LinkedIn Discrimination18 July 2019

Mervelee Myers
Here is a list of some of the terrorists involved in the discrimination of Mervelee Myers after set out to destroy my career and life after the death of my mother.
1. The must give account for all that was allowed to take place during the 2 miscarriages of Mervelee Myers in the Uk.
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Hi Mervelee,

529 people looked you up in the last 90 days. See who they are with a free month of LinkedIn Premium. Updates by Mervelee Myers 18/7/2019: What the terrorist at LinkedIn needs to find out is why 529 people looked me up in the last 90 days?  

Don’t miss out on your chance to meet your next employer, customer, or business partner. Updates 2019: Is LinkedIn saying what evil Liz Roberts said when she sent me an email? That they are not aware of the way ruined my career and destroyed my life? All they need to do is look at my publications from June 2012.   
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Here are some documents that will be of interests: 1. Scan_20171216 (2) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
Angela and the LinkedIn Premium team