LEYF Is Booked…!

This is what LEYF and the Employment Tribunal want to hide

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Fight4justice Publication 29th January 2017 Edited 29/6/2018

LEYF On My Doorstep?

I had worked with #AlevSagnak before and she recommended me to join Westminster Children Society (WCS) in 2009 when I was experiencing some amount of instability in my life. Since that time WCS has changed to London Early Years Foundation (LEYF Nurseries) and 5 years on am still working with LEYF. However I am more than glad to say I am happy to be back in South London – London Borough of Southwark after spending 5+ years working in Westminster at Luton Street Community Nursery. I covered in other settings across London. The best thing about my changing journey is that LEYF is expanding business from Westminster where the organisation started over 100+ years ago, to literally all the deprived areas of London, providing better outcomes for young children. And I am privileged to be working at the Bird In Bush Nursery (#BIB) that is situated literally on my doorstep in South East London. I started my journey in South London working in the early years’ sector after I had completed my studies at Lambeth College 1997-1999.

I am an older and wiser early years’ practitioner who has been embedded with the #LEYFethos from when I joined in September 2009. Now that I have achieved most of what I set out to accomplish as a practitioner, enhancing knowledge and expertise via studies and trainings. I am intent on using two of my hobbies that have given me some sense of purpose and pride in my ability – #photography and #writing to spread the #LEYF_DNA and my shared vision into my South London and to the world at large. Therefore I am more than prepared to use the knowledge and expertise I fought hard to gain to help spread the philosophy of LEYF as a beacon of good service provider to the United Kingdom and wider world. In so doing I will start by giving credit where credit is due to some of the extra ordinarily special persons who have travelled on my journey of discoveries with LEYF.

I am therefore going public so everyone can know that I will always be eternally grateful to those persons for inspiring, nurturing and empowering me to becoming the person who I am. The #reflectivepractitioner who developed the #listeningethos whom I have become to date. Because of my own personal experiences. Therefore I will have to start off saying a big thanks to #AlevSagnak_Hussein, who told me about the vacancy at WCS and the fact they were recruiting for practitioners with my level of qualifications in 2009. Believe me Alev and mark my words that if I should win the jackpot, I promise to take you out to my native Jamaica for some fun and frolics and to meet my family who are exactly like me.

Next on my list are some super colleagues whom I met at #FitzroviaCommunity Nursery where I first started. They are #CandyPatricia Sessions#OShana, Ezi and Claire Kilpatrick the deputy who started on the same day with me. Candy is in for special mention because she took me under her wings as a novice, taught me #ICT, how to do the #LearningJourneys and write up the Activity Planning Forms. Only a few weeks after starting at Fitzrovia, I re-established contact with #JoelleLax, now manager at #HolcroftNursery. I had previously worked with Joelle when she was only about 17 years old at #LambethWalk Day Nursery after I graduated from #LambethCollege. She recognised me all those years later as soon as she walked into the nursery and saw me, all these years after.

I later learned that Joelle was one of the youngest managers working for LEYF when she was appointed. It would be rather amiss of me if I did not mention working in partnership with other professionals and outside agencies from the Camden Town Local Education Authority. I was privileged to be given the opportunity to enhance knowledge via trainings and empowered to make my implicit knowledge explicit. The early years’ teacher who identified my passion in fulfilling my role as a #SENCO was forceful in ensuring I got the trainings to do the role to the best of my ability. And she did not just stop there, she taught me about Every Child A Talker (#ECAT), #StatutoryAssessment, Individual Education Plans (#IEP), Picture Exchange Communication System (#PECS), etc in the short space of time – 6 months that I was at Fitzrovia.

I am a believer in change and I was transferred to Luton Street where I was destined to spend 4+ years working with some exceptional, enthusiastic and passionate colleagues. These colleagues were the #epitomeofprofessionalism who have the children and their parent’s best interests at heart. #JulieWeise who was the manager is first in line for some special praises as she always showed her appreciations for the work I had done. Since she had the ears of the #CEO_JuneOSullivan, she was never stingy in telling her about the good practice that I contributed to, in providing quality standards of work especially my Learning Journeys and #HomemadeBooks.

The CEO in turn would be lavish with her praises for anyone whose work was of the highest standards, whenever she popped into any of the nurseries. However in spite of this, this is not to say Julie Weiss and I saw eye to eye, are were in agreement to everything. I guess in #hindsight I might now have to blame the generation gap and we never think twice about challenging each other. But we never lost sight of our different roles and responsibilities in the team and gave each other the #respect that were merited to do the job. We both knew we were responsible for being accountable for acting and working as professionals no matter our personal take on any matters to do with our working roles.

Keeping Abreast of Current Events in my Transitionas to Getting CLOSURES.
If anyone wants to read the rest of this, they will either have to go look for me on LinkedIn or as soon as I get my Google and Google AdWordsWordPress, etc, and website up. FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTube, and any other Social Media Networking Sites I can get myself involved in. Southwark Council, etc is another place to look, however I do not have the time yet to make the impacts that I would like.

Update: 16.10.2015

I was harassed, bullied and inimidated into removing this article by one of my detractors who told me at the time I knew nothing. She made some other negative comments that I won’t even publicise at this time. Because for someone who knows absolutely nothing about me or the work I’d done during 5+ years of dedicated services was beyond my ken. Now I am defying the bullies and putting the article back and be damned if they wish. My Fight4justice is for taking a stance for equal rights and justice for the vulnerable. I am celebrating #BlackHistoryMonth and showing I am no #COWARD!

I am proud of my heritage as I am discovering the #DNA that is part of my Roots. I was told that there was some German Blood, Mullattoo and I am questioning if there was Chinese as well. My cousin Osbourne Nembhardtwho is doing Our #FamilyTree reassured me there is 87% #African, some #Dutch and #Scottish! They are welcome to do their next best because I am a Fighter with the #MaroonBlood that Nanny of the Maroons and all the #NationalHeroes used to fight to defend Jamaica the Land of my Birth.
I am 1 Proud JAMAICAN who is going to stand up and fight for my principles, values and beliefs. No one is going to stitch me up and send me back to no #FundedPrison4Criminals – I am not a Criminal”. I might have a touch of “#MentalHealthIssues”, but they are responsible for pushing me over the edge!

27th October I celebrate the birthdate of my Father, Uncle and Auntie, 3 of my Grandmother Irene 16 children.

Updated: 28/6/2018

I survived the Employment Tribunal Service https://www.gov.uk/…/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-founda…. I am back at the Employment Appeals Tribunal, but I am hearing about #cavaet, after #JudgeClarke was given some dodgy fact. I have had HMRC breach my human rights. As for theDepartment for Work and Pensions – DWP, they and Universal Credit need seeing to by scammers. The Metropolitan Police Service is in the dog’s house for letting Winsome Duncan: Author, Artist & Book Confidence Coachput such a noble institution into disrepute. The Ministry of Justice UK seems to be breaching the GDPR For UK as they seem to be acting as unprofessional in their dealing with me like #LEYF? I tried taking out petition after writing #OpenLetters. The rest is history…

2 Years Ago

See Your Memorieschevron-right

So I see that Bully Boy Neil King from @LEYF can’t keep away from my Social Media. Wonder if he’s found what he’s looking for? Evidence I don’t have DISABILITY & if Proven @LEYF used Proportionate measures to get Legitimate Aim. What was that…? And please Layman’s terms as I don’t have any Legal Knowledge.

@LEYF did tink dem was going to Drive me MAD to commit CRIMINAL Offence, but pity they don’t know who they were dealing with? If Bent John learn to READ yet maybe BB can Print off this & give him to see what he makes of it? Now @LEYF know why Bates Wells Braithwaite drop the Loaded Gun before it explode in their Brains. Pity I delete the foto of Us – CEO Cassava & MM when @LEYF tried setting me up to write about Cassava for Bulletin. I Walk most of time instead of Run & only my grand aunt was named Mrs Loretta KING-WALKER. Badmind & Grudgeful is a Psychopathic Tendencies!


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Fight4justice My #DefensivePractice at the ready for the Employment Appeals TribunalLEYF Nurseries can do whatever they please, they can’t stop me. No one could stop my Mother until GOD was ready for her…

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