Digital Footprints 10/7/2018

I have to empower myself to defend my integrity

Community Engagement Division Re: Community Safety – Keeping our young people safe. Borough, Bankside and Walworth Community Council, Monday 9 July 2018, 7pm.

Resulting from my commitment to getting involved in Communities of Practice:,,,  If you need to find out more about me, you only need to type my name into, and you might be as surprised as I was when I realised the information out in cyberspace about me.

That’s why I am empowering myself to be the best citizen that I can become in making valuable contributions to the running of the communities. I have to be proactive, using my initiatives in taking back control of my life to right the wrongs of the oppressive employers and the Employment Tribunal that destroyed my life. Not once but twice here in the UK. I was part of  Now I am at That’s why I am trying to set up to have a voice.

To help in dispeling the myths and falsehood spread by individuals and organisations that are without moral compass and corrupted beyond beliefs. This will help me in telling my stories about my experiences and that giving up was not an option at Where my Fight4justice will serve as a reminder of how have been trying to take away my data at with the misuse of my data by Facebook colluding with terrorists cells. I have had and I am slowly getting around to sorting it out.

The following is addressing issues that exacerbated my disabilities and my mental health conditions in particular. I will not make any apologies to anyone who have gone out of their way to discriminate against me. Either directly or indirectly, it’s even worse if they set out to use my vulnerabilities against me.

Letter to the Metropolitan Police – Southwark

Good day

It was my privilege meeting with you at Borough, Bankside and Walworth Community Council on Monday 9 July 2018.

I will be travelling out of the UK from the 15th – 26th July 2018. However I would like to put on record that I want there to be an investigation into how I was treated from the time Winsome Duncan, made a malicious call to the Police. This resulted in the Police and Ambulance Services visiting my home on the 30th October 2017 to section me.

The way how Police Lulu and then Police Godwin Piddick went about handling the case is diabolical and akin to terrorism. But surprise of surprises the Metropolitan Police behaved even worse like some of the corrupted Police in the West Indies, where I am from that live off bribes.

My Fight4justice started with my former employers that triggered my childhood traumas into PTSD. But I am been treated this way because of the stance the government took in treating the Windrush Generation like criminals.

Please go to to see why I am been used as a scapegoat? The entire government departments, the establishments and systems are operating like some mafia bosses and gangster’s molls. But I will take on Facebook that misuse my data to get at them.

Thanks very much as I am about to lift the lid on corruption wherever I know it is taking place.

Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Student of Year Awards Lambeth College (1977-1999)

CEO Long Service Awards – LEYF (2014)


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