A Child Will Lead LEYF

When is LEYF going to tell the EAT the fact and stop the discrimination?

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Manal Shabani – Manal Shabani: Mervelee each time I see my children success I only say nobody deserves to say thanks after God expect you. If everybody wrong don’t let them drive you mad there is many outstanding victim teachers as you who decided to quit the education, Department for Education with the authorities and they are doing outstanding helping students
We love you
We love you to teach our children
Please let’s speak off live
I admire your determination to stand up against them.

Edited 26/6/2018: These are some of the them referred to: LEYF NurseriesEmployment Tribunal ServiceVoice: the union for education professionalsBates Wells BraithwaiteDepartment for Work and Pensions – DWPHMRCMetropolitan Police ServiceWinsome Duncan: Author, Artist & Book Confidence CoachAdvising LondonNursery World MagazineHCT GroupCommunity Playthings UKUNISONCapsticks, WimbledonLondon Borough of SouthwarkLocal Educational AuthorityConnex EducationPersonnel Consultancy Ltd, The. If you or your organisation have discriminated against me, they will be named.
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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard – #MerveleeMyers · Manal, I will be in touch. Each time I think I am moving forward, they do this to me again. So I am showing them what I am made of. I build their brand and #JuneOSullivan will pay for sanctioning the discrimination, if it’s the last thing I do?

Edit: Time for me to name others, so they see I will not be gagged. Since the Employment Tribunal think they can get away with the miscarriages of justice 2 times against me, I will be making sure those responsible have no where to hide. They must take responsible and be accountable for their actions. Dr Maria Hudson formerly of University of Westminster and presently at the University of Essex made recommendations on behalf of the Policy Studies Institute to Acas, but nothing was done.

The same way how the Ministry of Justice UK seems to be taking me for an idiot and for the EAT to gag me with the #cavaet?

Dear Mervelee. Mum gave me the phone to tell you something from the deepest depths of my heart (not for real 🤗) that you are the person who taught me good manners, to make friends and to say what you believe in. I am turning 11 in 3 days my birthday wish will be for you to have a great life and that you succeed in what ever you are doing. Stay strong you are a #soldier with no #armour except for #knowledge use it #wisely or you will get beaten up by the big #bully who has all the armour and #weapons but no #knowledge. I miss you so much!

I did that quote on the spot!!

Best Wishes,

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Naheel Julene Brown Legister – Naheel Julene Brown Legister · So sweet Melissa. Good job. Keep up the good work of #highlighting the good work of others and using it to #motivate them through rough times.

Taurus: Sharing your expert knowledge will be gratifying. People are eager to learn from you because you take a gentle approach to educating. Instead of giving up on students who are struggling, you’ll try a range of teaching methods until the penny drops.

I have to go make smoothie for my husband’s nephew. I will update later.

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January 11, 2015 at 12:21am ·
Oh yes am still up #Writing? This WB has taken its toll on me? A few more to write & I still have to be learning new skills all the time. Now in case any1 is 1ndarin, I am the SI & temperament of my Mama as I am Aging? So I am going to call a bloody spade a spade? & if any1 is a damn #COWARD I am not going to tell dem dat dey are Brave! Word is nutn more than winds & sticks & stones may break my bones but words can’t?
Suh wat run galong guh find di Shrink den nuh? Sum a dem must have sum#GuiltyConscience indeed? I have been to hell & back & my Spirits not broken? Just a little bruised & I found the Will to get up & Fight Back to Heal my Wounded Spirit! A suh me dweet. Word to the Less Wise… Di same Dog dat tek in dat Bone, is bound fi bring back 1 out?
I am contended with the LIFE I am Blessed with & not Looking 4 no Status nor Positions, suh dem can rest assured & sleep easy. I naw plan fi kick wey Nubaddy Foot a God in Heaven at all? Dead Serious pon dis 1!!!! I have myFight4justice.

1 Year Ago

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Prayer meeting held for Rev. S S. McKoy at Town head Baptist Church on June 25, 2017. Members of Grange Hill, Fullersfield, Little London and Red Hills attended. Community members also came out to show their support.

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoor
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, candles and indoor Image may contain: 1 person, sitting Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor
Fight4justice Townhead Baptist Church is part of my legacy of being raised in a Christain environment. In 2 days time it will be the 4th year anniversary of the date my mother’s funeral service was held in this hollowed space.
Depite me documenting my transitional journey on Facebook, the Employment Tribunal Service #JudgeFreer#MsFennel and #MrDixon decided to pour salt in the raw wounds left by #JudgeMartin and the #TelephoneConcilliation_Judge.

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Fight4justice I refuse to be a voiceless vulnerable.

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