DWP Deny Me Access 4/7/2018

How the UK Government is engaging in institutional discrimination against vulnerable citizens

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Department of Works & Pensions. www.gov.uk
Local Service Compliance
Peckham Jobcentre
Mail Handling Site A
WV98 1JU

14th May 2018

Reference: 1-1713140609


I will be attending the interview and I am expecting to get answers for my questions about the procedures that were used to send me the letter for me to come to:
You must be available for this interview
On the date: 15/5/2018. At the time: 11:00 AM. At the office: Collyer Court Place Behind Peckham #Jobcentre

If I do not get the answers to my #questionnaire, I will have to seek Legal Advice about the way the Department for Work and Pensions – DWP and the former employers and other www.gov.uk departments have colluded with my former employers London Early Years Foundation (LEYF Nurserieswww.leyf.org.uk to discriminate against me. This was from the time I was forced to resign from my job with a #nervousbreakdown on the 27th September 2015.

I will not be making any more contacts via telephone or leaving messages for Ms Clarke or any other individuals. Because the DWP have not act in accordance with the Rule of Law by returning my calls or responding to my messages. So for there to be no #ambiguity about my intentions, or whether I am going to leave myself open for anyone to make #malicious allegations against me that could trigger my disabilities of Mental Health Conditions, I will be taking a #witness to the interview.

The Questionnaire

Benefit Review: If I am not available for the interview

Q 1: Is the DWP aware of any reasons why I might not be available for the interview?
Refer to:
A. The Equality Act, 2010: Employment Tribunal Judgement online at https://www.gov.uk/…/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-founda….

B. UK Data Protection Act & Data Protection Act 1998 & the General Data Protection Regulations (#GDPR) to be implemented on the 25/5/2018. GDPR – How to be ready and 20 GDPR myths debunked Tony Vitale, Head of Regulation, Data & Information, Winckworth Sherwood LLP Winckworth Sherwood. Tony Vitale tvitale@wslaw.co.uk. WinckworthSherwood www.wslaw.co.uk.

C. The Disability Discrimination Act & Mental Health Care Act, 2017. I am part of Mental Health research. Refer to Kings College London Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience Dr Faith Matcham faith.matcham@kcl.ac.uk. Alexandra Booth alex.booth@kcl.ac.uk & the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust www.maudsleybrc.nihr.ac.uk/.

D. Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015. I am part of statistics.
Refer to HCT learning centre HCTGroup Impact Report 2016 www.hctgroup.org. Data Protection Act Section 7 ICO www.ico.org.uk. The Metropolitan Police Service http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/report-fraud-about-you.

Q 2: Would the DWP agree that for someone with Mental Health Conditions, this letter can be interpreted as direct and indirect discrimination, using my vulnerability against me?
Refer to the information and data in my Journal.

Proof of my identity:

Q 3: Where did the DWP get the information from that I can supply the data listed at page 1 and 2?
Refer to the errors and deliberate misuse of my name by the former employers, HMRC and DWP. Now I am having problems with my #identityand address.

Q 4: How did the DWP get the data that they have about me when I signed up to get benefits?
Refer to the DWP telling the Employment Tribunal Service they did not know about me when I was to get fee rebate.

Q 5: Did the DWP go about gathering information about me using #RacialProfiling from Social Media?
If so I will need access to the information other than what I supplied to the DWP about me. Refer to GDPR.

Q 6: What would the DWP do if I was unable to attend the interview for any of the reasons associated with Qs 1 – 5?
Refer to the problems with the Housing Benefits. And the paying of the Employment Tribunal Fees.

Q 6: Do I have to apply for Freedom of Information to find out what records the DWP have to prove my identity, if so please supply the details?

Q 7: In line with the GDPR, I would like copies of the data the DWP have about me please?
Refer to the GDPR Subject Access Request.

Other things we need to see

Q 8: Does the DWP have on record any other accounts for me other than my Barclays Bank Account?
Refer to account for benefit payments.

Q 9: Does the DWP hold information about my #Pension and are they aware of my current situation with former employers?
Refer to Universal Credit Journal with information about the former employers and the Employment Tribunal.

Q 10: Is the DWP trying to accuse me of being a fraudster, a criminal and #illegal immigrant?
Refer to the fact I have not been on benefits before and I have to because of #blacklisting and networking. I am part of HCT Group www.hctgroup.orgChanging Times, Lasting Impact page 9. 1 in 5 #suicides are associated with unemployment. I was refused training to get back into employment. Refer to Open Letters and my Social Media Fight4justice campaign Merveleeconsultancy www.merveleeconsultancy.uk.

Q 11: Does the DWP have information that I have any other work, other than as carer?

Part of Research 
I am part of Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12. Recommended to Acas: research@acas.org.uk and www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers.

The Windrush Generation Stories:
In light of the Windrush Stories, this is clear evidence to back up my arguments that the DWP and other government departments are discriminating against me by exacerbating my disabilities.
Refer to: Glossary: Disability Equal Treatment Bench Book – November 2013.
What is a nervous breakdown? What are the Symptoms of a Nervous Breakdown? Copied from the internet 3rd April 2018 https://www.healthline.com/…/mental-health/nervous-breakdown.

Q 12: Does the DWP have information about savings or investments, if so how did they obtain this?

Q 13: Does the DWP have information about property I own, and how did they come by it?

Q 14: What documents do the DWP have about my immigration status and Right to Remain, if so I would like copies of all data under the GDPR Subject Access Request?
Refer to https://www.gov.uk/…/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-founda….
I am stating without a shadow of a doubt that the DWP is hell bent on discrimination against me because I #challenge their discriminatory practices from the time I was forced to sign for benefits. Refer to the data in the Journal. I am been targeted like the #Windrush Generation because I have shown that Modern Slavery practices are still accepted in the United Kingdom despite there is the Modern Slavery Act 2015. Please refer to the information in the Journal about the former employers and the Employment Tribunal. I am back at the Employment Appeals Tribunal th my case.

How certain is the DWP that I could have a copy of this letter?
A. Did it occur to you to send it to me by post?
B. Why did no one get back to me about the messages and the entries in the Journal?
C. Are you still claiming that my queries don’t warrant any response?

If You Have A Partner

All l am prepared to say on this matter is, I filled in numerous forms and was #interrogated by telephone before I was offered Carer’s Allowance. The DWP needs to get on with the job and stop discriminating against me because l am vulnerable, having disabilities, physical and mental. The only information I have about my partner is my #marriage certificate. Which I have brought here with me to the interview. Anything else you need you will have to get access to yourself. I have no access to any such data.

If You Don’t Have Something

Q 15: Did the DWP return any of my calls re:
A. Messages left on telephones?
B. Messages left via third parties?
C. Messages in Journal?

Q 16: Why would the DWP think I should take them seriously, by lowering myself to the unprofessional standards of the employees?
Refer to my qualifications and trainings.

If You Don’t Tell Us About Changes

Q 17: Can the DWP let me know who reported any changes?

Q 18: Does the DWP know what benefits I am claiming?

Q 19: Is the DWP ready to accept the part they played in #exacerbating my Mental Health Conditions over Employment Tribunal issues with the former employers?

Q 20: Why did the DWP take almost 2 years to sort out my Housing Benefit?

Are you aware that threatening to issue me with a CRIMINAL RECORD is discrimination under the Equality Act 2010, the Mental Health Act and the Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015, and the GDPR 2018?
Refer to the Windrush Stories

External Partners – Profiling
I would like a list of the #external partners that the DWP used to do checks on me.
Refer to the GDPR

Q 21: Were you aware that the HMRC said they were not aware of me living at my address until 2015?
Refer to changing my name by #DeedPoll and what HMRC done.

Since the DWP was unable to provide the Employment Tribunal with information and claimed that they did not know of me in 2016.

Q 22: What guarantee can you give me that I am not been targeted as a result of me taking my former employers to the ET?

Q 23: Is the DWP and other government departments aware that this is the second time I represented myself at the ET?
Refer to Dr Maria Hudson for the Policy Studies Institute. The first time I did not apply for benefits, because I had a second job. I was able to sustain myself until I found another job. This time I am unable to get a job because of the discrimination that the DWP is part of.

Review of the DWP
I will be writing a review and sending it to the DWP in my Journal and posting it on Social Media. This will add to the stories of how the government targeting the Windrush Generation.
So please hurry up and issue the CRIMINAL RECORD.

How is the DWP showing that it is implementing the GDPR?

Prepared by: Mervelee Myers
Mental Health & SEND Advocate.
Time to Change Champion: https://www.time-to-change.org.uk/champions.

1 Year Ago

See Your Memorieschevron-right

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is thinking about my future.

After spending almost an hour on the phone, I am back on Facebook, trying to sort out my woes. Wat’s di mattah wid dem Jobsworth yah mon?

I have been telling everyone my #ADDRESS. But since LEYF Nurseries decided that they are going to make me into this #Uncoorporative, #Unprofessional, #Rude, #Intimidating, #Confrontational, #Aggressive #LackingEmpathy CRIMINAL, every establishments and sytems think they have been given the authority to jump on bandwagon.

So the Department for Work and Pensions – DWP deciding to try change the Housing Legislation on me that came in April 2016. But can’t the damn idiots see that I applied from November 2015. London Borough of Southwark decided to pay up, so what Dick Fuck are they waiting on, still investigating?

Then to add insults to injury the DWP informed the Employment Tribunal, they were not aware of me on 2 ocassions. The result I did not have enough time to prepare my RACISM claim. This was referred back and yet a Judge ruled against it. I will be doing my research, to find out why the recommendations from Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds for the Policy Studies Institute were not implemented – AGGRESSIVE indeed. Please go do the research at Acas www.acas.org.uk/researchypapers. That’s why when they keep leaving messages on my house phone and mobile, I didn’t bother with them. As I told the lady who was my case worker/concilliator with LEYF, if I’d got any of those threatening calls from the ACAS Representative, then I would not be responsible for my Passive-aggressive behavior. Oh yes I still have a message from Mary Shannahan save on my phone and that’s one of the nicest ones, I lost the others on my other phone.

Then it was the turn of HMRC to come with their bullshit. But I have dealt with them with my #DefensivePractice for future reference.

There was an online Community Thing that was changed to Nextdoor. Despite trying to transfer my information, I am yet to get anything sorted. The refuse to accept me because the automation will not register my ADDRESS. Now what Dick Fuck do they want me to do, they are stressing me out and I don’t know what happened to my Data I registered on the privious website?

Now let them take me for a bloody idiot like #JohnFenton of The Personnel Consultancy Limited www.personnelconsultancy.com. I did ask him on the 15th March 2016, if he was in touch with Bates Wells Braithwaite. I am going after all involved in the DISCRIMINATION from 2004 to date that caused the Nervous Breakdown. I know my deficits and limitations that resulted from the Childhood Trauma resulting from my Father Parkinson’s. My Fight4justice is in place to support why my Intellectual Properties are been used at MQ: Transforming mental healthGoogle and Google AdWords. I will not be leaving any stones unturned to get justice for myself and any vulnerable employees. Another one of the psychopaths down and out – Hilda Miller.

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Fight4justice So the fucking Department for Work and Pensions – DWP thinking they dealing with a frigging idiot. Let them carry on denying me access to the Universal Credit journal.


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