My Parents’s Legacy…

My Parents Taught Me To Live Up To The 10 Commandments. Edits will be in italic

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Middle House, Maudsley Hospital, London, SE5 8AZ
0203 228 2194,

Private & Confidential 8 July 2016
Mrs Mervelee Myers
16 Alma Grove

To Whom It May Concern,
Mrs Myers attended 12 counselling sessions at Talking Therapies Southwark. She was referred to our service to receive treatment for Depression, which had occurred following a stressful period at work.

(Edit 15/6/2018: If you look at the ET reserve judgement online at, you will see how the ET judges colluded with to perverting the course of justice and presided over another miscarriages of justice).
Mrs Myers told me she had suffered with #chronicanxiety since she was a child. She said she had learnt to manage the anxiety, but it did sometimes affect her ability to write as she has a tremor in her hand. However, Mrs Myers said this had not affected her work life. She said she had been able to manage it and this was evidenced by her long employment history with the company 5 years prior to this recent incident.

(Edit: I have a diagnosis for chronic anxiety from the 18/7/2006. This was for my examination in Health & Social Care at the This was sponsored by This is why I refuse to trust some of the Legal Entity that are taking my money and providing services. In the long run they sold us out to the highest bidders. I am still paying fee to But it would be wise for any employee to read Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper recommended to

Mrs Myers depression seems to have arisen in the context of a difficult period at work. She said she felt unfairly treated and she could not understand how her colleagues had come to form their opinions about her. Mrs Myers had found this experience to be extremely distressing and eventually resigned from her job, as she felt she had no alternative.

(Edit: Please read the reviews on LEYF website for clarifications. This will explain why Jyoti Sharma, named in the bundles as Jyoti Bhardwaj review is revealing of how LEYF is still operating Modern Slavery Practices. Why my publications can be found at, talking about my childhood traumas and experiences with my hidden disabilities).

Following the loss of her job, Mrs Myers became increasingly depressed and she told me she had found it difficult to take care of herself. This has left Mrs Myers with low-confidence, particularly in her work life. Mrs Myers is fearful of going back into work as she is anxious about being mistreated and going through a similar situation again.

(Edit: Refer to my Witness Statement to verify my ordeals from the time I returned from burying my mother. Now why did the ET allow the discrimination to continue despite me corresponding with them about my concerns from the time I meet Mr John Fenton of on the 15/3/2016? Mr Fenton was allowed to get away with perverting the course of justice by the ET Now the EAT trying to cover up the breaching of the Employment Tribunal Laws with a caveat. Designed to gag me and continuing the discrimination leading to the reserve judgement that deny my me, my rights).

When she was first referred to the service her scores on the questionnaires measuring depression and anxiety were indicative of severe depression and anxiety.

(Edit: I will never be cured of my disabilities and progressive health conditions linked to aging. Some are inherited and part of my DNA. But I refuse to let LEYF and coherts get away with what they have done to ruin my life. And the ET condoning the discrimination is just the worse injustice there is. This is the second time too. My time is spent productively at in developing my CPPDP).
Over the course of treatment we explored the impact of Mrs Myers’ work situation and how it had affected her. We explored the impact of this situation on her marriage, where Mrs Myers found it hard to cope as a result of being overwhelmed by the difficulties in her work life. Mrs Myers also said this had affected some of her friendships. Mrs Myers said her family were her main support, but this was only over the telephone due to the distance between them.

(Edit: I have since increased my involvement in charity and volunteering work. I started volunteering with when I was on Medical Suspension. I can be found in cyberspace with my fundraising efforts. As well as sharing stories about my experiences to help others).
As a result of this difficult work situation Mrs Myers understandably struggled to cope with life. However, she has been committed to working through her difficulties and has made improvements to her wellbeing over the course of her treatment. Only reporting mild symptoms of depression and anxiety at the end of treatment.

(Edit: I am getting involved and is now part of more research at I refuse to be the self-fulfilling prophecy at, of 1 in 5 sucides are associated with unemployment. This was what and were planning to use to scam me of my money. But I am waiting to deal with as soon as the EAT get sorted. Now I am getting support from, I can focus on sorting out my life once again).

Yours sincerely
Laura Tinsley
Trainee Counselling Psychologist
Please note we are not a crisis management service and if you have thoughts of harming yourself, feel unsafe and need more urgent help, please go to your local A & E department, contact your GP or call the SLaM 24-hour information line on 0800 731 2864

Here is another reason why I refuse to allow LEYF Nurseries and the Employment Tribunal Service to get away with the discrimination that ruined my health after the death of my mother. I was brought up with a special sense of love and duty of caring for my families and friends. Especially my father, taugt me about the importance of bonding with family. Because of his own experiences. The experiences of the splintering and breaking down of relationships. But what is resonating from my experiences in 2 toxic workplaces in the UK, are the 2 nervous breakdown caused by discrimination.

Therefore that’s why I made the pilgrimage to meet my #AuntieMartyNembahrd aka #EvelynBailey and take my brothers Texchus NembhardDoston Nembhard, and #Balis with me. Also present were Viveen Nembhard and my #AuntieMelly son Hayden Salmon. No amount of disagreement can make me forget how important it was for my Father for family to make up their differences. He wouId not go to his bed without making up if he had a tongue in cheek moment with anyone. My Papa made it his business to share stories about his family, so we know about our #legacy.

One of my Auntie’s experienced mental health conditions, but they were inflicted and she compunded matter with her illinformed negligience of taking responsibility and be accountable for protecting herself from discrimination. I guess #AuntieAnita downfall was her beauty and educational attainments as well as her status in life?

7 Years Ago

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NEMBHARDS – Auntie Marty

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