Making Implicit Knowledge Explicit

Since Facebook is so kindly bringing back my memories, let me use them to show the Employment Appeals Tribunal who are the credible witnesses in this ongoing saga. The saga between Mervelee Myers and LEYF The discrimination that started when the Employment Tribunal Law and the Employment Tribunal Representation Help was used to punish #MerveleeMyers because she refused to be a voiceless vulnerable. I have always kept my Defensive Practice, the name I found out during studies at the,  I discovered that I have been doing this throughout my life to keep track of managing and controlling my Hidden Disabilities.

But it was brought home to me even more so after the way I was treated by the Legal Entity, the establishments and systems that I thought were in place to support and protect me. I have been even more on my guard after I was made a scapegoat and a victim of mismanagement. That’s how I came to be part of Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12. This was recommended to I vowed to clear my name and exonerate myself. But the ET presided over another miscarriages of justice. Making sure I am dead and buried by putting the judgement online.

I realised that the Legal Entity is packed with people who are unprofessional and corrupt to the core. To cut a long story short, this is the second time I was left to represent myself at the ET. Despite having the union,, which I resigned from at King’s College Hospital. But this time I learnt that you have to be in it to be able to make your voice heard. So despite the unprofessional conducts by, I am waiting for the EAT to conclude my case so I can get others to address the discrimination they colluded with LEYF to deny me my basic Human Rights. 

I must share this again so that the following can see what I mean when I use the Daily Express Columnist “#TechDontLie” as one of my mantras? Someone has to make the sacrifice. What I said I was sharing is a post from the time before I was diagnosed with diabestes. That time I was experiencing the signs and symptoms and having difficulties. So sometimes I was off work, sick. That’s until the dentist advises me to get testing from my GP. Because only people with diabetes have the dental problems I was getting. I started using as my journal. Sharing stories about my life and the early intervention strategies I used throughout to manage and control my disabilities.

Since I was always upfront about my disabilities and have Reasonable Adjustment and Contingency Plans at Luton Street before I transferred to BIB, HOC and New Cross where the discrimination was sanctioned by the Leaders and Management, I will make sure no other employees go through my experiences in another workplace. I will continue sharing my stories on every available platforms to show that the Windrush Generation Stories did not just happen overnight. Why is no one taking account of the evidence provided. For example I told the ET about Dr Maria Hudson research, but they chose to ignore it. They done nothing about the concerns I raised about

They done nothing about John Fenton and Samantha Jones of But they can go into my Social Media to take out things when LEYF triggered my childhood traumas into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). From 23rd July 2014, until I was forced to resign with a nervous breakdown.  So here goes LEYF NurseriesEmployment Tribunal ServiceUNISONVoice: the union for education professionalsCapsticks, WimbledonBates Wells BraithwaiteLondon Borough of Southwark SEND Section, Local Educational AuthorityOfstedAdvising LondonConnex EducationNursery World MagazineHCT GroupCommunity Playthings UK. Can’t recall anymore right now.

Then it come to the UK government and I will name the departments as follows: Department for Work and Pensions – DWPHMRCAcasMinistry of Justice UKMetropolitan Police ServiceNeil Coyle MP and Theresa May. All colluding to treat me like the Windrush Generations. Well I have been telling my stories about discrimination from I joined Social Media in February 2004. So why is no one taking notice of me and my plight?

Whenever I encountered others, I will name them no doubt with as much gusto as what they used to destroy my life here in the UK from 2004.

I learned today at the Alzheimer’s Society Annual Conference #ASAC that I will need to #TakeAction. Therefore, I will be stepping up my Fight4justice campaign.