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Why I have to challenge Facebook

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Edit 25/6/2018: As the Daily Express columnist states “Tech Don’t Lie”, I am using my Facebook postings over the years to tell my versions of the stories. That way LEYF Nurseries will have no way of hiding the fact that they operating Modern Slavery Practices. As for the Employment Tribunal Service, they will have to explain where they got the facts from to send to the Employment Appeals Tribunal about the Racism claims? And why the EAT was not informed about my disabilities? Then we have this small matter of clearing up who out of the 7 witnesses and I #MerveleeMyers is the credible witness? What exactly do they know about prestige and who made the final decisions about the prestigious UK House of Commons Nursery where I was sent to be colonised after returning from burying my mother?

For those of U who did not know yet? Plz get dah tory straight. Is not Mass Balis, Ann Chambers father, Sister Dead is his MOTHER! Boy cawn believe sum peeps coulda mix up Mouta Massy Mad Gal Ratty wid her Madda? Then no reason fi dem wawn Me outa di way & me nebba did kwdf..? Well me smell a Rat or sumady a pretend big time!
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Edit: My experiences since the death of my mother by and cohorts left me traumatised. But it is/was not LEYF alone responsible for my trauma. There were trolls on, that made my life a living hell.

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard June 25, 2014 at 3:56 AM ·
Finally ketch up wid sum rest 2day. 1 hectic time since I reached pon dah Rock. 2moro is #Grave digging at #Truro. Thursday will be #Prayer & #Tribute time under the BT at home in GS. If any1 have anything to say bout Ms Lou u are welcome to come & chat… If is even any1 a di waywud 1 way hard ears picknie dem who never coulda tek telling? Dem day did nice still so come out & share ur memories. & I am looking 4ward to having some converts to take Mama’s place at the Townhead Baptist Church. That’s why I am going back to celebrate the life of #MsConnieLegister at the #BaptistChurch.

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
June 25, 2011 at 9:38 PM ·
Was feeling down this week, but after going 2 the market [East Street] I witnessed a momenteous sight that restored my #FaithinHuman Kind. Now I realizes how Blessed I am!!!
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Can someone tell me why I am no longer able to copy my postings from Facebook? Whatever I write on here, I consider my #IntellectualProperties. Therefore I am making sure I have everything stored independently away from Social Media. Reasons, I was BLOCKED by Facebook on the instructions of LEYF Nurseries on the 26th November 2016. If I did not study the Rules of Law to represent myself at the Employment Tribunal, I could not have challenged the continuing discrimination by the establishments and the systems.

I was excluded from the Nursery World Magazine Forum on LinkedIn and I did not know why. That’s until the editor of the NWM decided that she was going to delete my legitimate comments without even giving me a voice.
Oh yes #LEYF tried to gag me with their DISCIPLINARY, sent me on a Medical Suspension saying I was unfit for work. When I was pass fit to return, they didn’t stop until I experienced #PTSD. 

Everywhere I turn there is someone, some organisation, naysayers and trolls trying to DISCRIMINATE against me. So I intend to get to the bottom of this matter, why I can’t copy from here and paste elsewhere. 

Anything I write and post on Social Media is mine as I have the Copyright.
Question, why can’t I copy from here and paste elsewhere?

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Let me throw down the gaunlet to any individual, organisations, establishments, systems from the UK government, to FacebookTwitter London,


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