Can They Understand My Frustrations?

Sorry to disappoint you LEYF, I am assertive not UURICA-LE

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A typical day’s schedule today so far… Got up, check emails, edit a document, answer emails and do some promotions. Watch/listen to a Brian Tracy#Webinar_Interview
Make breafast, and for some reasons end up going to the paper shop back and forth. On the 4th visit I ended up going to another shop, the driver did not show and Bob was on the phone…

Done my bit of #Husband_Pampering in my Carer roles. Back on Facebook, before sorting out more Microsoft Word Document… 

Mass Tom said he was given an old Five Pound Note, so he puts on a bet. Coming back from the #Bookies, this thought comes into my head, surely I am #worth more than this #dailygrind?

Reinforces my point about what’s the use of my Foundation Degree In Early Years? It took me from 2004-2008 to become a graduate of the The The Open University, and another year to gain a certificate in #WorkingTogetherForFamilies in 2010. I also studied with Lambeth College, where I gained a #StudentofYearCertificate.

Yet as soon as I got transferred to BIB, despite being the recipient of awards including the #CEO_LongServiceAward in October 2014, #BenedicteSiewe claimed that my Qualifications did not count…

The manager #LynneKelly claimed that #SaoBanya told her she had to pull me up about doing my job…

Oh yes, I have been getting this from King’s College Hospital and other places I worked in the Early Years Sector over the years. Hench the reasons for my first nervous breakdown, leading up to the first resignation and going to the Employment Tribunal Service.

Oh yes I am an old hand with my Fight4justice campaign as I am always challenging Social Injustices and Inequalities from I attended Lambeth College. Even when I done cleaning jobs. Hence the reason I am tagged with #DismissiveofAuthority labels. I refuse to suffer fools gladly, once I offer to put them straight about making an idiot of themselves.

That’s why I was surprised when I seen the coward that #LynneKelly has since proven herself to be. Hence the reason she had to seek counselling for alleged remarks at #RumisWedding

The silly, incompetent, dunce, unprofessional idiot of a manager decided to allege that the #EarlyYearsConsultant told her that MERVELEE MYERS IS A NEGATIVE INFLUENCE AT BIB.

Well after attending the Nursery World Magazine Nursery World Show 2017, when the editor #LizRoberts send 2 Young White Men outside to stalk me… I am forever on my guard. I only worked that out once I had been to the stalls and the appearance of them in the stalls once they thought I was not in sight.

The moral of the story is, never believe everything that you hear. Even more so if LEYF Nurseries and some of their cohorts are involved.

Thanks Facebook for this platform to document my thoughts for the #BOOK!

Edited 2/7/2018:

The year continued where it ended and nothing much have changed since the death of my mother. At the NWS 2018 I was assaulted by a young white girl on day one. On day 2 I spoke with Liz Roberts, who for some reasons think I am obligated to them in any ways. I am the one who was discriminated against and have my life disrupted and career destroyed.

Then I realised what the CEO-MBE was up to and I played their game. Now she has began to confess. But I want to face her during a consultations for her to give me the closure I need to move on.

7 Years Ago

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Oh Boy!!! We were so Young & in Love. The R.H. Alverie Michael Legister {HumBug}


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Fight4justice So really did think I was going to let them get away?Manage

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Fight4justice They can go bawl blood to the Employment Tribunal Service. This crap…/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years… must be addressed to my satisfaction. There is still time because people are relying on their jobs.Manage

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Fight4justice Maybe the Employment Appeals Tribunal can understand why they perverted the course of justice and who are the culprits that got cuckold by LEYF Nurseries. Find out why the staff are running to Bright Horizons?


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