UNISON, I Promised…?

This is institutional discrimination at the heights of the establishments and systems

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130 Euston Road
London NW1 2AY
1st August 2017

In line with the recent “UNISON’s Tribunal Fee Verdict is a Victory for Everyone in Work” on Wednesday 26th July 2017, published on social media and for which I have a copy. I would like to draw your attention to former member, Mervelee Myers’ letter dated July 30, 2006. UNISON Kings College Hospital Unison Branch, KCH Joint Union Offices, Ground Floor Bessemer Wing. Just in case it disappeared like what happened to my Confidential Data at London Early Years Foundation (LEYF Nurseries), 1st September 2009 – 27th September 2015, I will enclose a copy.

I am understanding of the fact that the fees will backdated to 2013. Therefore I would like to bring to your attention the case of Mrs Mervelee Myers v King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 2009 – 2010. I was forced to resign from my job in November 2008, after the discrimination in the workplace triggered and exacerbated my Childhood Traumas into Post Truamatic Stress Disorders (#PTSD). I would be grateful if you could check the records for my Membership to ascertain why UNISON failed to provide the support in their manifesto aggreement to members.

I had no alternatives left but to resign from my job to to save my life. And to resign from UNISON when they colluded with KINGS to trigger my Hidden Disabilities into Mental Health Conditions. Stastictics from research states that 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment. HCT Group Impact Report 2016 – Changing Times, Lasting Impact www.hctgroup.org page 9, have my photographas a spread. I am also in another group photos on another page. In case of any doubts, I have thrown out my paperwork from the case, but doing research, I came across #MerveleeMyers. I don’t have much documents and correspondences, leading up to the case from 2004 to 2009. And after the Employment Tribunal judgement in 2010.

However, I have enough of my Defensive Practice to prove that UNISON colluded with KINGS to trigger my Hidden Disability of Chronic Anxiety that was diagnosed on the 18th July 2006 into Disabilities covered under the Equality Act, 2010 /2015. Strangely enough I had to get the diagnosis because although I have all the signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, my GP said I did not have a diagnosis, so I could not get a Medical Report. I needed proof of my disabilities to present to the The Open University. When I was doing the Examination for the UNISON sponsored Health & Social Care Level 2 course. By doing this course, this was how I gained the knowledge which I used to empower myself to try and manage and control my disabilities and Medical Conditions #holistically.

I changed my entire lifestyle and weaned myself off prescription medication #VALIUM. Because I realised I could become addicted to prescription medication. I went on to live a more fulfilling life, getting on with my work and hoping to advance in my career. But this was not to be because of how UNISON acted unprofessionally and colluded to discriminate against me. UNISON is responsible for my my #ChildhoodTrauma of Chronic Anxiety been triggered into #MentalHealthConditions in the first instance at KINGS. Secondly, they refused to offer me the support I needed to resolve the workplace issues when I raised concerns.

This was in breach of the Employment Tribunal Law, Regulations and Legislations, and the aggreement I signed when I joined the union. The Union Rep was sat in on the Meeting when the manager of KINGS, #GlendalynVernaAboagye was bribed to deny any knowledge of my #disabilities. This was despite my recent diagnosis on the 18th July 2006. The Union Rep also overide my argument about the letter I sent to the #HumanResources HR Department on the 18.11.2006. I have a copy of the stamped letter if you need verification.

Over a period of time from when I raised concerns UNISON, Union Reps resigned their post and in frustration I resigned my #Membership before going to the Employment tribunals. It was just too much for me dealing with studies, the sudden illness and death of my brother. Dealing with answering correspondences from the Local Educational Authority and London Borough of Southwark SEND SECTION. They that colluded with KINGS to ruin my career and destroy my #EmotionalWellbeing as a Disabled Employee. My colleagues and parents were sanctioned to make allegations against me. The experience lasting from 2004 when I faced discrimination of a personal nature in my private life as well as having to go public to www.icsouthlondon.co.uk left me traumatised.

I was diagnosed with an #AbnormalPapsmear needing treatment… for the next 5 years triggered the PTSD from my childhood. The allegations left me feeling #paranoid and confused that I was going #MAD. I have an Auntie who experienced Mental Health Conditions, triggered by similar circumstances. She was destined to spend the rest of her life wondering the streets, visiting her families. She died on the streets, hit down by a truck, and never recovered. I thought I was liable to commit #CriminalActs like my brother who #diedinprison.

Not recognising the person they were alleging I had become over the years, I self-referred to Occupational Health. I was seen by 2 NHS Professionals, female and male. I was passed fit to return to work, but the discrimination escallated, because I had the courage of my convictions to raise concerns to protect vulnerable children and colleagues. This was in line with me developing my Continuing Personal Professional Development Plan (#CPPDP) to becoming a graduate of the Open University, graduated in May 2009. The discrimination caused me to end up in Accident and Emergency (A & E) at Kings College Hospital. But I was refused a Medical Report.

Later my GP who diagnosed my Chronic Anxiety done the same and refused to give me a Medical Report for the Employment Tribunal Service. When I raised concerns UNISON did not offer me any support. Their actions over the years exacerbated my Childhood Traumas into Mental Health Conditons – Disabilities. I would like UNISON to take the opportunity to review my case in light of their triumph “UNISON’s Tribunal Fee Verdict is a Victory for Everyone in Work”. Otherwise I will be doing my research like I done and discovered I am part of Dr Maria Hudson of the Policy Studies Institute Research Paper: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds as recommended for Acas at www.acas.org/researchpapers.

As you can see Dr Hudson made recommendations that were not implemented or else I would not have had to take another employers LEYF at www.leyf.org.uk to the Employment Tribunals. I am sure that you will not be surprised to hear that Voice: the union for education professionals www.voicetheunion.org.uk has done exactly what UNISON done to me before. Each time I am discriminated against is after I experienced incidents that can trigger the PTSD and Hidden Disabilities that blighted my life from the time I reached #Puberty onwards. I was left with no alternative excepting me taking LEYF to the ET despite knowing I have to face the trauma of representing myself. To stop them doing to me what KINGS, UNISON and the #establishments and #systems done with the miscarriage of justice that was allowed to happen, by UNISON.

The UK government seem hellbent on a vendetta against me, because I refuse to be a voiceless vulnerable victim and letting them getting away with institutional discrimination. The Department for Work and Pensions – DWPHMRCMetropolitan Police ServiceMinistry of Justice UK are just some involved in the institutional discrimination. This is despite my #OpenLetters to David CameronBates Wells BraithwaiteDaily ExpressTheresa May and Neil Coyle MP. I tried taking out #Petition, but to no avail.

In light of the recent changes in the Rules of Laws from the Equality Act 2010 to the Modern Day Slavery Act of 2015, I would like UNISON to review my case. I am now giving UNISON 2 weeks from the date of this letter/email to inform me how they will address the discrimination that they sanction and colluded with KINGSS. I am only a #LayPerson who was forced to empower myself, so I am not sure about where I stand on this with regards to dates and Legal Arguments. However these are the breaches that I am thinking about seeking Legal Advice about from my Barrister:
• Dues from I joined to when I was forced to resign
• Fees for representing myself at the Employment Tribunals
• Compensation of the £4,000.00 + interests accummulated over the years that was offered too late for me to consider and have a choice to avoid the indignity I experienced representing myself at the Tribunals
• Compensation for destroying my career through blacklisting and networking
• Pension Pot added that I would have accummulated over the years I worked since.

It is a well known fact that UNISON still continue to collude with employers, especially the NHS to discriminate against VULNERABLE employees. I have the #CaseStudy to prove. If I do not hear from UNISON within the time specified, I will be getting in touch with my BARRISTER for advice about going PUBLIC. I want UNISON to put their money where their mouth is by adhering to the Rules of Law and in particularly their “Our Statement on Modern Slavery”. UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis said: “The government is not above the law. But when ministers introduced fees they were disregarding laws many centuries old, and showing little concern for employees seeking justice following illegal treatment at work”.

Now does UNISON want me to prove that they had acted unlawfully, and has been proved wrong – not just on simple economic, but on constitutional law and basic fairness too?

Kindest regards.

Mervelee Myers
Early Years Practitioner FD (Open)
Carer, Advocate, Social Commentator, Author, Volunteer, Fundraiser, Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator, Dementia Friend, Parkinson’s UK. Disability Campaigner.
Email: rattynem@btinternet.com
Home: 02072310813
Mobile: 07950618083.
Business: www.MerveleeConsultancy.uk
Blog: www.myvision.org.uk
Advocacy: Fight4justice
Internet: Google
LinkedIn: Mervelee Tomlinson
Facebook: Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

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