Defensive Practice & More

The Respondent: London Early Years Foundation

Problems Leading up to Early Conciliation

Relevant Back Ground Information

I started working with Westminster Children Society (WCS) later changed to London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) on 1st September 2009 (1. Contract & Job Title) at Fitzrovia Community Nursery. The Interim Manager Maria Goncalves welcomed me and gave me the role of SENCO, which I specifically asked for. (Edit 17/6/2018: See for my CV and Professors Tony Bertram and Chris Pascal comments on the 22/9/2015). The SENCO role was one of two vacant positions and the new deputy Claire, who started the same date took on the role of EYFS Coordinator.

However this sense of being welcomed did not last and things changed rapidly soon after. The Early Years teacher Sandie Choi realised how knowledgeable I was and began to encourage me to further my studies when I informed her of my vision. She started empowering me, recommending me for trainings with the Local Education Authority in Camden and worked with me from a shared vision. This did not go down well with the interim manager so she started treating me unfairly, getting a parent to make allegations against me. (Edit: Refer to Dr Maria Research Paper at

Because I’d gone through a terrible experience, when I had done a “protected act” I was scared of what was reoccurring and asked her to let us sort the matter out amicably. I had explained to her briefly why I left the previous jobs before when we attended a leaving do for a colleague. When she refused to stop treating me unfairly, I wrote her telling her how the way she was treating me was impacting on me (2. Letter to Maria G). (Edit: Refer to correspondence since the overturning of the government law to charge employees fee to take employers to the Employment Tribunal.

Instead of listening to my concerns, she got her area manager Maria Freeman, involved. I was targeted and treated unfairly over a period of months. I was feeling apprehensive about my future after what happened to me in another job. And also what was happening why I had to leave a job after only seven (7) months. I have to be challenging social injustices and inequalities against the vulnerable and being penalised for not turning a blind eye.

On one visits Tina another area manager, reminded me that she was on the interview panel. Maria Freeman would just turn up out of the blue and I was dragged into meetings. Sometimes what I was accused of, I had no knowledge about. But I realised my reputation as an advocate of inclusion, standing up and defending the vulnerable was the yardstick by which I would be measured. I was to be penalised for my knowledge, values and beliefs for the rest of my life  Hence the reason I am in this situation again, I just can’t hide from my past.

I recalled Maria Freeman telling me once that I didn’t have to get a lunch break because I was getting paid. I learned at my perils not to cross Maria Freeman, but I was already in her bad books For asking the manager not to bully, harass and intimidate me. The interim manager claimed I was influencing the staff. But owing to my prior experiences I would not do any such thing and kept my own counsel. I started having panic attacks, dreaded going into work and started looking and applying for jobs to get out. I lost track of the interviews I attended.

The penny dropped when I was asked if I was doing lots of interviews by one of the persons who interviewed me. And I felt that I was totally ignored on some of these interviews. Some even called to cancel with giving any valid reasons. Others gave me some flimsy excusable feedback. But I kept on applying and not getting any jobs and getting even more flimsy feedback. Some did not have the decency to get back to me either. (The same thing happened later after I done volunteering with I will tell you more about this indirect discrimination as I see fit. I am not good enough to be given a job, but I am expected to give of my time for free and write reports to benefit them).

It took a long time for the penny to drop when I knew I was being blacklisted and networked against because I had done a “protected act”. I stood up for my rights not to be discriminated against (3. Maria Hudson letter – re: ACAS).  During the time I was at Fitzrovia, I never had a Supervision because Maria Goncalves who was the interim manager said she could never do it. It was left to the area manager Maria Freeman. Each time the meeting was scheduled, she never turned up and I’d get one excuses or the other. This turned out to be the pattern at LEYF except when I was at Luton Street.

Without prejudice, I am of the opinion that others think I was too knowledgeable for them. But all they had to do was do what Julie Weiss done, get to know me and establish collaborative working partnerships (4. JW correspondences – LS).  It was a relief when I was transferred to Luton Street Community Nursery in April 2010 where I spent the majority of my working life with LEYF. Because I had challenged others who refused to adhere to current laws and legislations. I suffered for my knowledge, values and beliefs and only realised the outcomes later. Check

I never got any of those jobs I applied for and realised that I was been networked against and blacklisted from the time I worked in another organisation 2003 – 2008. I developed (mental health issues resulting from my ordeals and they began to affect me. I am a resilient person who never gives up – Self-Referral to OH). I had a very sensitive and understanding manager in Julie Weiss and my colleagues whom I worked with at Luton Street. Julie valued and acknowledge my contributions to Luton Street and LEYF in general, making sure others at LEYF were informed. (Edit: I have the most tags at and other sites).

However once you cross the established boundaries of any organisations and show you are a human being with flesh and blood, capable of thinking for yourself, you become a target. And that’s exactly what I became, standing up for my rights to be treated unfairly in a system that is riddled with contradictions and conflict of interests. (Edit: See Double Standards – Systems…? Mervelee Tomlinson/Pulse…28/7/2016

Because I did not have a status, I was fair game for others to disrespect, label, target and talk about. Using negative language, narratives and discourses making me feel like an outsider (5. Investigation Report – Isabel Glen). I was the one on the outside who was ostracised, despised and excluded because of my knowledge, values and beliefs. I was only invited in to be used when they have no one else to do the jobs they couldn’t do and discarded later. (Edit: See LEYF website for reviews. Please take careful note of Jyoti Sharma’s, listed in the ET bundles as Jyoti Bhardwaj).

Maria Freeman was not the only one, but I believe she just took a personal dislike of me and did not mince her words when she badmouthed me, even when she hardly knew me. I was game target whenever they meet and needed someone to talk about to release their frustrations. I realised later that was the way LEYF treated some of their staff, once you were not in a selected crony and clique category. Matters were discussed and things could end up like “Chinese Whispers” once it finished the rounds and get back. (Edit: It’s no surprise at

When I developed Progressive Health Conditions – arthritis & diabetes, (6. NHS Health Plans) Julie put Contingency Plans in place. This was to facilitate my health needs, thus enabling me to carry out my normal day to day activities in an environment that was adjusted to meet my changing needs. She adhered to Confidentiality and Ethical Guidelines allowing me to share Information with those I think I needed to, about my Health Conditions. (Edit: My DBS was not renewed because this was part of the plots to dismiss me from my work

As my husband’s main carer Julie allowed me not to do the early shifts when I made the request for flexible working patterns/shifts (7. notes re requests for Reasonable Adjustments). My husband was having hypos and I have to ensure he was taken care of before leaving home because I travelled far to work. I had what I hoped was a collaborative working relationships with all who I came across at Luton Street & other LEYF sites I covered, during the years I worked there (8. Graduation invite). I am still in touch with some of the colleagues, parents and their children, students, other professionals and others from the wider community.

Of mention are key children’s parents: Anuradha Acharya and others, some of whom kept in contact professionally via Social Media – LinkedIn and Facebook (9. Parents & Colleagues references).   After Julie Weiss left (10. JW Leaving Note), I had Stacey-Jane Whitfield as interim manager, before Gemma Mann took over and Matthew came later as deputy. Gemma started in March 2014 and a few weeks later Luton Street had OFSTED, The OFSTED inspector feedback to Gemma saying how I had approached her, sharing my practice. I consider myself to be a reflective practitioner who developed the listening ethos as I enhance knowledge via studies.

I am familiar with OFSTED working because I’d done an interview with OFSTED inspector when I was (11. Preschool Leader CRB). Hence the reasons I had to undertake trainings for my Professional Development Plan (PDP).  I had already gained my Foundation Degree in Early Years before I started working at LEYF (12. OU Qualifications & Trainings Certificates). Yet I never got on the career ladder at LEYF (13. LEYF Leadership Post). This was the same way I never got the opportunity to progress in my other jobs. I was expected to use my knowledge and expertise gained via studies and trainings to promote and implement best practice (see Contract – Job Title), that I was more than happy to do.

Although I got recognised for my contributions (14. Letters Contributions –CEO) I could only do the jobs when they need me to do work, to benefit themselves. Instead I felt frustrated and constrained, as barriers and limitations were placed in my way to prevent me from working to my potentials (15. Staff Meeting Minutes – BIB). It was a case of 1 step forward, 2 steps backwards each time I try to progress. (Edit: Now LEYF is saying they have no data of my work, excepting what I supplied to them for the ET case. Not even the CEO Long Service Awards, they claim not to have a record. How did I come by any of those, and what was the Human Resources Department or Senior HR Officer doing? No wonder she seemed to have had amnesia at the ET?)

Collaborative Working Partnerships:

The community was invited to the graduation on the 22nd July 2014 for my last day at Luton Street. My colleagues all showed their appreciations by presenting me with individual and collective leaving presents. The following colleagues (16. LS Book of Cards) gave me leaving presents and words of encouragements: Manager – Gemma, Deputy – Matthew, Duty Managers – Sunita & Michele, Colleagues – Madonna, Judy, Sandra, Sinitta, Manika, LSS – Suzan, Khadra and LEYF Apprentice – Bianca. (Edit: That’s why I find it hard to understand why the CEO sanctioned the discrimination at BIB. Why did it continue to HOC and New Cross, until I had another nervous breakdown?)

I was asked to write a reference for Suzan to get a job after she finished at LEYF and moved on. She’d done interviews and not offered a post at LEYF after she was always willing to go the extra mile when LEYF needed staff to cover during her time as a Learning Support Assistant. I know how disappointed Suzan was in not getting the job because I too was turned down for a post I applied for (see Letter re Leadership Post). (Edit: That’s why I was so disappointed, but not surprised when I could not get a placement at any schools in the borough when I done my LSA trainings.

But I felt let down by I was used for statistics of 1 in 5 suicides are associated with unemployment in  the Impact Report 2016: Changing Times, Lasting Impact. But I was refused the chance to do trainings to get back into working, even after volunteering).  I was the only one shortlisted from LEYF, for the post of Lead Early Years Practitioner on the 21st November 2011. But not considered good enough for the position despite mentoring some of my colleagues. I started at LEYF in 2009 with a Foundation Degree in Early Years. Despite wanting to go further with my qualifications, was not afforded the opportunity (17. LS Supervision with Julie’s recommendations).

After this set back which affected me badly, I accepted that I would not be going any further in my professional career and decided to just continue doing my best to prepare for my retirement. At least I had to be thankful for having a job, provided by LEYF. I could understand Suzan’s frustration so wrote her a reference when she asked for my details to give to prospective employers.  I believe in Equal Opportunity for everyone to use their God given talents and potentials to provide for their basic needs. (Edit: That’s why I never stop enhancing knowledge

I spent my last few days at Luton Street ensuring all my paper works was done re Children’s Learning Journey, Transfer to School documents, etc. And helped my colleagues with any backlogs they had (see Job Title). (Edit: I was the SENCO, EYFS Coordinator and Multigenerational Working Approach Facillitator at Luton Street. I was strip of my status before I transfer from LS, But was still doing the work until I resigned at New Cross). My work is a testament to my contributions at Luton Street. As when other LEYF Staff meet me at events like the BBQ at New Cross, 7th August 2015, etc. They recognised my name Mervelee Myers because it’s on my work in Luton Street.

The CEO once asked to take one of my Homemade Books (18. See copy) in Luton Street to build on, as a Teaching and Learning Tool for the organisation. This was after I’d promoted my work to the SKY News Team that visited Luton Street (19. SKY News photo). I walked on the street and people recognised me from the television programmes, Sky%20news. But I didn’t see the programme because I don’t have SKY. (Edit: It’s only since researching that I realise that some of my work is in cyberspace. This is as a result of me having account and have been publishing on social media from I joined Facebook in February 2010).

I have always applied my knowledge and expertise in supporting and promoting LEYF in becoming a beacon in the early years sector from I started. I know how much I had to be thankful, I got a job when I was down on my luck. I believe my gratitude has now come back to haunt me because some LEYF Big Wigs at CO want rid of me. Thanks to the recommendation of Alev Sagnak a former colleague who worked with me for another organisation, I got the job. Because my reputation as a professional with a vision who likes to work from a shared vision is well known

She came for me to help her with her work when she was studying for her Foundation Degree. Alev wanted me to be her mentor, as I’d done mentoring trainings for LEYF to mentor LEYF staff studying. Maria Freeman did not sanction it, saying the most derogatory things about me from hearsay. Maria Freeman was prejudiced against me and that’s how the system work in LEYF.

Flexible Working:

I covered at other LEYF nurseries re my Contract. The following are some of the LEYF nurseries that I covered: Holcroft, Carlton Hill, Mickey Star, Lisson Green, House of Commons, Queens Borough, Queens Park, Noah’s Ark and Playhouse. I was surprised when Joelle Lax who I learned was one of the youngest LEYF managers walked into Fitzrovia and recognised me immediately. We worked together when she was only a teenager at Lambeth Walk Day Nursery when I first left Lambeth College in July 1999 straight into working. When the problems started at Fitzrovia she told me she could not comment, but that there were advice to be had.

Maria Freeman told me when we had the meeting for my transfer to Luton Street that Joelle Lax spoke up on my behalf that’s why she decided to transfer me to Luton Street. But when Joelle was on the Disciplinary Hearing Panel (20. Hearing Outcome), she was changed. I was not surprised, you either changed to fit in or you pack up and flee like others do. Some are still at LEYF because they have nowhere else to turn. We all have to earn a living to provide for our basic needs because they have been treated similar to me (21. chef Gloria who stood up for me at BIB).

I attended Trainings at the following: Marsham Street, Queens Park, Catherine Bruce and Mickey Star. (Edit: My CV can be viewed online, just like the ET online judgement that destroyed any chance of me getting back into employment. That’s why I will be demanding my intellectual property from http:Darvell%20School via for the way they have joined in to discriminate against me indirectly).

Held Prisoner:

BIB became my prison from October 2014, the same month I was given a Long Service Award (22. CEO LSA – 15.10.2014) until I was pushed out, a broken person on the 16th March 2015 to House Of Commons Nursery by Hilda Miller & Lynne Kelly. I was prisoner at HOC for 2 weeks, treated like an apprentice before HR Dilys Epton came to a meeting, adding insults to injury the way she treated and tricked me into signing up to be sent to Occupational Health. Although I argued that I knew about Occupational Health (see Self-Referral re KINGS) when I done a protected act. I knew I had to comply because of the contract.

In the end Dilys Epton told me she was not there to trick me, but that’s exactly what she did. She told me she was sending me home with pay to rest from my ordealsLying and tricking workers are endemic in the work places. I am saying without prejudice that LEYF already have their Written Outcomes, prepared and waiting for anyone whom they are tired of and want to get rid of.  I was destined to spend 22nd June 2015 – 22nd September 2015 at New Cross Community Nursery in the Lion’s Den where I was getting attacked left right and centre. I was lucky to come out alive, however my health have been adversely affected from the onslaught.

Another Suspension:

One Tuesday 22nd September 2015 after having to stay home again to sort out my husband who was getting hypos every morning. When I got in, Marion Breslin asked me to go to Central Office to see Neil King for a chat. I was sent on another suspension when I decided not to be bullied, harassed and intimidated by Neil King in the presence of Dilys Epton.  I could not understand the reasons for another suspension since Hilda Miller came to BIB to try to get me on Social Media policy on a number of occasions. When she could not come up with any evidence I’d breached the Social Media Policy & Procedures, she said I should remove everything with LEYF and not to say I work with LEYF.

I’d joined Professional Social Media Networking at the insistence of the CEO who wanted LEYF staff to contribute to her BLOGS via my manager Julie at Luton Street (23. CEO copy). I discovered other sites where I could participate in sharing my knowledge and expertise. I’d been promoting my work on Facebook prior to joining LinkedIn.

I joined Facebook before I was aware of LEYF P&P about SM that affected my CONTRACT.  (Edit: As I informed the ET, the contract was not reviewed and updated in line with the changes in the Rules of Law, in particularly the Equality Act 2010). However I’d adhered to ethical guidelines getting permission about postings I made from colleagues. (Edit: That’s why I could challenge when they got Facebook and Twitter Legal Team to contact me once the ET reserve judgement was posted online. Some of my colleagues told me they did not wish to be on SM, so I ensured they were not included (24. LS chef Marcia Girvan leaving do).

I was instrumental using Social Media to publish the work I do at Luton Street, writing articles that got published in Nursery World. In 2011 when I visited Jamaica, I get my son who was becoming famous as a FIFA Referee to endorse my LS colleagues (25. Son’s endorsements). At Luton Street, we were proud of each other’s accomplishments and that is the ethos I am familiar with. Not the kind that I experienced at BIB that area manager Hilda Miller introduced and CO sanctioned.

There were new breed of people joining LEYF. They had their own agendas or the new agenda that LEYF started implementing and promoting to take over the UK Early Years Sector.  By this time I was publishing on LinkedIn and was sharing my knowledge and expertise about implementing and promoting best inclusive practice on the Nursery World Forum where the CEO is one of the main contributors. However Hilda Miller told me I should not say I work for LEYF and to take down everything. LEYF did not provide any evidence that I’d breached the Social Media P&P at this stage, and never can.

When LEYF could not find evidence, BIB started using other ploys to get me sacked. Most of what was been done they discussed it amongst themselves in “Brainstorming Sessions” and got back to me. Benedicte Siewe said she was not working with me and threatened to resign. The manager Lynne Kelly promised her that she would get LEYF to sack me (see Memo to Staff). So hence Nicola started with the banana eating incident. (Edit: See the bundles for the discrimination on the grounds of Ageism, Beliefs, Racism and Disabilities. Yet Judge Martin rejected my Racism claims repeatedly. And more shocking, the EAT Judge Clarke was informed that the Racism claims was tried).

We went to Mewe’s leaving do and as an aspiring photographer, took photos that I shared with those who gave me their email addresses. We went to the BIB Staff Christmas Party and photos were exchanged which I posted to SM. Photographs I’d taken were used on LEYF websites (26. CEO letter November 2014 re Theresa). I took the photos and leave the other aspects to the manager, the same like I’d done with work I was asked to do re my (Job Title see Contract – JW note).

After attending Rumi’s wedding I guess BS thought by going back to spread gossips about me, she would eventually get me sacked, but I stood my grounds defending myself. The whole BIB team including Nicola’s 3 were drafted in to discriminate against me. Only the chef Gloria listened to her conscience and paid the price for supporting me.

Discrimination on basis of RACE & DISABILITY & AGE:

Targeting Gloria:

The chef, Gloria did not agree to lie despite Lynne Kelly and Hilda Miller asking her to lie and write statements to this effect.

Thereafter Lynne and Carol set her up making all sorts of claims (see Memo to Staff). LK included all the staff to cover up the discriminations against Gloria and me, copying in the CEO, Rashid Iqbal and Hilda Miller. There was an incident when LK tried to provoke Gloria, ordering her to do a job, but Gloria was busy doing something else in the kitchen. To avert the confrontations, I offered and took the things to the Baby Room.

There was another incident when Gloria’s daughter came to see her. I was on my break and using the computer to do my work as is the norm for me. LK followed Gloria’s daughter into the kitchen and was shouting at her. I could hear Gloria talking to her daughter in their “Mother Tongue”, so I got up and told the young lady to listen to her mum. The young lady was very upset and this was not the first time I’d seen her visiting her mum. But I don’t know what had caused the changes. Later on I see Gloria talking on her phone and crying.

When Gloria was off sick, Lynne and Carol changed the kitchen and staff room area around. When Gloria came back to work she said her locker was broken into. So there was nowhere secured to leave her “Personal Belongings”. She carry her mobile phone to put in the computer cabinet’s draw.

The next thing I heard was Gloria was SUSPENDED – Lynne and Carol set her up that she stole food. The food was presumable found in the locker that both Carol & LK had broken when Gloria was off sick. Gloria ended up getting a Disciplinary before me just for standing up for me and not lying to get me SACKED. I was interviewed as a witness by one of LEYF manager who is of the same race as Gloria and myself – black by Michelle on 11th March 2015 at BIB, same evening of the training.

Ricky the Agency Staff:

Ricky report BIB to LEYF about inappropriate practice she witnessed and she was told LEYF would investigate. That was just to keep Ricky quiet, so they send Michelle to question me about the incident with Gloria and Lynne that I’d witnessed when Gloria’s daughter visited the nursery. Without prejudice, I believe LEYF only whitewash things to pull the wool over people’s eyes, so it seems as if they are acting on concerns raised. LEYF already have the outcomes written and waiting to deliver. (Edit: Read the reviews on the website).

I’d recommended Ricky to apply for a position with LEYF and told LK about it. I’d seen Ricky’s potential from the first day she came to cover at BIB.

After Ricky the Supply Staff witnessed an incident where another colleague was crying in front of the children, she reported to CO about the inappropriate practice and was told they would come to do an investigation. Michelle manager from Stockwell came to do the investigation on 11th March 2015 but it had nothing to do with what the Supply Staff reported, but about the chef Gloria.

Lynne made sure Ricky did not come back to BIB. I heard Ricky asking if she was going to need her and Lynne said no, but there was a new Supply Staff next day. I was informed that is how Lynne operated as soon as anyone raised concerns. There was a training on the day Michelle came to do the investigations. I was surprised to hear LK using the same ideas in the training that she told me could not be done spontaneously and for which she did not want to hear what I had to say (see Staff Meeting Minutes).

HR Dilys Epton:  

Dilys was drawn in to harass and intimidate me to gather evidence that I breached the CONTRACT. More allegations were made by Nicola’s Staff (White & Asian) who were training at BIB to Lynne about the way I spoke to children.

I was warned about and given a copy of Behaviour Management Policy by Dilys in the presence of Lynne Kelly. I denied the allegations, but to have another allegations after prior experiences which caused me to develop “Mental Health Issues in 2008” were taking a toll on my health. I spoke to and put my concerns to Lynne Kelly and Dilys Epton in writing throughout my ordeals, about the effects. During such crisis I am never myself and break down not being able to cope. (Edit: I have had a nervous breakdown at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Hence the reason I became oart of Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper).

My file contains my Health History, but it went missing after I transferred from LS in July 2014. LEYF began to act as if they had no knowledge about my Disability.

Dilys offered me to take out a Grievance, but because I know the implications for taking one out, I did not. BIB had already collected written statements about alleged misconducts. Everything happening to me was only in my head along with the warnings I was getting about the plots BIB were making to SACK me, I could not take chances. I declined the offer of the Grievance because even if I’d considered it, Dilys was not giving me enough time to prepare my arguments (27. LEYF P&P Grievance).

As an afterthought Dilys came back to offer to send the manager information about Counselling when she saw how upset I was about the allegations, but I never got it (28. Email Dilys re Counselling 14.3.15). I believe I had gone through all the P&P re the CONTRACT and no evidence was found that I’d breached any. Hence the reasons for the (29. Disciplinary Hearing & Appeal Outcomes) was for the Investigations that followed the Complaints.

When I was on Medical Suspension, I used my time wisely familiarising myself with “The Equality Act 2010”. Without prejudice I must confess that I am more knowledgeable about the Employment Laws than some of LEYF CO staff.

I did not take up the Grievance I was offered by Dilys because LEYF thought they could then get me for breaching the CONTRACT. I was provoked and frustrated on a daily basis (30. Deputy’s Memo & Note in Cupboard). I still refused to do anything to let them get the evidence BIB was looking for to get me SACKED. (Edit: Whilst on Medical Suspension some of my social media postings were used on websites

New Deputy at BIB:

Part of the complaints by Deputy Jyoti was an incident that happened ages before (31. Jyoti Investigation Report).

As a New Deputy who claimed she was not given an induction, I was the one as a Senior LEYF staff with 5+ years of service supporting her transition to BIB (32. Duty Manager’s Induction).  Even if there were concerns, as they all complained about, nothing was done by the manager Lynne Kelly to address any of these matters. The first I became aware of some of the concerns about issues raised was when I got the letter after being sent home from HOC on the 27th March on Medical Suspension. (Edit: Refer to Jyoti Sharma’s review on LEYF website. They have been there from March 2016).

Throughout the time 5th January 2015 – 27th March 2015 when I was sent home on Medical Suspension, there was no proof I’d breached any of the P&P re my CONTRACT.

After the Appeal I thought LEYF would implement the Sanction as everything was done to frustrate and provoke me to act like they claimed I am in the Sanction (see copy).

New Cross Allegations re: Discriminations Started: 

From the allegation (33. Notes & emails to Neil Best) was made by Crisella at New Cross, at the end of June 2015, that was the start of the discriminations. Deputy Emma claimed she was new and in training and had to take instructions from Hilda Miller. After Crisella’s allegations Emma started treating me unfairly, so without prejudice I am claiming she was put up to this by Hilda Miller. (Edit: See notes about meeting at New Cross on the 18th September 2015. On the 19th at Middlesex University, the CEO-MBE claimed not to recognise me).

I can’t understand the grounds for another Suspension about Social Media P&P that I’d gone through before. Without prejudice I think LEYF was using the suspension to further break me down. The OH doctor’s Report that declared me fit to go back to work commented about the impact the Disciplinary was having on my Health (34. OH Doc Report).

I attended conference sponsored by LEYF et al at Middlesex University on 17th August 2015 where I managed to get more professionals, Professors Chris Pascal & Tony Bertram (35. Photos) to connect with me on Social Media. Although LEYF, CO staff were visiting my LinkedIn, some anonymously, none of their Big Wigs did not ask to connect with me. I have some former LEYF staff as well as current staff as links however.

But as soon as the Professors – Pascal & Bertram commented about me sharing my vision and gave me encouragements, Dilys Epton decided to send me a request to connect (36. 22nd September 2015), but I have not accepted after the way she and LEYF treated me and she was visiting my SM for what I don’t know. That is why I cannot understand the reason why I was not dismissed re the Sanction of Final Written Warning. Why did I have to be suspended again? I can only conclude from what took place at the meeting at CO on the 22nd September when Neil King produced a copy from my Facebook and began to interrogate me.

(Edit: It has been proven that by breaking into my Facebook and other social media, LEYF has breached the Rules of Law. Refer to the GDPR 25 May 2018. How is LEYF showing they are implementing the GDPR? They did not update the contract I signed in line with the Equality Act 2010). When Neil King tried to force me into writing a resignation, he kept asking if I was going to write anything. I explained that because of my Chronic Anxiety, when I am in an agitated state like I was I am unable to write legibly (37. GP Letter 2006,

Neil King kept on and on trying to brow beat me with his arguments when he produced the FB Page. I said he could put whatever interpretations he wanted on what I wrote as he wanted me to accept it was about LEYF and colleagues. By the time I am putting forth my arguments saying to Dilys Epton that she should make sure she WRITE down everything I am saying, DE said “Mervelee I am not writing anything”. I was telling Neil King that I know exactly how LEYF treated their staff once they wanted to get rid of them like what was being done to me, using Judy Vaughn a colleague at LS as reference.

By the time I could mention about my email to Dilys (see copy) and say the Union Rep Darren Mahon had brought it up at the Disciplinary Hearing and just disappeared in thin air Neil King got on the defensive and asked if I was saying LEYF contacted my UNION. I told him I never said any such thing, so he could put the same interpretations like he did from the print out from my FB. I told him I know they had no HUMANITY and what they are doing will be coming to light as the Pen is Mightier than the Sword and Might can’t beat Right. Neil asked if I was going to expose LEYF on SM, and I said I never said any such thing.

They left me telling me they giving me 5 minutes to think and came back in the room asking if I’d written anything. Dilys was subdued throughout the meeting. Neil King was bullying, harassing and intimidating me using the most derogatory language to describe me. I told him he is only adding more to whatever is already recorded in the Disciplinary/Appeal Hearing Outcomes & the Investigation Reports (see copies).

He told me I was suspended and asked how I felt about the suspension. I told him I did not care because I don’t understand why they wasting my time with another suspension and not SACK me as stated in the Final Written Warning. I asked if I was allowed to go and collect my stuff from New Cross and he said I was not allowed at LEYF premises. Neil King told me he would be sending me the terms of the Suspension in writing and I went home.

I received them by Recorded Delivery. Since LEYF started this campaign to get rid of me by fair or foul means I noticed that they started doing somethings like changing my address, and claiming they didn’t have a file for me. I found out from Marion at the supervision that Lynne said she never got a file from Luton Street for me. However I have copies of supervision I’d done with Julie the manager at LS. (Edit: Using Freedom of Information, Subject Access Request, LEYF put in writing that the only data they have for me is what I give them in the bundles. How did I come by them to give back to them?)

Reasonable Adjustments:  

I had only recently received my stuff that was left at BIB. Because LEYF/New Cross was not complying with the Reasonable Adjustments re my (38. Return to Work Agreement). I had brought in extra spare clothes in case I had an accident so I don’t lose my dignity. I realised that the Reasonable Adjustments that the OH doctor recommended and for which I further reinforced in my Grievance were not being adhered to at New Cross.

Despite being told that I would not be left on my own in circumstances where I might not be able to access the toilets. This was occurring on regular basis as no one wanted to take responsibility and be accountable. One day I was left on my own downstairs by Marion Breslin with the younger children with the telephone. There was no one to release me so I eventually had to call her to come so I could go to toilet. I’d developed Stress Incontinences resulting from the ill-treatment at BIB.

When I raised concerns about my return to work agreement, Marion claimed she was not informed and Hilda Miller came to keep meeting. But once these meetings were finished things went back to what they were, because no one bothered to pay attention to my needs. I was more of a hindrance and nuisance as far as LEYF was concerned at this time of my employment. Everything was been done to frustrate and provoke me into committing acts that they already labelled me with (see Appeal Hearing Outcome).

Constructive & Unfair Dismissal:

LEYF has been trying to find ways to SACK me from they started visiting BIB after Rumi’s wedding when BS went back and made mischiefs because she had her agenda. This was planned by Hilda Miller before I transferred from LS. Lynne Kelly & Nicola were responsible for ensuring the plans were put into place.

It’s only when I spoke to my brother about my situation that he pointed out that they could tell me not to come to work because I breached their (39. Baring & Disclosure P&P).  And that’s why they refused to renew my CRB/DBS and stated they did not have a file for me. This was after the manager Marion Breslin had a (40. Supervision) without adhering to the P&P and asked me some questions that I found rather strange.

Talking to my brother who is a teacher in the USA helped me to put somethings into perspectives and get a better understanding of how LEYF was trying to build a case against me despite me trying to keep the job so I could provide for my retirement. Even when my husband kept questioning why they changed the address on correspondences, it never ring a bell. I always treated people the way I expected to be treated and never thought of doing anything underhand, especially denying them food.

But LEYF was doing everything to deny me the chance to provide for my basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. I’d explained to Dilys the nature of my childhood experiences of growing up in poverty, because my dad took sick from an early age. I always thought I had dad’s Parkinsons and would be unable to work to provide for myself and told her working keeps me going and a purpose to live for. I told her I thought I’d not be able to provide for myself, but was lucky to be working at my age.

I’d started applying for jobs after the allegations were made by Crisella, but evaluated my situation and decided to wait until after I’d done the (41. Counselling) because I know I’d be needing time off from work and I was not expecting to get that from a new employer.


I was sent correspondence by registered mail 24th September 2015 again with address altered which I collected. The Post Office wrote on it “Required Number in red”. I only get these mails with the address altered when LEYF is trying to prove I’d withheld information about my status from them.

I received an email from Alison Stokes, Operations Manager saying she would be investigating. I intended to attend, but had to tender my (42. Resignation) before I could do so. I was having a crisis brought on by my Chronic Anxiety resulting in a Nervous Breakdown.

I later got an (43. email & letter) from LEYF solicitors making certain demands of me. As soon as I was fit enough after my near Nervous Break Down, I addressed the Solicitors letter, attaching a few relevant details (44. Solicitor’s Response Letter).

I sent out 4 Open Letters to Government, Daily Newspaper, Union and the LEYF Solicitors addressing my plights. I got response from the Government, but not the others. However I think LEYF Solicitors have contacted them about my letter.

After I tendered my resignation, the story was doing the rounds that LEYF SACKED me.

The story was later changed after I sent the letter to LEYF solicitors to me leaving to work with older children.

The colleague who recommended me was later told I’d left the company when she attended New Cross for training and asked for me.

The latest I am hearing is that I am making trouble and LEYF is going to sue me. So I am waiting!

I had attended an interview for post of Teaching Assistant at a Primary School, but never got the position. However I got feedback and was not surprised because I’ve been blacklisted and networked against since I done a protected act in 2008.

I never let that put me off however because as I told Dilys when she visited HOC on 27th March 2015, work keeps me going.  I was engaged in finding work, signing with agencies, signing up for Job Seekers Allowance, putting my CV online and applying for more jobs.

But because I have to explain why I had to resign, some employers prefer to judge me and I am guessing they have gone back to do their research and is discriminating against me subconsciously for doing a “protected act in 2008.

I got an (45. Email) from DBS about an online DBS that was withdrawn, but I never applied for it. I forwarded it to the Union and LEYF solicitors. LEYF solicitors have not contacted me since I sent the letter responding to their threats.

I had contacted my Union asking for advice re my resignation and was asked to send documentations from the Appeal Outcome. Although the Union have documentations I still resend and added more, but they never responded until I forward the email from DBS office.

I can’t make sense of anything the (46. Union letter) is telling me about my situation. From them advising me not to appeal the Disciplinary, I can’t see how I can trust VOICE to represent me in any way without selling me out.

The Union Rep Darren Mahon told me he done his research and could get me a PACKAGE and after he left me to get back in touch, he disappeared without trace. Neil King got defensive when I mentioned his name at CO on the 22nd September 2015, so can only assume without prejudice that LEYF contacted VOICE as he said.

Hence the reasons also LEYF was quick to get their solicitors to put another gag on me to stop me exposing how they discriminate against their workers because of their PREJUDICES (see email & letter).

Direct & Indirect Discriminations continued at New Cross:

I started at New Cross on the 2nd June 2015, I told the 2 deputies Louise and Emma my CRB was expiring in July and keep reminding them.

Whilst on Medical Suspension I’d applied to train as a volunteer so done a CRB for Resources for Autism (47 CRB/DBS 16 June 2015). I knew I was covered.

But by not renewing my DBS, LEYF breached OFSTED, the Government and their own Barring & Disclosures P&P guidelines. LEYF done this when BIB manager Lynne Kelly claimed she had concerns about me and Hilda Miller sent me to HOC.

Anyone working at HOC has to be Security Checked and LEYF sent me there to work and the manager treated me like a criminal. On the 27th March 2015 she escorted me out of the building claiming Security was very High and HOC was on Alert (48. Security Pass). Why did LEYF fail to adhere to current laws and legislations?

At the end of June Crisella one of my colleagues made allegations against me (see Reports to Neil Best), to Deputy Emma. I knew she was put up to doing this because they intended to get me out, but because Gloria & I raised Racism at BIB, they were using her to counteract my arguments. Both of us are Jamaican and she was always there winding me up and I told her many times how what she was doing to me was affecting me.

I am more qualified than Crisella and most of the staff but I was treated like an Apprentice to frustrate and provoke me into acting out of character before the 6 months was up that they sanctioned me for in the Appeal Outcome (see Disciplinary AO).

By this time I felt trapped and started looking for jobs to get out of the terrible environment that New Cross was becoming.

But at the same time I am thinking I am on waiting list for counselling (49. Counselling Schedule) and which new employers would facilitate my needs. I said I’d stick it out until after the counselling and try making a fresh start.

I went to the Citizen Advice Bureau and asked for advice about my situation. I was told to hold my head down, do my work, cross the t’s and dot the I’s but not to let them get me on safeguarding or that would be the end of me. I was told if I am not happy my Union should get me a Package.

Darren Mahon had told me that as well but he disappeared after accompanying me to the Disciplinary Hearing. And after Andy Garwood came to the Appeal Voice had dumped me before when the solicitor Arwen Makin called me not to appeal. I had to pay for a professional support and do the work myself as Voice was only interested in making me out to be who they said I am in the Disciplinary.

Without prejudice, I believe LEYF paid off the union to tell me not to appeal. But this is nothing new to me as the same thing happened before and no one was willing to represent me with my case.

The solicitors used delaying tactics, said they didn’t get documentations I sent and made an offer of a settlement to reach me on the day I was leaving for court. I never had time to read and make a decision.

Hilda Miller:

I went to my NHS appointment on the 10th September 2015, I wasn’t feeling myself and the information stated one can be affected up to 6 hours after, but knowing the situation with staffing I willed myself to go in. I was in the preschool room when Emma come to tell me Hilda Miller wanted to see me in the office.

Yet again I was being treated like when I first started at Fitzrovia by Maria Freeman. When I transferred to LS and applied for a transfer to HOC when it opened, Maria Freeman & Dilys Epton came to interrogate me. But all I did was apply for a post that was advertised in the public domain to work closer to home to help meet my husbands and my “Progressive Health Conditions” needs. Hilda Miller started at BIB and was following up at New Cross.

I went and Hilda and Louise were already in the room. Hilda set out to try harass, bully and intimidate me saying lots of foolishness that I heard before giving me ultimatums. I should not talk to Emma without Louise present because I was bullying Emma.

I should not send emails, talk about my work at LEYF, etc, because HM claimed I was making derogatory comments and dismissive of authority. I asked how I was supposed to communicate if I am not to talk nor write and HM said she and everyone else at LEYF knows me as well. I told her if I do not respond they have other labels to tag me with and if I respond they will still find faults with me.

She was very patronising, talking down to me, telling since I know everything I should know I am not allowed to change or be alone with the children.

When I asked why they did not respond to my request to send me a link to update my CRB/DBS she said it was sent in June, I should check my junk mail.

I checked when I got home way back to when I started on 2nd June 2015, but there was no link.

I told Hilda Miller because of my Chronic Anxiety what she was doing to me was making me sick.

All she did was kept on taunting me saying “Mervelee you are SICK so go to your doctor and tell him to give you a letter saying you are SICK”.

Without prejudice, I realised I was in the presence of a deranged woman so leave her because if I meet her outside I’d cuss her that fly would blow her, and John Crow would not stop by her,  but I dared not in LEYF premises. I had reached the end of my tether by now and all the provocations and frustrations were impacting adversely on my personal and professional life. Being cooped up at work for 8 hours under extreme pressure, meant I had to find some ways to get rid of the pressures. But I held unto it at work and released it as soon as I get out.

I listened to Hilda Miller and when it was my turn, made sure she listened to me despite her disrespecting me saying she needed to go and did not have time to listen to me.

So I wished her happy departure to go in the most professional of manner.

At the end of my shift – late Louise said she wanted to talk to me. Louise was pleading that Hilda is their manager and they were my managers so I need to accept whatever she say. I told Louise I was not scared of Hilda Miller and remembered being told by Maria Freeman when I started that whatever your manager order you to do you must do. When I asked even if they are wrong she said yes.

Louise asked me to bring my CRB from Resources for Autism to copy to put on my file and I refused. But I don’t even have a file, from I left Luton Street one cannot be found.

At the supervision 28th August 2015, Marion told me Lynne Kelly said she never received one from LS.

I was reliably informed that Hilda Miller complained to CO that no one had ever spoken to her the way I did on the 10th September 2015 and she was not prepared to work with me as area manager. Since no other area manager agreed to have me, that’s why I understand I was called to CO to see if they could trick me into resigning.

The funny thing about all these LEYF people is they can dish the dirt, but can’t take it. If you stand up to them and challenge them they have to find ways fair, foul or otherwise to get rid of you. So despite them thinking they could get rid of me by making false allegations, I am showing LEYF I was brought up with good moral principles that I will not abandon just to be in with cronies and cliques who sold out their souls.

There was another time when they were having trainings and Hilda Miller came up to my face, invading my space telling me to stop what I was doing and take over from the Supply Staff. This is because HM claims, she didn’t seem to know what she was doing. I still don’t know how I was held responsible for them bringing staff into the setting that didn’t what they were doing but I was, as I am always the scapegoat.

The only reasons Agency Staff was there was because LEYF did not renew my DBS and started treating me like a criminal.

I know Hilda Miller was just trying to provoke me for me to act out of character as they labelled me in the Disciplinary Hearing so she could have 30 witnesses to say I told you so. I complied with her orders as I wasn’t playing their games.

I was present when Deputy Emma called Lynne Kelly back to close the door. LK walked out behind HM leaving the door wide opened and Marion & Emma tried to get me on Safeguarding saying I did not sign in. When I clarified and laid the blame where it belong, Marion tried the leaving gate opened excuses (see 3rd Party).

On Friday 3rd September 2015 I wanted to know my shift since I did not have time to check the rota so asked Louise who wasn’t sure. I got home realised I was in the shift rota for my appointment on the 10th September, so sent an email for them to sort it out before the date. I also sent a reminder about the link for my DBS, since I’d spoken to Marion on the 28th August and the matter wasn’t addressed by CO to my knowledge (50. Email re Shift & DBS).

Monday 7th September 2015 Emma came to tell me when she was going home I could have changed shift with Crisella. But I did not want to do anything to make them say I was overriding or being dismissive of authority. Everyone seem to have a problem when I talk about my concerns and by this time I was tired of being labelled and stereotyped.

Tuesday at about 2.50 Crisella said a child needed changing so I offered to do the changing only for Crisella to tell me she has to do it, I am not allowed to change or be on my own with the children. She got jittery and started saying I should not let Emma know she told me. I never reacted in anyway but was vexed because Emma did not handle the matter professionally as the deputy manager who received the email from the morning. Emma and Crisella were gossiping, making judgements about me although I’d given prior warnings about my DBS expiring. Now they were treating me like a criminal.

I had a CRB, and it was no fault of my own I did not have one for LEYF. And after 6 years working for them this was the way they could treat me. I got home and send another email (51. Email re 3rd Party).

A new staff Emma who was on probation and did not yet get her DBS owing to the fact she had changed her name was allowed to be on her own and change the children and I was treated like a paedophile after 6 years of service. Imagine how that made me feel.

Obviously there was a whispering campaign going on where everyone was given their instructions about how I was to be treated. I was in the preschool room one day, there was a parent settling her child and Selina walked into the room as the child’s key person.

They were getting ready to go outside when Selina shouted at the top of her voice “REMEMBER MERVELEE SHOULD NOT BE LEFT ON HER OWN OR TO CHANGE THE CHILDREN”.  After that the parent kept watching my every movements. I felt embarrassed but couldn’t do anything at the time. I waited until after the parent left called the attention of the staff in the room and asked them to be careful what they say in the presence of the parents, in particular the new settlers.

I was having problems at home because my husband was having hypo every day, so l was not getting enough rest and having to come into work to face what was happening to me was taking a toll on my health.

Both my husband and I were coping well with our “progressive health conditions” that I no longer had to ask for flexible shifts (see supervision report at New Cross). But matters took a turn for the worse once he started worrying about me again.

After my meeting at CO with Neil King & Dilys Epton and I was sent home on another Suspension, I started thinking seriously that I could no longer work with LEYF after trying for over a year to hang on to my job, giving up my rights to be treated fairly. I started seriously looking for jobs to gain employment.

At home I realised I was having a Nervous Breakdown on Sunday 27th September 2015 and after consultations with my brother and sister-in-law in the USA, both of whom are teachers, I was advised to resign for the sake of mine and my husband’s health. No job was worth losing my life over.

At New Cross the news was doing the rounds that they sacked me, but changed after that I had gone to work with older children. I applied for post as Teaching Assistant at a Primary School so the school must have contacted them for reference.

I saw a parent when I went for another interview in Deptford who was telling me about the inappropriate practice at New Cross since I left, no continuity, familiarity and consistency as they have up to 5 Supply Staff and they are not always the same persons.

This was endemic in the workforce and not only inclusive of LEYF.

When I had the first supervision meeting with New Cross manager Marion Breslin on the 28th August 2015 (see Supervision copy). I never got any prior warning to prepare as per the Supervision Policy. But by this time I didn’t question anything, I just complied with any demands. I was no longer treated like my colleagues and just have to put up with the unfair treatments as I wanted to keep my job.

Marion told me BIB manager Lynne Kelly said she never received my file from Luton Street. Marion was asking me what was in my file and if I had done any supervisions with Julie Weiss. I have some of the documents that is supposed to be in my missing file, because I adhered to a “DEFENSIVE PRACTICE” to back up myself especially since my horrible experiences that had such impacts on my health and well-being 2003 – 2008.

Baring & Disclosure:

I found my position at LEYF untenable as I could no longer cope with the DISCRIMINATION that was affecting every aspects of my personal and professional life. Therefore I am assuming without prejudice that LEYF continued trying to find grounds to SACK me claiming I withheld information from them. LEYF break the laws by impersonating me verifying documents when applying for a DBS for me online using my email address.

LEYF kept on refusing when I asked them to from 2nd June 2015 when I resumed working after medical suspension, because they had a plot to destroy me that back fired (52. DBS email).  Although the Union claimed LEYF is within their rights to apply for a DBS on my behalf. Surely I have to present documentations to be verified and I was not asked.

LEYF claimed they did not have a file for me after I left Luton Street and started falsifying some of my information in their plot to ruin my character and blacken my good name. And could this be the reasons that it was hastily withdrawn when I resigned and contacted their solicitor after the threatening email & letter.

I wrote the solicitor sending a few relevant documents asking them to get the truth about the situation between LEYF and I out in the open. Why I do not have a file after 6 years working at LEYF. Why my CRB/DBS was not renewed after I give them enough warning about its expiration. Why nothing was done about all the concerns brought out in the investigations. Why wasn’t anything done about my concerns at BIB & New Cross.

They were having concerns about me (see Investigation Reports by Isabel Glen) yet CEO and Trustees attended the setting as late as 28th January 2015 giving me permission to continue doing what I always done from I started at LEYF (see Contract Job Description) and none of the concerns brought out in the Investigation Report were not flagged. Now who is fooling whom and taking each other for an idiot.

I have not heard from the solicitor who was quick to send threatening letter, again yet. I am waiting because they will be exposed too along with the Union. I have enough of being DISCRIMINATED against.

I complied with the laws of the land. Therefore LEYF won’t get away with treating me like a paedophile, ruining my health and family life and my prospects of providing for my old age. I told Dilys work is what keeps me going, but they ruined all that for me and I will have to start all over from scratch rebuilding my life. Constructive Dismissal.

Who is going to make up for the Pension shortfall and compensate me for the way they made my husband and I suffered for 12 months like the length of the sanctions they gave me hoping to destroy me with a long slow death. Discrimination on the grounds of Disability.

I realised since dealing with this matter how much LEYF is prepared to abuse their power of authority, hiding behind the fine prints of the CONTRACT I signed. In writing a negative reference I am finding it hard to get a job to pay me in line with what I am worth.

There are more employers with similar mind-sets to LEYF who think nothing of exploiting the vulnerable. Despite my qualifications, years of dedicated services and my loyalty to LEYF they think nothing of sacrificing me on the say so of persons new to LEYF. The plans must have been hatched before I left Luton Street for BIB.

Once I arrived BIB team, Nicola & her 3 team, Hilda Miller and CO team who see me as threats to their incompetence carried out the plans. The unfair treatments continued at New Cross to unstable me, until I was forced to resign for my emotional health, wellbeing and not to die early like my dad.   Discrimination on the grounds of Disability, Race and Age.

There are lots of CO staff who are ignorant persons in leadership position in LEYF and got their jobs because of cronyisms, figureheads and undermining.  Some have absolutely no knowledge about the various employment laws as they relate to the Rights of the Employees.

That is one of the main reasons some of them take a personal dislike of me, because by implementing and promoting best inclusive practice I am showing them up. But it’s not my fault because I always bend over backwards to do everything in my power to be of service in every way I am requested. But it’s unfair to give up some of the best years of my life to LEYF without getting any credit. Discrimination on the grounds of Age.

That’s why they have problems with me establishing myself on Social Media showcasing my creativity and talents (53. SM Profiles). I use SM as part of my Continuing Personal Professional Development Plan (CPPDP) and I did not sign away this right as part of the Contract.

Central Office Staff:

The next time I was in the company of the CEO was on the 17th August 2015 at the #BigChildCareConversation at Middlesex University. This time I am sure the CEO deliberately snubbed me, by coming to where I was to talk to a group of her Big Wigs LEYF Colleagues. She turned her back to me and chatted with them. I waited until she’d finished and called out to her and she had the nerves to act as if she didn’t see me, saying so.

However the CEO wasn’t the only LEYF staff who pretended they didn’t see me. This is the way I got treated from October 2014 at BIB and I am assuming without prejudice that LEYF staff were instructed to treat me unfairly.

But being the professional that I am, who is keen to expand my Social Media Networking and enhancing my Continuing Personal Professional Development Plan (CPPDP) I was interacting and socialising with everyone.

I met professors Chris Pascal and Tony Bertram who I told about my vision. They assured me I could accomplish my dream to get my SEND Teacher Qualifications. This was placed in the public domain on LinkedIn. Thereafter the campaign to get rid of me moved up a gear to frustrate and provoke me.

Although LEYF staff told me not to say I worked with LEYF and I should take down and delete everything I have on Social Media, I am the only one they were treating this way. LEYF was all over my SM, some anonymously.

Yet Dilys Epton only send request to me after professor Bertram did and I refused to acknowledge her request. Because she & others have been snooping for a long time culminating in LEYF Solicitors sending me threatening email and letter (see LEYF solicitors email & letter).  They were trying to collect evidence I’d breached their Social Media P&P and this has been going on from 5th January 2015 after I attended Rumi’s wedding and Benedicte Siewe put the plans to SACK me in place by making false allegations (see IR by Isabel Glen).

I was told by HM not to say I work with LEYF and was declared unprofessional (see Disciplinary Hearing Outcomes). Yet I am this person who they negatively described in the Disciplinary Hearing as being Uncooperative, Rude, and Unprofessional, Confrontational, Intimidating and worse of all Lacking Empathy.

However my work bears testament to my professionalisms in every aspects of my personal and professional life (see colleagues & parents references, graduation invites, colleague’s leaving book, manager’s note, CEO letters, other communities of practice endorsements, etc..).

When the CEO visited at New Cross on occasions after they couldn’t get rid of me at BIB, she did not have time for me like before, when I was at LS & BIB. But I keep things in my stride, I’d gotten used to rejections.

The CEO lied to me on the 28th January 2015 and tried to set me up with the fine prints in the letter she wrote about me writing article for LEYF Bulletins. She even asked to be photographed with me.

By the time of the BBQ 7th August 2015, she no longer knew my name and I was reduced to Hi. Feeling rejected by most of the persons at the BBQ, I went and joined the Steel Band (54. Photos of Steel Band).

By this time I was aware that the CEO was involved in plotting against me and I felt truly devastated and couldn’t come to terms with the deceit.

Despite me building up a network on LinkedIn, LEYF continued their plot of DISCRIMINATION to get me SACKED. And after trying for a year, I could not take any more. No job is worth what I went through. I was not the only one affected, my husband and my family were. When I had a crisis I’d have to call my family abroad to get support I could not have gotten otherwise.

I have finally given them what they want by resigning, and still they are doing everything to stop me getting on in life (55. References). I worked with LEYF for 6 years and this is the reference Dilys Epton can write for me. She told people that it is for the addressee only, so I am assuming without prejudice that Dilys do not know that I am entitled to see my references.

Look at the differences in the references written by some parents with whom I worked with briefly and Dilys’ reference and tell me who is deluding whom (see colleagues & parents references).


Becoming a Prisoner:

Marsham Street became my prison when they keep calling me up for meetings and I was treated like a mad person, less than an animal, labelled, ridiculed and stereotyped to the point where I felt traumatised each time I had to go there. So I found myself a security blanket in the form of my T-shirt to protect myself (56. Photo of me in T-Shirt).

As a person who is proud of my identity, heritage and cultural roots (see correspondences – OH Letters, Appeal Hearing, and Return to Work).

Each time I attended these meetings I came away feeling a lesser person (see correspondences – 15th January 2015 – 19). Then if I speak up for my rights I was treated unfairly and forced to resign (see Resignation).

I don’t know if it was my imagination, but 1 day I attended trainings and saw a photo of me hung up outside the entrance to the bathroom. I could almost swear that the photo was not there before and only hung there after the trouble started.

I said to myself after they caused me to have stress incontinences, they are telling me exactly where I belong after 5+ years of implacable services when I gave of my best. By placing my photo where I couldn’t miss it.

A powerful message indeed (57. Copy of photo), Mervelee Myers place is in the toilets!

I was transferred to Bird In Bush on 23rd July 2014 after putting in a request on health grounds after developing Progressive Health Conditions for a transfer. I heard about a new nursery opening in Brixton and asked to be transferred there because I once lived in Brixton area.

However I was been forced to take up a transfer to HOC, by one of the area manager Tina, but I declined. Although I had applied to work there when it first opened and was turned down (58. HOC application). When I covered there I realised I would not be able to carry out normal day to day activities because of my Progressive Health Conditions.

I later got transferred to BIB when Sao and the chef, Gloria visited Luton Street and Sao told me they needed staff, so I asked to be transferred there. Anywhere I worked I always had to do the jobs of 2 or more staff because of staff shortage.

When I transferred to LS, there were more Agency Staff than LEYF staff. However I must point out this is not only predominant to LEYF, but in the Early Years Sector and at times the job can become stressful, but I knew how to cope, working with young children most of my life.

I got transferred to BIB right after returning from Jamaica to bury my mother and I’d appreciate if note can be taken of this fact. I visited Jamaica 2 times that year, once for my youngest son’s wedding and next to bury mum. I know I had come to terms with mum not recognising me during 5 weeks because she had dementia. But she came around the day I was leaving and I said my goodbyes.

Trouble Started

BIB was where all the problems started and I am still not sure what I am supposed to have done to have been treated the way I was leading up to my health being adversely affected by the staff at BIB.

Everyone joined in except the chef- Gloria, who eventually suffered the same faith as myself when she did not join in to discriminate against me.

When I went for a show around before starting, I was expected to work in the Baby Room with a practitioner, Carol who was not even yet qualified to level 2 as my Room Leader.

However I had let it be known from my interview in May 2009, that I preferred to work with older children because of an existing health condition and afforded that opportunity before. So I stood my ground that I would not be working in the baby room when the manager Lynne Kelly insisted that was where she had the vacancy and LEYF did not inform her about my health condition.

I volunteered to stay in the baby room until the matter was sorted and got sent to the preschool room. Hilda Miller later apologised that it was her fault for the mix up, but somehow I get the impressions I was disliked for questioning their decisions.

I did not get my File on the last day I was leaving Luton Street because Matthew claimed Gemma had taken the keys for the cabinet with her to CO. I went back after informing them by email (59. Email LS re file) I was coming to collect, but never did get it and was given some excuses after another. I asked if the file could be sent with the LS Duty Manager Sunita to be given to BIB Duty Manager Sao when they meet at trainings to be taken to BIB, but no joy.

I got fed up of trying to get the file and refused to go back to Luton Street to collect it. I knew my file contained important confidential information about my disability, etc.

I asked the manager to ask CO to get them to send it over for me, but up to the time I left BIB on 16th March 2015 it did not arrive. I never thought anything about it until later when events began to unfold and the file went missing.

I was reliably informed that my file did not leave Luton Street to BIB after I left, but send elsewhere to build a case against me. This was at the instigation of the area manager Hilda Miller who was also new to the company. Whenever I asked about the missing file, everyone get defensive for what reasons I never found out.

Hilda Miller turned out to be the new Maria Freeman only a nastier character, turning up all the time to harass, bully and intimidate me verbally. She would freak me out the way she would be coming in, hiding and watching and never acknowledge my presence either. Later BIB adapted the same tactics of HM by the way they were treating me, making me feel like a caged animal. I went on to develop stress incontinences as a result of the unfair treatments (60. Letters of concerns re BS & Jyoti).

LEYF Ethos & DNA: 

HM told I BIB is her baby and I was not going to come and make any changes. If BIB team didn’t want to do multigenerational working, etc, they didn’t have to (61. CEO letter Nov 2014). I was shocked when she claimed that I didn’t know nothing and she heard all about me from when I was at Luton Street. She claimed I should not be talking about my work at Luton Street because she heard LS just scrapped through the OFSTED. There were contradictions as Louise Cooper (62. Publications) had written an article about the roles of LEYF staff who transferred to new settings taken over by LEYF.

I worked from LEYF Core Values later changed to DNA and was instrumental in informing the new DNA via trainings at Luton Street. Therefore knew so much more about LEYF working than some of the new recruits (see CEO letters re: Contributions).

I was later to learn of the competitive dog eat dog competition that now existed at LEYF that do not bode well for the Early Years Sector. I was in the office with Lynne Kelly, helping her to upload some of my photographs to the LEYF websites, when she spoke on the telephone. I did not hear the conversation, but LK relayed saying it was Nicola. Nicola said she visited Henry Fawcett and the place was dirty and nothing was going on there.

Although I never commented because of the incident that Nicola instigated that started the trouble with me at BIB, I couldn’t help but reflect on where this sort of behaviour was leading – United We Stand. Divided We Fall!

When I joined, LEYF was inclusive and the CEO knew the names of the staff and children. She was a down to earth person who had time for everyone, regardless of their status. But I was in for a shock, which eventually helped to push me over the edge when I found out about those who colluded and collaborated to get me SACKED.

I started at BIB with the intensions of working from a shared vision using the ethos I gained as a LEYF employee with 5+ year’s experiences under my belt. But BIB was not interested and opened to change.

I went and find Remi who was a one-time Deputy Manager demoted to practitioner and had transferred from Lisson Green after she was stripped of her position. Remi told me about the way BIB had treated her telling her BIB was not LEYF so they did not want anyone to come with LEYF ideas.

Once I joined BIB they switched the animosity from Remi to me, by the way they started treating me unfairly.

As a qualified and knowledgeable practitioner who held down Lead Practitioner Posts & Personal Experiences: Informal Carer, Mother and Basic School Teacher from Jamaica. Toddler’s Room Leader, Preschool Leader, Group Supervisor, SENCO, EYFS Coordinator, Mentoring, etc in the UK. I just went ahead and carried on from where I left off when I transferred from Luton Street, working from a shared vision working collaboratively in the team.

I was told by the manager that although the area manager Hilda Miller appointed her as the SENCO, she was not trained and had no knowledge or experiences doing the job.

Since I filled those posts before I just got on with the job, preparing a Statement for one of my key child for whom I had concerns. I put the manager’s name as the SENCO who prepared the document even though I done it (63. Statement). Adhering to protocol, I gave it to the manager to verify, but she was very patronising telling there were mistakes she needed to correct. I ask myself what mistakes she could correct when she told me she was not trained and had no knowledge about the subject.

But because of prior experiences when other’s used my work for themselves without acknowledging my contributions and I ended up in trouble for challenging them, I decided to leave well enough alone and get on with the job.

This was the pattern my life would take at BIB like it did before when I was forced to defend myself. I do the work and others take the credit.

I was off on sick leave when the manager Lynne Kelly telephoned me at home that the area manager Hilda Miller was using work from one of my key child’s Learning Journey for her project because I’d done a good job.

My work have always been a source for others to use ever since I was at Luton Street 2010 where the manager identified my knowledge and I was given time out to prepare work for the organisation.

I was sent to represent the organisation at other company – Community Plaything and Mark Allen Group to name a few. I later continued working with Community Plaything sharing knowledge and expertise on a no profit volunteering basic (64. see reference).

I noticed that Hilda Miller only talked to me when she visited BIB if she wanted me to do something like when she needed my key child’s Learning Journey updated for her to continue her project (65. Photos celebrating work for HM). Otherwise she’d look down her nose at me or either pretend she never see me.

I was not brought up like that and as role models and mentor we are supposed to set examples for the impressionable children. When I talked about certain knowledge, values and beliefs they were deemed to be old fashioned. Discrimination on grounds of Age.


OFSTED visited in September 2015 and I predicted the outcome before we were given the result. They used me to talk about my knowledge and experiences of working with LEYF to OFSTED which I was more than happy to do (66. letters re Contributions) because that is how I work. Discrimination on grounds of Age.

At first I was made to feel welcome, especially when I told the manager about my past experiences working in South London which caused me to become emotional with the memories.  I only had to walk for 20 – 30 minutes and I was at work saving time and money as well as to take the worry about my husband health conditions off my head (see resignation).

The first incident that comes to mind was when Nicola a deputy who was in training started in September when OFSTED visited. At first when she started asking questions I answered because I thought she genuinely wanted to know about my work.

Then I realised that it was each time that she went to Deputy Trainings at CO and come back, she was asking personal questions about me working with LEYF and other organisations.

Some of the questions were beginning to get intrusive in my private life, so I did not entertain her and clammed up.

At this time I was not aware of the plans they had concocted for me until much later (see Investigation Reports).

I was off on sick leave because of my Progressive Health Conditions and came back to work not fully fit, but I knew how to manage my conditions to work to my potential. I was on the late shift with Nicola, felt my sugar levels dropping so got my ripe banana and had it in my pocket taking little bites so I did not fall sick.

I could have used the excuses that I was not well to stay at home, but is conscientious about my work and knowing the situation with staffing, chose to come in.

When I realised that a child had seen me eating the banana, I asked Nicola if she didn’t mind getting something for the children to eat. Nicola said she was wondering why I was eating the banana, told me to go get something for the children myself and left the room. I went to the kitchen, but not finding any crackers and asked Flavia who was finishing her shift if she didn’t mind helping me to get the children something to eat and she helped.

Nicola came back in the room, walked over to me, held on to my hands and said Mervelee you know you should not be eating in front of the children. I apologised for eating the banana, but she carried on with her superior airs of Deputy Manager reprimanding me, like a naughty child, telling me I should have asked her permission to leave the room to go eat the banana.

I asked if she knew I have diabetes and since she noticed me eating the banana, why couldn’t she offered to come speak to me. She still had on her superior status Deputy Manager’s cap and wasn’t listening to a word I was saying about my health condition and kept on about I should not be eating the banana. I defended myself telling her to let go of my hands and leave me alone.

When I asked Nicola to help me get the children something to eat and she refused and left the room, she went to complain and report me to the manager Lynne Kelly who told her I have diabetes.

When Lynne came to the room and we were discussing the matter, she said we could stay over and finished it later. We done this in the office but I felt offended and decided to stick up for my rights, when Nicola felt she had a right to disrespect me and Lynne told me she was not going to allow me to speak to Nicola like that because she is LEYF Deputy Manager in training.

Oh wow I guess I flipped and being the outspoken person I am told them my mind. I thought the matter was resolved before I left when I told Nicola I get very emotional because I have Parkinson Disease, because up until this time I was still saying I have it because of my Chronic Anxiety and the experiences I had of dad and my uncle struck down with it at early ages.

My husband was upset when I got home and told him about the incident. He said I should not take anything from work home again. This was me taking home flowers from the manager after the OFSTED inspection report. I reassured him this was just a one off like I genuinely believed and that LK is a nice lady.

But if only I had known what was in store for me. I naively treat others the way I want to be treated and was not expecting what was to happen stretching over the next 11 months.    

After this I began to see noticeable changes in the behaviours of others towards me. There were some other of Nicola’s staff (3) in the setting training until their nursery was opened.

One of them is the staff the Early Years Consultant Stella Louis asked my opinions about her practice and I refused to be drawn into the conversation. I told her that I was not there to assess anyone’s performance.

I only met with Stella Louis on 2 occasions once when she observed me doing a Christmas activity in December 2014 and gave me constructive feedback.

Therefore I was surprised when during a Staff Meeting the manager had a tirade geared directly at me from reports/feedback she claimed she got from Stella (see Staff Meeting Minutes).

Direct Discrimination – Harassment, Bullying and Victimisation

On 15th October 2014 I was awarded a Long Service Award from LEYF (see letter). I took the copy in to share the good news with the manager, but I did not get the feeling she was happy for me. She complained about not getting some of the benefits that I said I was getting and was thinking of asking for a pay rise since BIB got a good OFSTED.

On 28th November 2014 I was given a Memo (67. Staff Memo), but it had nothing to do with me because I wasn’t present are aware of the incident that took place. However I could identify myself in the memo from the way it was worded.

It was only later when I became aware of being openly attacked and I started taking notes, I realised this was a threat of Disciplinary and the AM Hilda Miller, Head of Children’s Services Rashid Iqbal and the CEO June O’Sullivan were copied in.

It later made sense when I was informed that BIB were given sanction from those at the head in Authority to discriminate against me.

There were impromptu meetings in the setting where I was targeted verbally by the BIB staff team and the preschool room staff in particular. I felt as if I was working in a vacuum, where I was constantly being spied on. I was left on my own most of the time to cope with the most vulnerable children with diverse and complex needs. I felt overwhelmed at the time because I was expected to know and do everything because I worked with LEYF for a long time.

Yet because I didn’t have a status, I could have others dictating to me and use me as a scapegoat for their incompetence. The new deputy Jyoti telling me I must tell her how to do her job because I work with LEYF long time so I must know. I am expected to teach them and ask their permission to do my job. Or they accuse me of being dismissive of and overriding my authority.

But because of prior experiences I just soaked most of it up because I just didn’t feel able to cope with another incident like I’d been through and which I told the manager about in my induction.

Later when I realised the sort of vindictive person the manager is, who would stop at nothing to DRSCRIMINATE and destroy others whom she think cross her.

I realised she and Stella Louis must have gone and done their research because I remember Stella asking me where I’d worked before and saying she works with the company. LK claimed in the Investigation Report (see IR) that SL said I am a negative influence at BIB, yet she knew nothing about me except for the 2 occasions in BIB when we met.

New Deputy:

A new Deputy Jyoti came to join the team and I shared my knowledge of being a long time LEYF employee with her. At first she was appreciative about what I taught her, sharing with Sao and Sao asked me to support her in planning to meet the needs of the key children with diverse and complex needs.

But then she was taken on board to fight against me like all the others at BIB except the chef Gloria who listened to her conscience. In the end most of who were at BIB claiming I was the one causing trouble left. Including Remi, Rujina and Flavia and Agency/Supply Staff refused to go there. Some went in the morning and did not return after lunch to finish their shifts. At one stage they had more Agency/Supply Staff than LEYF staff and parents were complaining. The same thing happened when I was sent on suspension and subsequently resigned from New Cross Community Nursery. This is a pattern that happens in the early years sector.

Hilda Miller claimed that BIB did not have to do any of the things like Multigenerational working that I was introducing from Luton Street if they didn’t want to. She further went on to say she heard that LS had only scraped through OFSTED and I was acting as if I knew everything. But Jyoti would be taking over everything as the Deputy. It was my duty to teach Jyoti as a long time LEYF employee and then ask her permission to tell me how to do my job, which I found ridiculous. When things go wrong they hold you as the scapegoat responsible and accountable (see IR by IG).

There were a few incidents involving Jyoti because by this time she was in on the plans to get me sacked. So everything I did and said was written down and used to gather evidence against me. The question was however changed to put me in a bad light. I’d ask the person in question to come in the room to support me so Jyoti didn’t come as Jyoti was getting on my nerves.

Although she agreed with me about Jyoti she later changed at the cohesion of LK & Nicola as I went in the office one day where they were having a meeting plotting against me. Jyoti was more of a hindrance than a help and I was having to deal with a mixed age group of children. Some with SEND and other additional needs as well as new children settling. Jyoti was asking questions about matters I’d gone over with her more than once but she failed to understand.

Protected Act:

The Early Years Consultant Stella Louis visited and observed me doing a Christmas activity with the children. She gave me what I considered constructive feedback. She was the one who in offering her help twisted up the cellar tape that I used my money to buy at B&M in preparation for the activity. Because there was none in the setting and I was always spending my money to buy resources part of my Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD).

Stella said next time I should be better prepared, but the only reason I was not better prepared was I had to leave from serving snacks to doing the activity as that was the norms at BIB and I was treated like the slave because I did not have a status. I was a plain practitioner even when I done most of the work of implementing and promoting best practice. I did not know that Stella Louis had gone back to give a different feedback from the one she gave me until later.

When Stella visited again she was trying to get my views about certain member of the team whom she pointed out and said her practice was not up to standards. I told Stella I was not there to assess any one’s work but to do my own and left the matter at that.

I am a keen photographer and I write and publish on Social Media. I’d done some work in the setting for Multigenerational Working celebrating the life of a Volunteer Theresa Salmon in November 2014, and nominating her for the Lidl Award after adhering to Ethical Guidelines & Confidentiality (68. Theresa’s Consent).  The CEO later wrote about it in her write up about her visit to BIB (see CEO letter).

I was in for a shock on the 07th December 2014 at the Staff Meeting. I left the SM thinking all the negativity was directed at me. Lynne Kelly was on top form ranting and raving, directing her venom at me and told me I was not welcome there and I could leave. Each time I tried to defend myself about what Lynne claimed Stella Louis said about me, I was shouted down. I left the meeting feeling less than a person and I could feel I was having a crisis with my Chronic Anxiety.

I got home to learn my husband got locked out of the house before he was dressed and was rescued by kind neighbours and that made me feel even worse. I had to stay for a staff meeting where I was verbally attacked and I couldn’t talk about it with him in case he started worrying.

I forgot everything coming up to the Christmas celebrations, but was feeling the heat again at the start when we were practicing for the Christmas play. The team member Bendicte who took exception to me celebrating Black History Month in October and Silver Sunday in November started again about the Christmas Play, but I refused to back down, because we are not allowed to put our religion and politics in front of teaching the EYFS. Once again because I did not have a status I was overruled and Benedicte could get away with making up stories about me.

We went to Mewe leaving do and I took photographs asks for emails and send the photos to those who gave me email addresses.

We went to the BIB Staff Christmas Party in December 2014 and I done the same thing. At the party Lynne was surprised when she saw me dressed up commenting that I looked better than her when I said I was nearly 60 years old. She always made comments about her neighbour who is Jamaican, but I never thought anything about it.

It was not until later when I started experiencing the discriminations, I was informed by her former staff Patricia who is ½ Jamaican & ½ Nigerian whom I knew years before told me if she had known she would have warned me about Lynne. Patricia told me Lynne & Hilda Miller had discriminated against her, and because of what happened at BIB before, she had no alternatives but to resign. She reported the matter to CO but nothing was done about it. Ricky an Agency Staff reported her concerns about Lynne Kelly & BIB to CO, but nothing was done either. LK made sure Ricky did not come back. When I raised my concerns about BIB to Dilys and in a Grievance to CO nothing was done either because is only focused on getting me SACKED.

Rumi whom I met at BIB was forced to resign because of the way she was treated at BIB. She invited the BIB team to her wedding. Maybe if I had known how my life was to change I might not have attended the wedding on the 4th January 2015.

My life was turned upside down when I arrived at work on the 5th January 2015 and Lynne came to call me to the office where she asked me if I was not happy at BIB. I told her that I was happy and I promised to discuss any concerns I had at the induction meeting. She claimed Mewe called her after the wedding telling her I said I wasn’t happy and I reassured her I am.

Thereafter I noticed Lynne started doing things to frustrate me, but I didn’t fall for her tricks. One day at the end of my shift I asked Sao the Duty Manager if Lynne was counted in ratio so I could go home. I went to get her in the office, she came and left saying she had to go in with Carol. I’d already checked and know the ratio was covered for me to go, but I played Lynne’s game and waited until she said I could go because BIB was informed by Hilda Miller and Nicola that I will stick up for my rights like I did the time of the Banana Incident, but I refused to challenge her because I sense there was a plan afoot.

Another evening when I was getting ready to go home Lynne came to the door shouting at me that we need to have a showdown because she heard I called her a Coward. I begged Lynne to stop doing what she was doing, allowing others to poison her mind against me and I started crying.

From that day onwards I felt I was being stalked as everyone was watching me, and I didn’t know what I was supposed to have done.

After another of the Impromptu Room Meetings that was when things began to become clear to me from some of the things I was accused of by Benedicte, Flavia, Joyti and Sao from the preschool room. Remi was not in attendance, but next day they told her a pack of lies about what I said about her at the meeting. I begged her not to listen to them as they were trying to set her up against me.

That was when I started putting my concerns about the matter in writing to the manager, but she done nothing about my concerns because I didn’t have a status. LK got HM involved and I’d be getting impromptu visits from HM who tried to bully, harass and intimidate me.

CO gave Lynne Kelly Mandate to Discriminate against me:

Lynne went to an Emergency Meeting at CO came back and said she had to go get counselling. She told me she was told not to discuss anything but do my Supervision (69. Supervision Report). In the supervision she ended issuing threats that she claimed she was told at CO to deal with the matter anyway she deemed suited her. Lynne said by the time she was finished with me I would know who the Coward was and I pleaded with her to stop what she was doing.

Lynne claimed they spoke about Margarete at the wedding and she abused children. But although BIB staff past and present were discussing matters, they were not of interests to me because I did not know some of the people they were talking about. It was only later I learned that information was relayed to CO and permission given to BIB to treat me the way I was treated for almost a year (see IR).

There was a meeting between Lynne and myself with Remi taking notes because Hilda Miller could not attend. Certain allegations were made and LK was telling me that Staff had written Statements about these allegations. I knew nothing about them except for one incident (Nicola’s team had misrepresented a request I’d asked of her) so I denied them all and clarified what and why I’d asked for support.

I later learned Remi had told Lynne she heard me telling the chef Gloria she is a coward. Yet I was supposed to have said this at the wedding, so the reasons for my treatments got changed to suit the plots. Because Lynne and Hilda wanted Gloria to make statements to this effect and she refused saying she was not at the wedding during the discussions, they changed the story to corroborate that I actually said that LK is a coward.

More pressure was put on me with each passing day that my Mental Health Progressive Condition started affecting me. I was feeling depressed and started having stress incontinence. I pleaded with Lynne to stop what BIB was doing to me but to no avail.

Hilda Miller came with threats telling me I should not post on SM that I worked with LEYF and must remove everything I posted about LEYF. When I tried explaining the CEO invited me to join SM to participate in her Blogs, she didn’t want to know. I was using my networking in promoting LEYF as at the time, I still believed in the ethos that were being promoted and recognised the 100+ years of being a beacon as a service provider. I was given permission by the CEO to do my work even before Hilda Miller joined LEYF (70. Correspondences re my work – LS- JW).

Hilda Miller said BIB was her first baby when she came to LEYF and I wasn’t going to spoil her show. I was not aware of such rivalry within the same company before and was shocked. But when I was in the office with Lynne and Nicola phoned from Henry Fawcett where she visited and Lynne told me what Nicola said I never commented. But I was thinking this is no longer the LEYF I am used to any more, it was about dog eat dog and I was to fall prey to this big time.

I was off sick and Lynne was telling me I didn’t have to come back when I phoned in to say I would be back. This was LK trying to keep me away from work so they can prove I was incompetent and unfit for the job as they later went to do by sending me on Medical Suspension and to Occupational Health. Benedicte threatened to resign if they didn’t sack me and was having celebrations when Lynne told BIB LEYF was going to. This celebrations upset some of her colleagues who asked BS what she expected to gain when she take bread out of another person’s mouth claiming she did not like me (see IR).

They made all sorts of allegations against me, but couldn’t find anything to charge me for. CO staff were coming hiding outside to try and get evidence against me.

I got into work one morning and HR Dilys Epton was already in early and waiting in the office but I was not informed why she was there. I eventually found out she was waiting for me when she brought up allegations made by BIB against me. By this time I was feeling traumatised, my health conditions were out of control as I begin to realise that I was being stalked. She offered for me to take out a Grievance, but because I already know what was coming, because they were collecting evidence and all I had was what was in my head, I declined.

I was emotional because I had been through a similar experience and came off suffering with Mental Health issues – Depression and was becoming concerned about myself. However I was gagged and could not discuss the matter. I did not want to cause my husband any concerns so I suffered in silence (see Email re Counselling – Dilys).

I was the only staff from BIB who turned up at the New Year Staff Party where the CEO got her MBE. I was devastated when I learned that CO team had given BIB permission not to attend because I was attending.

Yet when the CEO visited on the 28th January 2015 with one of her Trustee she lied that she told BIB off for not attending (71. CEO letter). The next day there was another visit from another Trustee Mary Wynne-Finch. In my naiveté I commented to the manager something good must be happening at BIB for us to be getting so many important visitors. I was brought down back to earth when I was warned that they were coming because of me, trying to gather evidence to sack me (see IR & DH – Appeal Outcome).

By this time I was sick and had to take sick leave, I went back hoping matters would sort themselves out. I set about cleaning the outdoors and even the Supply Staff noticed how they were treating me and commented about it.

By this time they set up the chef Gloria making allegation against her that she stole food because she refused to join in with them to get me sacked. Gloria who was my only support was out on suspension, so I felt trapped all by myself in what had effectively become my prison.

One day I was in the setting there was a visitor from CO and I was asking my colleague Benedicte to supervise some children who were jumping on the sofa without any supervision. Benedicte shouted at me and told me to go do it myself, but I was doing other duties. Later she created another scene, at first I said I’d leave it, but decided to report the matter to Lynne, but I did not get any satisfaction (see IR).

One Thursday in March I was outdoors getting the Mother’s Day cards ready for the children to take home. Lynne left saying she was going to the office to prepare a letter for a parent. The Supply chef who was in the garden discussing the menu with LK volunteered to stay until staff came to cover LK.  Jyoti came out and created a scene and in the morning Flavia created another scene inside. By the time I was ready to go home Lynne delayed me then called me to the office with Flavia as witness to keep a meeting. LK claimed that my colleagues complained against me and CO was coming to do an investigation the next day.

Isabel Glen would be doing the investigation on Friday.  LK tried provoking me with Flavia present to get a response, but I did not fall for her tricks. By this time I learned to give up my rights and not talk back no matter what they say, because they were gathering evidence claiming I was this stereotype (see IR & Disciplinary Hearing Outcomes) that they conjured in their heads.

Friday my husband had a hypo so I had to sort him out before going to work. When I got in Lynne asked if I was sure I wanted to be at work. I told her I have to be there because Isabel Glen was coming to do the investigation. A few minutes later she came to the cupboard where I was getting changed saying she did not mean it the way it come out.

It was only at the investigation that I realised the enormity of the allegations that BIB were making against me.

I got home because at this stage I was still gagged and could not discuss the matter with anyone so was suffering in silence. I sent an email (see copy) to HR Dilys on the eve of Mothering Sunday 14th March 2015. I was walking to work when I saw one of the Supply Staff who told me she was offered a permanent post by Benedict & Lynne, but she was not going to take it. She said she reported BIB to her agency. I arrived at work the next day and all hell broke loose, Isabel Glen came to finish the investigation.

Hilda Miller came to send me to HOC to get away from the pressures at BIB she claimed, yet that was just another ploy to get rid of me out of BIB. Yet when I went in to speak to Isabel she knew nothing about me being sent to HOC.

I got home and have to tell my husband about going to HOC and the full story. Throughout the next 2 weeks I witnessed my husband’s suffering. He cried and resorting to praying for me for the matter to be resolved. He knew how much I had suffered before and realised what was happening to me at BIB that I was keeping from him was making me sick. Yet I managed to cover it up so as not to worry him.

More Discrimination at HOC

At HOC everyone acted as if they didn’t know me although I covered there before and worked with some of the staff. I was treated like dirt and more like an unqualified Supply Staff instead of a LEYF employee with years of working experiences of LEYF practice.

Matters became even worse on the day the manager whom I did not meet before came back from a meeting at CO. I guess she must have been given her briefs about how to treat me.

I was experiencing some health concerns as I was getting shocks from the plastics. I was afraid I might drop the children I am supervising, left on my own when the shocks happened and this could be safeguarding issues. When I raised these concerns to 2 staff they told me to get on with the job it happened to everyone and there was nothing they could do.

When the deputy came in and I reported my concerns, she said the same thing like the others. I told her I did not feel comfortable being on my own with the children – locked door. She then started shouting at me asking “are you telling me you are not supervising the children…? She left in a huff and I just carried on as best I could. Whilst I was helping to put the children to bed, 1 staff actually witnessed the way I was getting shocks from the plastic bed and the frictions from the child’s hair. That’s when she believed I was getting shocks. I knew because this happened to me before (see OH Doctor Report).

Isabel Glen sent my copy of the Investigation Report to HOC for them to give to me and for me to sign, so I made some clarifications. Isabel Glen had misconstrued and misrepresented some of my arguments to tie in with what BIB had alleged against me. She did not record any of what I said about Hilda Miller either, harassing, bullying and intimidating me. Isabel was more interested in saying how she helped me in the report. Some of the report was a load of rubbish as far as I am concerned and I was not going to let it remain like that.

Stella Louis who knew absolutely nothing about me except I told her I used to work at KINGS – NHS Foundation Trust 2003 -2008 when she said I looked like someone she knows. Is alleged to have made derogatory comments about me – (see Lynne Kelly statement).

I was at HOC until I got a call from HR Dilys Epton she was coming to see me at HOC on Friday the 27th March 2015. She came discussed sending me to Occupational Health for some reasons I believe she thought I was mad the way she spoke to me.

She said she was sending me home with pay to rest from my ordeal. We would do the referral over the telephone and when I asked if I was going to get to read it before she sent it off said she didn’t have time. She mentioned she was not there to set me up, but it turned out that’s exactly what she intended doing. I only realised when l spoke to my son and brother over the phone and they advised me to speak to my Union.

The next day I went to the door and got a Disciplinary letter in the post from LEYF. The Investigation Report by Isabel Glen was included in the letter. It was only after reading it that things became clear to me and I realised CO team were given information about things I was alleged to have said at Remi’s wedding. CO gave BIB sanctions to treat me the way they treated me all this time, whilst pretending they didn’t know because they were all prejudiced against me.

I attended OH and was declared fit to go back to work by the doctor who put some reasonable adjustments in place and advised me to get counselling to deal with my Chronic Anxiety. Anyhow I’d lived with my Hidden Disability all my 55 years and get on with life until BIB.

I attended the Disciplinary Hearing with support from the Union Rep Darren Mahon who acted professional throughout. He picked out some discrepancies in the Disciplinary and raised concerns about failures. When he raised concerns about the emails I sent to HR Dilys Epton, Rashid Iqbal Head of Children Services claimed he was not aware of them. He did not know anything about the wording of the Disciplinary and had to wait to get the answer from another source – HR.

That told me all I needed to know about the Panel especially when they asked me certain questions. From the way Dilys Epton who is the head of HR handled the matter each time we meet, I knew LEYF was in big trouble because of her lack of knowledge and ignorance about Equal Opportunities and the Employment Laws and Legislations.

For example Dilys Epton did not know that one can control their health conditions and do not have to take medications. I told her I knew about Occupational Health and had self-referred before but she just wasn’t interested in my story. She wanted to gather evidence to prove I am the person BIB said I was. So in order not to breach the Contract (see copy) I complied with everything except I refused to do anything over the telephone and asked for agreements to be in written in black and white (72. Email re Grounds I was sent home 27.3.2015 HOC).

The Union Rep left me at the station taking some documents I’d prepared to read and disappeared into thin air when I tried to make contact. After receiving the outcome I tried in vain to make contact before asking Voice what advice they could give me. The Voice adviser/solicitor Arwen Makin called me on another mobile telling me not to appeal. Giving me all sort of reasons why I should not. When I requested what she told me to be put in writing she embellished the truth (73. Voice letter).

I contacted ACAS and they advised me what my options were. Another Law Firm (74. Invoice) advised me that if I didn’t appeal I was accepting I had done what they alleged. They charged me to write a professional appeal.

I went to the appeal and they cut it down to 6 months even thou the Union solicitor Arwen Makin told the new Union Rep Andy Garwood they would not. He came to the hearing with me without any of the documentations I sent to VOICE.

LEYF claimed they did not get a copy of the OH report and asked to take break to read my copy, but I did not send myself to OH. Another instance of LEYF contradicting themselves and showing their ignorance as they hide behind the powers of their CONTRACT to DISCRIMINATE.

They claimed to cut the amount of time from 12 to 6 months because I was going to get counselling to address my Chronic Anxiety that only became a problem because of the unfair treatments at BIB that nearly cost my husband and I our lives because of stress and worries (see resignation).

I attended back to work meeting with Hilda Miller and Dilys Epton at CO. They decided to send me to the new nursery at New Cross (75. Return to work agreement).

I told them I was putting in a Grievance against BIB (76. Grievance) and one for Reasonable Adjustments (77. Grievance) because I was still grateful I have my job and I also have my pension to look forward to when I retire.

There is a shortfall in my pension that I want to be sorted (78. Pension Statement).  They tried to stop me putting in the grievances, but I still did. LEYF used delaying tactics not to address the matter, until they send me a Policy & Procedure document to condense the Grievance to 1 page and I did re the Contract (79. Condensed Grievance). LEYF know how to frustrate and thwart people until they do what others have done. But because I had been through a similar situation when I done a “protected act” I knew exactly what to expect and learned from my past mistakes (see ACAS letter via Maria Hudson).

LEYF got their solicitor to send me threatening letter, but once I replied telling them to ask for the truth, I can’t hear from them again. I lodged a Grievance against the union but nothing came of it. But I am not finished with them yet, hence the reasons I am paying my dues. They need to be held accountable and stop hiding behind the powers of their authority.

I continued my Defensive Practice documenting every single thing.

They delayed addressing the Grievances until the last minute then Neil Best who took over from Neil King started trying to brow beat me into meeting him without prior warnings when I was not prepared so I stood my grounds and challenged him (see correspondences).

Staff who tried to make a fresh start by moving on were in for a shock if they tried to leave and LEYF wanted them to be subservient taking on lower positions, they write negative references – Oshana who transferred from Lisson Green to Fitzrovia

Remi who was demoted as deputy manager and transferred to BIB when Alison Stokes made allegations about her. This is the same Alison Stokes who is sending me email about she is appointed to do investigations (see Alison email). Alison Stokes treated her staff so badly that they had a revolt at a meeting held at Luton Street, complaining in the presence of Neil King & Neil Hart. I had to turn pacifier telling them they should not be washing their dirty laundry in public. Now Alison is Operations Manager, she thinks she can join in to discriminate against me. I won’t have it.

Others ran for their lives because they didn’t have legs to stand on and there is Alev who introduced me to LEYF who is fed up to the eyeballs but can’t act. She once told me she was taking LEYF to the Employment Tribunal and I told her not to or they will destroy her the same way NHS destroyed me. That’s why I will not allow LEYF to get away with what they are doing to me now.

This happened at BIB after I left and most of the staff who were there left after me as well – Remi, Rujina and Flavia. They were forced by the manager and Benedicte into discriminating against me when I was at BIB. Yet Hilda Miller claimed I was responsible for upsetting the dynamics of the team.

I was sent to HOC after they claimed they had concerns about me and staff have to have clearance to work at HOC. Therefore LEYF breached OFSTED, the government, EYFS and LEYF own Welfare Requirements re Safeguarding. How are they going to explain away this one, I told them that mud sticks and they don’t seem to believe me. Because LEYF is blighting my chances to get a job by writing negative reference after I left their place and give them. I will return the compliment and let them see how 2 can play at this game, because I have nothing to hide. Discrimination on the grounds of Race.

The working in LEYF is carried out by different departments that don’t know what is happening. I am speaking without prejudice when I say it is a case of blind leading blind. A case in point when the Union Rep Darren Mahon brought up some discrepancies in the Disciplinary Hearing. The Chair of the Disciplinary Hearing Panel Rashid Iqbal did not know the answer and had to get permission to ask HR for clarification. Head of HR Dilys Epton has shown she is clueless about Employment Laws.

Then when Darren brought about the way the email I sent was dealt with (see copy) Rashid Iqbal claimed he was not aware of any email. Dilys Epton wasn’t aware that as a Diabetic I could manage my Progressive Health Conditions without medications. Lack of knowledge resulted in the way LEYF subconsciously prejudiced their minds about me and gave permission for BIB and later New Cross to discriminate against me directly and indirectly.

When Lynne Kelly and BIB couldn’t get me out they drafted in Hilda Miller and Dilys Epton to start turning up at the setting knowing this would affect me because of my Chronic Anxiety. Then later the CEO June O’Sullivan came under disguise to trap me into writing articles to put on LEYF bulletin board on 28th January 2015 and at the time lied to me about telling BIB off for not attending the New Year Staff Party. The following day another trustee Mary Wynne-Finch visited BIB and I in my naiveté said to the manager that we must be doing something good at BIB to be having so much visitors. I was flabbergasted when I learned that the CEO & other LEYF Big Wigs at CO were involved in the plot to sack me from BIB – Benedicte went back from the wedding to make up allegations (see IR by Isabel Glen). Trustee Mary Wynne-Finch too was involved in the plot to sack me. She and Louise Cooper and Gill Springer were on the Disciplinary Hearing Appeal Panel.

They went through Policy & Procedures Documentations, from the 5th January 2015 after BIB started trouble making up false stories about things said at Rumi’s wedding that I had no knowledge about. But they couldn’t pin anything on me or come up with any evidence that I breached my CONTRACT. So Dilys resorted to sending me to Occupational Health and a Medical Suspension. After the trumped up allegations I faced a Disciplinary and without prejudice I am assuming LEYF called the Union Voice to get rid of the Union Rep Darren Mahon after he returned from the Hearing. The solicitor later called me to tell me not to appeal the outcome after I had been trying to get in touch with Darren after I got home. Then when I got the Outcomes trying to get Voice for days before they contacted me.

Updates: BIB Nursery

When I was forced out of BIB Nursery I warned LEYF that BIB is situated in a multicultural environment in South London. The services was provided for children and their families from a diverse ethnic and cultural background where everyone is everyone’s keeper. It takes the village to raise a child. Because as a reflective practitioner who developed the listening ethos and being working in the early years sectors for a long time. I have my ears to the ground and being the people person who I am, talks to persons from my local community and is aware of their concerns.

I warned LEYF that some of the parents were not happy with the way BIB was being managed. Talk on the streets was LEYF only took over, got the community on board and then left them to experience some of the most inappropriate services imaginable. And even when they raise concerns no one dealt with them and they were pushed under the carpet.

The high staff turnover was one of the primary concerns, but now the staff do not reflect the diverse ethnic and multicultural mix of the children and parents who use BIB services. Questions are being asked what has happened to cause all the staff to leave.

Interesting indeed to find out that Benedicte who was the one who was so fiercely against me can leave BIB & LEYF. The question is, was she pushed or did she jump? Maybe after what she done to me after being coached by Lynne Kelly and Hilda Miller, she got her just rewards. BS started the troubles that caused me to be in the bother that I am in, making up false stories at Rumi’s wedding to try and get me sacked.

I know BS had problems with her identity as she showed her true colours by the way she treated the children and her colleagues. Yet I was the one that LEYF targeted when they put their plot in place. At least I tried to stay on to do my job in the best interests of myself and LEYF that provided me with a lifeline when I was at my lowest ebb. But then LEYF turned around and treated me even worse, just to suit the inflated egos of the new breed of recruits to LEYF without an ounce of humanity.

But BS got a taste of her own medicine when Carol humiliated her and her friend at her Pre-wedding do. And Lynne and Carol did not turn up at her wedding. You have to first love yourself before you can love another person (see BS Investigation Report). Before I went to BIB BS bullied Flavia and was allowed to get away with it. She mistreated Rumi along with Carol and Lynne, which caused Rumi to resign. When Remi transferred to BIB BS then turned on her. So I was fair game when I turned up for her biased views about Black People. I seemed like the best candidate to take it out on and she was supported by Lynne Kelly, Nicola, Hilda Miller and the CO team (see Disciplinary Hearing & Appeal Outcomes.

When I asked LEYF to listen to me, no one would, so we are where we are because LEYF bruck stick put in dem ears. We all have to suffer the consequences and I suffered for a whole year and is on the mend. I have nothing to lose, the only thing is I miss the children who gave me so much joy. But I know with time I’ll be back where I was. I am taking my time as I don’t intend to set myself up to fail. LEYF have more to lose than I do and I already told them mud sticks.

I have been dealing with this situation since 2008 when I was sold out by the Union and everyone else gang against me. But this time I will be fighting to the bitter end. I never walk my foot go trouble no one, but if they can be as inhumane as LEYF was to me over the past year, I am determined that no one else should go through what I experienced that I almost die. Lessons must be learned and I did give LEYF the chance to make amends after they provided me with a job when I was at rock bottom. I was brought up not to bite the hand that feed me. But now that those hands are becoming my executioner, I still have work to accomplish, therefore not ready to die yet. So fight I will with the weapons I have collected.

Already I have written 4 Open Letters to the following: 1. Government 2. Daily Newspaper 3. Voice the Union 4. LEYF Solicitors. I have got response from the Government and the Union is making a Fool of themselves. But I will make sure they are exposed for what they are too without prejudice.

LEYF is not the same organisation I started working with, on 1st September 2009. They have changed beyond recognition and it took me a whole year of being treated less than an animal for the fact to sink in. That is why I am going to make sure no one else have to go through what I’ve been through this past year.

When I sought advice the advocate Joe Sykes told me that what is happening to me is happening all over Great Britain. He said it is RACISM and LEYF breached my Human Rights sending me on a medical suspension to Occupational Health. He assured me I was on the right track and I must not let LEYF get away with the Direct and Indirect DISCRIMINATIONS. Therefore I am fighting to the bitter end and hopefully I can leave the UK to go back to Jamaica with my dignity, good name and character that LEYF tried to destroy and blacken and nearly caused me to die intact. No one should have had to suffer the indignity that LEFY put me through and now pretending to be the victim.

I am thereby arguing my case under the following:

  1. Constructive unfair dismissal 2. Discrimination on the grounds of my Disability 3. Discrimination on the basis of my Race 4. Discrimination on basis of my Age

Appendix                                                                                                                                       Pages

  1. LEYF Contract – Job Title                                                                     1
  2. Letter to Maria Goncalves – Fitzrovia Nursery                                                         1
  3. Letter & email Maria Hudson re: ACAS                           2
  4. Luton Street Correspondences re: Julie Weiss (A) Voice of a Child (B) Supervision (C) PDP Staff Meeting – EYFS Coordinator Planning (D) Leaving Notes (E)                         2
  5. Investigation Reports re: Isabel Glen                                                                    2
  6. NHS Health Plans re: Progressive Health Conditions – Arthritis & Diabetes 2
  7. Notes re: Request – Luton Street            3
  8. Luton Street Graduation 2014 3
  9. Colleagues & Parents References 3
  10. Julie Weiss Notes      3
  11. Preschool Leader CRB – Family Support Network                                                    3
  12. OU Qualifications & Trainings Certificates 3
  13. LEYF Leadership Post – 2011 3
  14. CEO Letters re: Contributions                                                                   3
  15. Staff Meeting Minutes – BIB 3
  16. Luton Street Book of Cards                                              3
  17. JW Supervision Recommendations – Luton Street 4
  18. Home Made Books        4
  19. Sky News Photos 4
  20. Disciplinary Hearing 5
  21. Chef Gloria – Disciplinary 5
  22. CEO Long Service Award                                            5
  23. Social Media – CEO Blog 5
  24. LS Chef Marcia Girvan – Leaving do       6
  25. Son’s Valdin Legister endorsements – LS 6
  26. CEO letter re: Theresa Salmon – multigenerational 6
  27. LEYF P&P Grievance                                               8
  28. Deputy’s Memo & Notice in cupboard                 8
  29. Dilys Emails re: Counselling 8
  30. Disciplinary Hearing & Appeal Outcomes 8
  31. Jyoti Investigation Report re: Isabel Glen 8
  32. Duty Manager’s Induction                                             8
  33. Notes & emails re: Neil Best – New Cross 9
  34. OH Medical Suspension Doctor’s Report                                  9
  35. Photo of Professors Pascal & Bertram & me 9
  36. Dilys LinkedIn request 22.8.2015 9
  37. GP letter 2006 10
  38. Return to Work Agreement 10
  39. Barring & Disclosures P&P                                                     10
  40. New Cross Supervision Report 11
  41. Counselling 11
  42. Resignation Letter – 27th September 2015 11
  43. LEYF Solicitor Email & Letter                                              11
  44. My response to LEYF Solicitors correspondences 11
  45. DBS Email re: Withdrawn application 12
  46. Voice Union Letters re: DBS 12
  47. CRB/DBS 16th June 2015 12
  48. HOC Security Passes                                       12
  49. NHS Counselling Schedule 13
  50. Email to New Cross re: Rota, NHS Appointment & CRB/DBS 15
  51. Email New Cross re: 3rd Party Information 15
  52. Social Media Profiles 18
  53. Photos BBQ New Cross 7th August 205             19
  54. References from Agency. 19
  55. Photos of me in T-Shirt 19
  56. Photo of me outside Bathroom at CO 19
  57. HOC Application re transfer 19 – 20
  58. Luton Street Email re: File                     20
  59. Concerns at BIB re: Benedict & Jyoti – 15th – 19th January 2015 21
  60. CEO Letter re: Theresa Salmon – Multigenerational 21
  61. Louise Cooper Article in Publication re: Transfer 21
  62. Key child’s Tayandre’s Statement re: SENCO – Volunteering re: Other Professionals & Community of Practice. 22
  63. Reference re: Community Plaything – Volunteering 22
  64. Nicola’s Team Celebrating after Completing LJ for Hilda Miller’s Project 22
  65. CEO Letters re: Contributions                                      22
  66. BIB Staff Memo 24
  67. Theresa’s Consent Letter                          25
  68. BIB Supervision Meeting after Emergency Meeting at CO 27
  69. JW correspondences re LS work I carry out 28
  70. CEO Letter re: 28th January 2015
  71. Email Dilys re Grounds I was Suspended 27th March 2015 – HOC
  72. Voice Union letters & emails
  73. Law Firm Invoice
  74. Return to Work Agreement & Correspondences
  75. Grievance re: BIB
  76. Grievance re: Reasonable Adjustments
  77. Pension Statement 2015
  78. Condensed Grievance & Policy
  79. Concerns re: BIB – Lynne Kelly & Dilys Epton
  80. BIB Staff Meeting Minutes
  81. New Cross Supervision Report
  82. Correspondences re: My Work – Luton Street
  83. Occupation Health Medical Referral Doctor’s Report
  84. Correspondences to Neil Best re: New Cross Nursery
  85. Supervision Policy
  86. Alison Stokes
  87. Policy & Procedures re: Visit to CO on 15th September 2015

Employment Tribunal London Early Years Foundation 5th November 2015

Reviewed and updated on the 17th June 2018.

Copyright by: Mervelee Myers.


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