Tech Don’t Lie via Facebook – 13/7/2018

The Equality Act 2010 & GDPR 25th May 2018

It’s official I speak, read and write English and Patios (Patwah) Edited 13/7/2018
Wat a gwaan? Time fi bring supn up2date. Mek dem tan di wid dem drawers (knickers/underpants) a show. You nuh see di man dem tek ova, sometimes mi wawn tell dem fi pull up dem trousers. If it was when mi coulda run…? But dese days we can’t run from gun (what is happening with Facebook community standard?) See di crablouse dem tun pon Raheem Sterling. Does the fact he was born in Jamaica have anything to do with this kind of reporting from the newspapers? Refer to to understand why, I am asking the question.
Pure badmind and grudgeful cause dis. Put mi in mind of LEYF Nurseries,  The Department for Work and Pensions – DWP, After the DWP make an utter fool of the government, blundering their way with the implementations of the universal credit. They started breaching the Rules of Law. When challenged they send for me to do interview to stop me sorting my EAT. The DWP got away with me not been able to prepare my Racism claims Using underhand tactics in denying me my basic human rights.
The DWP overstepped the boundaries just as the Windrush Generation stories were making headline news. Threatening me with criminal record, if I did not attend their interview. I attended the interview and give them my questionnaire. I am still waiting to hear from them. However they have gone one step further by breaching the GDPR. Here is how the DWP went about behaving like Robert Mugabe and other despot leaders. Access Denied You don’t have permission to access “” on this server. Reference #18.d6d3dead.1530619220.d9f948.
It is obvious that the DWP have not done trainings with staff about the GDPR. Ms Barbara Clarke didn’t know what is is/was. Niether did she know that HMRC, is the acronym for Her Majesty Revenue and Custom. The HMRC breach the Human Rights Act and Data Protection Act when they went into to use my data for their own unscrupulous plots. I have the correspondences just in case any individual, organisations, establishments, systems and Legal Entity is going to question my credibility. Or even my status re prestige.
There were plots orchestrated by my former employers LEYF to deny me my entitlement not to be discriminated against. But this goes back even further when I experienced my first nervous breakdown in a toxic workplace. I was part of That’s why I am challenging anyone who decides to collude in discrimination of vulnerable employees. These are some that are cohorts of the former employers LEYF. Voice: the union for education professionals, London, whose Employment Solicitor wanted to keep my documents despite not giving me advice to help me. I get more advice from the person who directed me to her than what she gave me.
That’s why I know to use “Without Prejudice” because I have no legal trainings excepting my research. Nursery World Magazine, editor Liz Roberts began a campaign from the time they excluded me from the Nursery World Forum on where I used to make contributions. I was asked for advise about my Homemade Books and Jamaican dialect. But I bide my time and waited. But worse was to come when I was targeted by 2 young white men at the in 2017. In 2018 I was assaulted by a young white girl at the same venue. This was provoking me to act unprofessionally.
When the plot backfired, the next day the CEO MBE June O’Sullivan put her plot into action. Little did they know it too was doomed for failure. She has started going about confessing, but she will have to answer at the enquiry into the running of the Early Years Sector that I am calling for in the petition. Because the Employment Appeals Tribunal, will not get away with the caveat they are imposing on me.  It ws the Occupational Health Doctor who LEYF sent me to when they trying to dismiss me from my job as unfit for work advise me. She advise me to get Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to find out why I react to situations they way I do. This counselling was done at
Bates Wells Braithwaite, decided to become a thorn in my flesh once the ET reserve judgement was online. The must have forgotten about my Open Letter? But nothing surprises me these days about how unscrupulous some are willing to become. I am hoping they get the message, finally after getting Facebook and Twitter Legal Team to contact me? Because Facebook obviously did not seem to have read my response and that I keep challenging them each time they breach the GDPR. UNISON, is one of the most corrupt of unions. Everywhere you go, you here stories of how UNISON discriminate and sell out their members to the employers.
I have since gotten back in touch when they overturned the government law to charge employee fee to take employers to the Employment Tribunal. Of course they are using the get out claus. Capsticks, Wimbledon, will be getting the treatment like the others and I will make sure find the website since Facebook lock me out of my account.  HCT Group, that make me part of their statistics of 1 in 5 suicides are associated with unemployment in Impact Report 2016 Changing Time, Lasting Impact p.9 did not allow me to do the training to get back into employment. Connex Education, et al… were some of the cohorts of LEYF that treated me like an idiot. I make sure to put my concerns in writing. That makes it clear that I refuse to be discriminated against by bigots.
Have to make sure Winsome Duncan: Author & Public Speaker, gets her pound of flesh. After that email response about black tearing down another. I have the misfortune to meet up some of the most ungrateful black people in my life since I come to the UK. They will cut your throat before the water warm. Winsome Duncan the Likkle rass bloated thief a plan big sinting a posh hotel. The Millennium Gloucester Hotel, where famous people like JT Foxx Fan Page, Gerry Robert, Andy Harrington – Jet Set Speaker, et al keep their sessions. So Winsome Duncan must be rolling in the money after she was groomed by how to scam the vulnerable.
I intend to take her to Judge Rinder to collect the money she scammed me for my book. And the rest that she borrowed with her sob stories. I have since had confirmation from the “Proofreader” that my book have potentials. But I will leave that until my return. I am only hoping the powers that be at Chelsea Football Club, London Borough of Southwark, will act about her criminal and terrorist activities? I am back in touch with the Police. Therefore I am looking for to be investigated properly.  I will be ensuring there is no breach of safeguarding to raise concerns when it come to vulnerable children or even adults.
She take me off my Facebook as adminstrator for, but still nothing was done after rasining concerns to Facebook. But the GDPR is very much here since the 25th May 2018. Only hope the Metropolitan Police Service and the other UK government Services will be waiting for her the same way they rush to my house to section me after the malicious report? The same way they at the DWP have been hounding me to come for interview. The same way they said they don’t know of me at my address and giving me different names. The same way the Ministry of Justice UK and the Employment Tribunal Law is making a monkey of the Rules of Law.
Please make sure to read my post from the 29th May 2014. Then #JudgeFreer, #MsFennel and #MrDixon will know that what they have written in the online judgement at mean that they have been properly hoodwinked by the criminals at LEYF who are Modern Slavery Masters and Mistresses.
Now Facebook is making an arse of themselves as they have allowed money to let them change from what was/is the focus of Facebook when it was launched. Bringing people together across the globe. Instead they have sold out to the highest bidders and alienating those who can benefit the most from Facebook. Is it any wonder that they are making headline news for the wrong reason? Wednesday 11 July 2018 “Facebook fined for data breaches in Cambridge Analytica scandal”. Yet Facebook have the nerves to tell me about Community Standards after I challenge them many times. In retaliation they tried denying me access to my data that I need to clear my name. I have no alternative but to issue them with a grievance.

One thought on “Tech Don’t Lie via Facebook – 13/7/2018

  1. Facebook os bound to get its comeuppance. During this time when I need to access my Facebook to help with preparations for Ms Connie’s funeral, Facebook damn facety and ignorant to lock me out. Then talking crap bout Community Standards. What do they know about Community Standards?

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