Winsome Duncan is Psychopath

I am a quick learner and that’s why I am seen as threats to incompetents

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From: Jo Rose <>
Date: 23/06/2018 17:45 (GMT+00:00)
Subject: Fwd: PROOFREAD In Honour of strong women manuscript.

Hi there.

As already highlighted, this was a challenging piece of work. I initially tried to disengage with the content because of the concerns around the nature of some it. I still think that M needs to reconsider making EVERYTHING here public. Calling people bitc#{$ and bast@£&$ is probably not a great idea! The list of names, as we have mentioned before, is concerning…especially, re: repercussions.

Edit 26/6/2018: Let the repercussions begin, I am waiting for them. After what LEYF Nurseries done to me from the time I returned from burying my mother is documented here on FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle and now WordPress. The Employment Tribunal Service is responsible for presiding over another miscarriages of justice. This after Dr Maria Hudson of the Policy Studies Institute, recommendations to Acas. I am waiting with baited breathe, as the reserved judgement posted online at…/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-founda… give criminals ideas to scam me.

Winsome Duncan: Author, Artist & Book Confidence Coach introduce me to with the sole intention to involve me in their scammings. After exposing my vulnerability to her during the agreement we signed, she got him to meet up with me to carry out their criminal acts. I did not realise what the HCT Group Impact Report 2016 statistics of 1 in 5 suicides are associated with unemployment until Barrister Ryan Clement, who groomed Winsome Duncan set out to make it become reality. This was after the judgement was posted online by the ET that take 5 months to copy and paste the Respondent’s Summary.

As can be seen from the Department for Work and Pensions – DWP, andHMRC, this was a well orchestrated plot to destroy me. Go back and look at Bates Wells Braithwaite. The way how Voice: the union for education professionals change after the sudden disappearance of #DarrenMahon. The actions of Advising London. The actions of the Metropolitan Police Service. The actions of the UK government after I written Open Letters and tried taking out Petitions. The action of the Ministry of Defence or Justice, after my Freedom of Information Subject Access Request. The actions of Neil Coyle MP in refusing to sign my letters.

There are others Nursery World MagazineCommunity Playthings UK, et al that LEYF have got either paying blood, sweat and tears money to collude with the discrimination. There are individuals who are prepared to keep quiet in the hope that this matter will be going away. Because the Employment Appeals Tribunal will use #cavaet to keep me a voiceless vulnerable. The fact is very much out in cyberspace. Therefore I am willing to face the consequences.

I am only where I am in my recovery because of the counselling at the Maudsley Hospital. I am part of research with RADAR-CNS, using a Fitbit to monitor my progress. Check for the research. So when #WinsomeDuncan is going to set out to get the #Police to section me, she haven’t got a clue about inclusion. That’s why she has set up in business to scam the vulnerable. That’s terrorism, whether she knows it or not?

I paid in full for Winsome Duncan to do the work, by having a signed agreement. I realised she was up to no good after she told me I could edit my book. But at this stage, I’d lost my confidence and agreed to do the next one after she helped with the first. But then I noticed the change when she started undermining and belittling me. But more was to come when she wanted me to rewrite my book. She was actually dictating what she told me about herself for me to write as my book. So I put the book on hold, and this is also in writing at her suggestion. If she did not actually draft some of the agreements, I would not have legs to stand on. I am following Judge Rinder on ITV.

Edit 26/6/2018: Whatever is wrong with the book’s formatting is down to Winsome Duncan. She was paid to edit the book, before handing it over for proofreading.

Page 3, the Foreword is presented before content page…

The referencing to other sources, throughout is inconsistent and as this is not an academic piece of work, I have not tampered with, or focused upon this. However, there were some uncertainties, see page 35, reference at end of second paragraph.

Was unsure of the word ‘Ledgister’, which was also written as ‘Legister’ elsewhere, this needs to be attended to (e.g.: third and fourth paragraph of page 35).

Edit 26/6/2018: Why should this be an issue? I should know my own son Valdin Legister and Kevin Murray, who Winsome Duncan tried to make milestones out of. I refuse to take on the work of the professionals. However Winsome Duncan did not fulfil the agreement that we signed to deliver the services that I was expecting. Hence the reasons I have my defensive practices about the breaching of the agreement. As will be proven, she is a scammer, who was groomed by Ryan Clement. Despite me contacting the relevant authorities like Chelsea Football Club because she tried involving me in her criminal activities, nothing has been done.

This is a matter of safeguarding, but even Facebook allowed her to get away with removing me as administrator for Merveleeconsultancy. Therefore I will leave the rest as is…

I was unsure of the meaning on page 37, of the heading that includes the words ‘Progressive Conditions Driven’.

Page 231 states that the introduction is still needed.

I have kept some of the contractions…to suit tone but have also changed many. I also kept some of the sentences beginning with ‘But’ and ‘And’, in line with creative licence but again, have also changed many.

I have corrected letters and articles, etc but was also aware that these were written as they were at the time BUT following your earlier advice, corrected them.

Overall, content page does not fully reflect main body content.

There is also the factor of tense. Some of the book is written #reflectively (in and on experiences), some retrospectively and some in current tense. I have done my best to give it some consistency, without changing its intention.

Similarly, the content is a mix of words in capital letters, words using first letter capital, bold, etc and given the limited contact with the author, I have maintained most of it but tried to make it consistent at least. My impression was that capital letters were #intentional in most cases and there is still a sense of it not being wholly consistent.

In the instance of sayings, I have kept the #language as intended.

Where age is presented, or number of years, there is a pattern of using both numbers and words, again….without the #input from the author, I have not changed this, just #improved upon it.

I am not sure that the book needs notes pages.

I feel that this book has much potential and M has an engaging style of writing and a wonderful story, which is evident on later pages, especially 204 onwards, related to the value of creative writing and resilience.

I feel that if this was edited to new headings, incorporating existing content and each starting with one of the ‘sayings’ she remembers her parents and grandparents using, as creatively illustrative points, for example:

A background section – The girl behind the woman – using M’s reflections of growing up in Jamaica (I love the term ‘West-More-Light’ and as my dad was from that area too, it #resonated).
A section on mental health.
A section on the role of professional developments and barriers to achievement.
A section on the impact of toxic environments.
A section on discrimination in the workplace.
A section on being silenced.
A section on resilience and the importance of voice.

This would mean shaving off some of the content and repurposing the most powerful reflections and experiences. I think this would result in a #powerfulbook that #empowers others.

I know we are at the place we are with M but I think it is my #obligation to feedback fully and for her to know that she has received a full service.

Reading her story, even from a forced distance, I feel sad that
a) she has experienced what she has in he working life and
b) that the situation became what it did with #PeachesPublications.

Hope all is well.

Take care
Jo 🙂

Joanna Oliver, BA MA

I must say a big thanks to #JoannaOliver for her candid take on the book. Since I don’t know what if all of the book contents she was given, I appreciate this feedback. I am hoping some day we can have the chance to share stories since she said her dad is from my neck of the woods?

1 Year Ago

See Your Memorieschevron-right

This is the cover of my first #BOOK. It’s the start of extending my Fight4justicecampaign to #BreakingDownBarriers. My stories are documented in Cyberspace. Check out the #PolicyStudiesInstitute for ACAS Then as the Daily Express Columnist state Tech Don’t Lie…, all the #Establishment and the #Systems that join with LEYF Nurseries in the #DISCRIMINATION will realise I mean business.

Being blacklisting and networking against didn’t break my resolve to continue making valuable contributions. But then they set out to discriminate with the #ModernDaySlaveMasters_Mistresses triggering the #POSTTRAUMATICSTRESSDISORDER which leads to the #MentalHealth_MeltDown. I am back #BreakingDownBarriers as brand #MERVELEEMYERS

Now let me go cook my Husband dinner, before getting back to some serious work. Already Satan is trying to thwart me.


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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard So finally we are getting some closure about what happened to my manuscript. Well Winsome Duncan: Author, Artist & Book Confidence Coach should be ashamed of herself. But I know she is not because Twitter is allowing her to be still using their platforms to trick people. I would advise that they go back to look at the response to their Legal Team copied to Bates Wells & Braithwaite. A copy is in the Employment Appeals Tribunalfor LEYF Nurseries to pay attention to. They claim they have no data for me.

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