My Horoscope 22/6/2018

Taurus: Discussing controversial subjects like religion and politics can ruin a pleasant gathering. Talk about art and sports instead. Stirring up controversy will make your host rightfully angry. If someone tries to provoke you, respond with your brightest smile.

Evaluation: Throughout the day I was mindful of my horsoscope. So I stick to the subject of what was drawing the media and others for taking an interest in the way I attended the Windrush70th at Westminster Abbey in a class of my own and different. Therefore I refuse to discuss LEYF Nurseries and the Employment Tribunal Service. Instead I was building #brandMerveleeMyersby directing to social media. Where they are bound to see…/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-founda…

Now stupid Winsome Duncan: Author, Artist & Book Confidence Coachm  might think she gets away with sending the Metropolitan Police Service and London Ambulance Service NHS Trust to my home to section me?

The Department for Work and Pensions – DWP might think they get away with the indirect discrimination of exacerbating my disabilities and causing me not to be able to prepare my Racism claims for the judgemental conceited #JudgeMartin of the Employment Tribunal. Therefore Employment Appeals Tribunal #JudgeClarke better get the fact right before the whole judicial system is put into redicule? 

As for HMRC they better go back to the drawing board when they claim they do not know of me living at my address until 2015. And breaching all the Rules of Law, by breaking into my, and other social media to take out data for their own plots of discrimination. My Windrush started from 2004 when I made the news Even the is guilty of double standards. I have my defensive practice to prove that.

The establishments and systems are responsible for continuing with Modern Slavery Practices. Here are a few off the top of my head. UNISON  Capsticks, WimbledonLondon Borough of Southwark SEND Section, These colluded with King’s College Hospital to cause my first nervous breakdown.

These are those that colluding with LEYF Bates Wells Braithwaite,  Voice: the union for education professionals,  Nursery World Magazine,  Advising LondonHCT Group,  Community Playthings UKConnex Education… Others will be named don’t you fear…?

I am on the road to recovery and I am taking different pathways with my transition to finding my purpose in life.