your readers. Our exceptional public relations partners Literally PR, will be joining us and to help you understand the importance of promoting your book and raising your profile in press, television and online social media. Peaches Publications, have joined forces with one of the top book PR companies in the UK, to help make your book become more visible online and within the public domain.

We Publish Books –

Don’t take our word for it, check out our previous authors who attended our workshops:
Meet our wonderful authors and workshop attendees. They have gone on to write and publish their books, earn an extra income and raise their brand profile. Have a listen to what they have to say about…

THE WORKSHOP CONTENT – ‘Just Write It’ – How To Write Your Book In 24 Hours
Identifying the key elements your story
– Understanding your target audience
– Choosing your title and subtitle
– Embedding our industry standard contents page
– Discussing book cover concepts
Building the framework chapters of your book
– Devising-chapter headings
– Writing down the skeleton of your story
– Just Write It
How to write your story – Committing pen to paper
– Learn techniques to speed up the book writing process
– Just Write It
– Create a book action plan with key timeframes for manuscript completion and publishing date

After the workshop finishes, we will still offer our support in the following ways:

• WhatApp support group for up to 30 days after the workshop.
• 2 FREE follow up webinars sessions with Teju Chosen and Winsome Duncan.
• You can book additional Book Confidence Coaching sessions with Winsome Duncan.
A minimum of two 60 minute sessions apply.

What you need to bring and know….
1 Please bring a laptop or a notepad, with pens. We recommend notepad with pens to connect with the energy signature of your book. NO IPADS OR TABLETS!
2 Please bring a packed lunch or you can go out and eat in the surrounding area.
3 Check out some of our testimonials: here:

4 Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred to another date.
If you have read the whole content, one thing we know for sure is you are serious about writing your book and acquiring further knowledge. Well done and congratulations you are streets ahead of other authors. Thank you for your precious time, we appreciate you and we look forward to welcoming you on your book writing journey.
Best wishes,
The Peaches Publications Team
We Publish Books –

Happy writing.

The Peaches Publications Team

Winsome Duncan
CEO Peaches Publications
“We Publish Books”

T: 07944455010

Opening times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 10am – 6pm
Closed on: Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard will end by saying, be sure that the people who are using your #brand are doing so legally. Certainly you don’t want to be associated with the likes of Winsome Duncan who joined in to discriminate against a person when they are at their lowest, in terms of having disabilities that they help to trigger and exacerbated?

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