Defensive Practice – Disabilities

The Daily Express columinst states “Tech Don’t Lie”!

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Dealing with the #stigma of Mental Health

Hi Mr Jeory
I have been following the Mental Health campaign in the Daily Express Sunday Express over the past weeks with keen interests. This matter is of grave importance to me because of personal experiences I’ve encountered throughout my relatively short life. The reasons I am making contact is to congratulate the team on taking up the fight for people who have been faced with Mental Health issues and do not have any forms of sounding board to air our circumstances and situations in dealing with conditions that are considered as TABOO. I since have my Fight4justice because of LEYF Nurseries discrimination 23rd July 2014 to 27th September 2015.

Maybe if I share a brief account of my own personal experiences you will begin to understand why I have become a #sceptic of all gift wrapped packages. From an early age I was confronted with the #tragedy of witnessing my dad’s decline which lasted for over ten years. He had Parkinson’s disease along with some other health conditions. However it was the Parkinson’s that caused our family the most concerns as it affected every aspects of the family welfare. I can recall the shakes at the beginning, until his total loose of mobility and everything else that is eventually destroyed as a result of the deterioration in his health.

As a teenager I began to question my #faith, asking why my dad who had lived and served God had to suffer so much. The onus was left on my poor mum to take on the reigns of responsibilities that was once my dad’s as well as her own job as a mother. In the end my mum was faced with caring for my dad over the next decade. And her mum for a shorter period, but who died within a month of my father in 1980. My granny eventually succumbed to one of her many #strokes. Imagine my own devastations when I realised my dad’s condition was #hereditary, and from an early age I began to get some of the signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

To cut a long story short, I immediately have to alter my life, and I know I was prevented from achieving my full potential because of my DNA over which I had no say. Therefore with time I learnt to adapt to my condition and refused to become a VICTIM, and have always been aware of my #deficits and #limitations. However I recognised I had problems with my family situations and was only able to give it a name DEPRESSION after coming to the UK. After deciding to take up studies to improve my prospects of securing gainful employment to make a better life for myself, I was destined to start on a transitional journey of empowerment. I always joked about the fact that I managed to pick up all the #defects from the both sides of my FAMILY.

Now I have seen in today’s edition about the role expected of #workplaces in supporting their employees who have experienced Mental Health. However my arguments are totally against sharing your predicaments with your employers as this can be used to ones #detriment. Employers and others that are corrupt, can place a Label of #DeficitModel that is used to discredit a person when one is at their most VULNERABLE. At this point am talking from personal experiences when I Self Referred because I was concerned about matters affecting my work, and for which I needed some answers. This was used against me, and in the long run when I needed the support of my GP from Landor Road Surgery, because I had told him about my Parkinson’s disease I was given a kick in the teeth.

This caused so much havoc in my life that at one difficult period I thought I would have been swept overboard by the tide of upheavals and #emotionalbaggage I was left to deal with. My unfair treatment further exacerbated my DEPRESSION that I found it hard coping with life. Even thou I had swallowed my bitter medicine and moved on I am reminded daily of these unpleasant events in my life because they keep reoccurring at work. I have been placed on a system where I am been Networked against, so I cannot break the mould and move on. To make matters worse am now been penalised in my job for doing the work am paid for, and they try to get information about people so that they can use it against them.

I can recall when I first came to the United Kingdom a friend told me that in the UK never tell others the TRUTH as they can’t deal with truths only lies. I am beginning to see the reality only after too late to my #detriments. My life has been turned upside down in two workpleaces because of who I am. The first time at King’s College Hospital, after I experienced a bereavement. I have been targeted as well for my old fashioned ways of thinking, for my knowledge, values and beliefs and I feel #trapped without seeing a way out of my dilemma. For the second time I experienced discrimination in a toxic work environment after bereavement. The loss of my mother who suffered with dementia and that’s why I am a Dementia Friends. That’s why after giving those responsible the chance to make amends I am naming LEYF Nurseries. The others will be named in due course.

Although I will continue following your campaign I can’t help but say I will continue to hold my opinions and keep them to myself. By continuing to apply the early intervention strategies I used throughout my life. And finding solutions to help with my DEPRESSION without getting my #employersinvolved. Anything you say can come back to #haunt you at a later date when you least expect it. This is where self-fullfilling prophecy seems to blight my life repeatedly. Because the Employment Tribunal Service presided over two miscarriages of justice against me. This is dispite the fact I am part of Dr Maria Hudson of the Policy Studies Institute Research Paper Ref: 01/12. This was recommended to Acas, but not much if anything was done about implementations.

Even thou I have no one to share my concerns with I would prefer #die than involve people at work. This is because when concerns are raised they are shoved under the carpets by inexperienced Managers who lack knowledge, values and beliefs to deal with those concerns. Fore and foremost US older employees are treated with disrespects whilst facing all kinds of DISCRIMINATIONS over which we cannot do anything for fear of been LABELLED. This is borne out of the Employment Tribunal Law need overhauling. If in doubt read the Employment Tribunal online judgement at…/ms-m-myersv-london-early-years-foundat….

Since I do not have a voice and have no one to talk to I will be #brave and stop myself from becoming a VICTIM by finding my own #remedies. That’s why I have since set up Merveleeconsultancy to share my stories via my blogs at WordPress. I have been sharing my experiences via GoogleLinkedInTwitterFacebook pages and YouTube. That way I can help others whose life have been changed with discrimination. Some of those that colluded with my former employers are: London Borough of Southwark SEND Section. UNISON and Capsticks, WimbledonLocal Educational Authority and Ofsted. You would be surprised some of who will turn a blind eye when concerns are raised?

Other organisations, the establishments and systems will also join in to discriminate as birds of a feather stick together. They are intent on covering for one another. Some are to be found amonsgt the elite: Bates Wells BraithwaiteVoice: the union for education professionalsAdvising LondonConnex EducationNursery World MagazineHCT GroupCommunity Playthings UK, et al. Believe me you will be named if you dare to discriminate against me directly or indirectly. I have dedicated myself to breaking down barriers in order that I can help in promoting inclusion to benifit anyone in need, who experience discrimination in their lifetime.

The one good thing about this is I am a very #resilient person and refused to give up without a fight. I won’t make the same mistakes again by challenging Social Injustices and Inequalities. Because the forst time I was not prepared to fight the unjust systems in place that are stacked against us. But I got the opportunities to empower myself and grap it with both hands from the time I studied at Lambeth College. Then studying with the The Open University put the finishing touches to how I was prepared to take on those like Personnel Consultancy Ltd, The. The Winsome Duncan: Author, Artist & Book Confidence Coach who prey on vulnerable people.

The Metropolitan Police Service that’s prepared to act like terrorists to cover up the mishandling of my concerns. The UK government that rejected my petition into the Early Years Sector and the Ministry of Justice UKm acting like they don’t get trainings to deal with sensitive matters. But not forgetting the Department for Work and Pensions – DWP that deny me access to my Universal Credit journal. HMRC that breaceh the UK Data Protection Act. Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but…

Thanks for being my sounding board as this means so much to me especially when am at a low ebb in my life trying to stay in the UK coping with the decline in my mum’s health.

4 Years Ago

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Been Busy like Ms Bizzy Bee>>>> Watching & Waiting 4 whatever news is in store 4 me? My Lady Bird came visiting from yesterday – in my kitchen busying Herself as I write! Well 4 me She has replaced the Bats that came 2 my Home in JA all these years! She is my Mama Lou – Belief kills & Cures they say? The Last MEMORY I have of my MAMA – after spending the time with her & her not REMEMBERING her 1 Girl! She stood at the window & told my #2 son Valdin Legister that “I Did Not Come To Say GOODBYE!” Can U see that Smile on my Mama’s Face? She already Knew that was Our Final Meeting b4 the End Came! My Mama is my Inspirations in everything I do these days! So when things get on top of me, I am just reverting to Type! Mama will always Live in my Memory! Now I need to Finish that Tribute to MBF & I think I may serve her Memory even Better for the Effort?

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Fight4justice I think I have finally convince my husband I have to go home for Ms Connie’s funeral. Poor man is so scared of what LEYF Nurseries, the Department for Work and Pensions – DWP and the Employment Tribunal Service might do? Tell them to bring it on if they think I am afraid of any of them.

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