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I am revisiting Facebook to find my memories

This is the only way I can dispel some of the myths about me that http://www.leyf.org.uk have put in the public domain to destroy my life. When I was forced to represent myself again at the Employment Tribunal for the second time, I thought justice would have been served to right the wrongs that came out of Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12 recommended to ACAS: research@acas.org.uk, http://www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers. But no, all these years later the ET is even more discriminatory than when they presided over the miscarriage of justice that damaged my health and emotional wellbeing. I would entreat everyone to read the ET judgement online at https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 to understand why I say that the Windrush Generation stories did not happen over night.
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Wat a gwaan? Time fi bring supn #up2date. Mek dem tan di wid dem drawers a show. You nuh see di man dem tek ova, sometimes mi wawn tell dem fi pull up dem trousers. If it was when mi coulda run… But dese days we can’t run from gun. See di crablouse dem tun pon Raheem Sterling. Does the fact he was born in Jamaica have anything to do with this kind of reporting from the #newspapers?
Pure badmind & grudgeful cause dis. Put mi in mind of LEYF Nurseries, theDepartment for Wor

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4 Years Ago

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They say Eve’s DroppAS nebba hear nutn good bout demselves, but I nebba did a ED because me Big Enough fi tek Blow when me Drop me Wuds! Mugabe freaking gone, but anneda Box Ticka Tun up… Me Parents dem did Bring me up Good, but me choose fi Bruck out & Refused 2 Conform, Moulded & Grounded like me nuh hab a Mind a me Own. & I swear by Jehovah Jirry dat me nah guh Kiss Nubady wey di Sun refused to Shine! Suh dem can cum read & Digest my Book Face at dem Perils! & since me nebba did Invite dem to my Club, dem can guh tek a Running Dive into di River Thames 4 all I frigging care 2 Mother’s Cat Tongue? 2 late now I should have taken another route & be a PREACHER instead!

Patois translated to English:

I would like to translate this for anyone who might read and don’t understand my Patwah?

The say eve’s droppers don’t hear nothing good about themselves. But I was not eve dropping, because I am big enough to take blow when I say anything.  Mugabe freaking gone, but another Box Ticker turns up… (This was during the changes, upheavals and turmoils at Luton Street LEYF around the time before the death of my mother).

My parents brought me up good, but I choose to break out and refused to conform. I would not let anyone mould and grounded me me like I did not have a mind of my own. I swear by Jehovah Jesus that I will not kiss anyone’s arse. So they can come read and digest my Facebook at their perils! (This was after overhearing the new manager Gemma Manns questioning a parents about a photograph on Facebook for my colleague’s birthday. Gemma had request me on LinkedIn, claiming I have lots to say.)

Since I did not invite them to my club, they can go take a running dive into the River Thames for all I frigging care to Mother’s Cat Tongue. (This was when I was in control of the triggers to my disabilities as I put in writing in my data from the time I signed the contract with LEYF on the 7th October 2009. Even at this point, I was not exibiting Passive Aggressive Behaviours despite the provocations which mean I was signed off sick with stress in April 2014.)

Too late now I should have taken another route and be a PREACHER instead.


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How The Vulnerable Get Failed

I Mervelee Myers do not own the Copyright to the following article below. This was taken from Winsome Duncan: Author & Public Speaker, Instagram on the 29th May 2018. The full text and advertisement can be found at http://www.peachespublications.co.uk. She is sharing this on other Social Media platforms and if I am not mistaken, she is intending to scam people in the same style of the professionals where I meet her at http://WWW.BLACKCARDBOOK.COM…? I am on a mission with my Fight4justice, https://www.facebook.com/public/Mervelee-Myers. Showing how despite reporting Winsome Duncan to the relevant authorities, she is still allowed to be going about her usual business…
The following is Winsome Duncan’s excerpt copied from Instagram:
We need more black male writers in the book industry, like the talented fiction author Von Mozar who launches his pocket novel On The Endz TONIGHT in Brixton. Lucky for us Peaches Publications got a feature in the back of the book:) Von is a man that wants to see the community flourish and support the collective whole. Well done for having a sold out event and most importantly Happy Birthday. If you you are reading this, go out show love and grab your copy on #Amazon or hit him up for a signed copy. I’m super proud of you, see you tonight.
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bigdada60Good for him and well done, plus there should be more commissions for black original stories.
Now I would like the following to take note of Winsome Duncan’s activities on Social Media: Facebook. The Metropolitan Police Service. Chelsea Football Club. London Borough of Southwark and their entities, because that’s how I come to meet some of who is who in the borough at Millwall Football Club. The The Law Society, because Winsome Duncan introduce me to her Employment Barrister #RyanClement. Who defrauded me of my husband’s money to represent me at the Employment Appeals Tribunal.
I will make sure the world know about people like Winsome Duncan who is allowed to get away with discrimination against the vulnerable. Despite the concerns that are raised. That’s why LEYF Nurseries http://www.leyf.org.uk, got away with the discrimination of Mervelee Myers and other employees like #JyotiBhardwaj on the website with her review as #JyotiSharma. Now Winsome Duncan got hold of the reviews for me because I was barred from LEYF website.
That’s why I refuse to allow the Employment Tribunal Law http://www.justice.gov.uk/tribunals/employment/claims/responding, to be used to preside over another miscarriages of justice. As can be witness from Dr Maria Hudson, https://www.essex.ac.uk, 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12 for the Policy Studies Institute. Recommended to Acas: research@acas.org.uk, www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers that was not implemented. The same way that LEYF did not update and review the contract I signed on the 7th October 2009 in line with the Equality Act 2010. That’s why they can tell me after I used the Freedom Of Information Access Request that they don’t have any data excepting what I give them for the ET. But most unprofessional saying they don’t have any record of the CEO Long Service Awards I was given on the 15th October 2015. 
Therefore for the Employment Tribunal to post the reserved judgement online at https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 is a breach of the fundamental Human Rights of any individual. That’s why I am being hounded by Department for Work and Pensions – DWP, HMRC, the Metropolitan Police Service and the Ministry of Justice UK failure to deal with my Freedom of Information request in due time.
I will let my defensive practise speak for itself. In due course I will be seeking legal advise to find out how to go about righting the injustices I endured from 2004 in the UK. The Windrush Generation stories did not just happen overnight.